I hurried down the hallways as quickly as possible trying my best to avoid contact with who may approach; ever since people found out about my sexuality issues they've been making my life a living hell. I struggled to hold my confidence as I walked past a few cheerleaders whom sniggered and went back into conversation, I couldn't think of myself none other then one of the cheerios but Sue kicked me off when she found out about my secret reminding me that she has a strict no plastics and lesbian policy. I couldn't feel anything but emotion as I spotted Brittany leaning motionless against her locker with a dreamy look on her face. I approached her pouting with my perfect bone structure sticking out proudly with a purpose. " Hey Brittany" She smiles at me " Hey" . Brittany smiles at me again before walking of in the opposite direction to Food as I made my way to Spanish. None bothered to snigger or talk about me as I took my usual seat at the back of room and began to unpack my book. Mr Shuester seemed to look in my direction every five minutes I couldn't understand why but I let it past and copied down of the board at the front of the room. "Cual es la definicion del amor senora Lopez?" Mr Shuester asked. I sighed before responding " El amor es algo que simplemente no puedo poner en palabras" Mr Shuester nods in approval as I continued " Es algo muy ponderoso que puede cambiar sus emociones. no importa realmente acerca de la sexualidad. El que se pone de mi por ser lesbiana son cobardes patetico. Bretena es perfecto y no puedo poner mi amor para con palabras!" I considered leaving the room as tears plastered my face other students sniggered where as Finn patted my shoulder understandingly I gave him a thankful smile and sat back down. "That brings us back to something truly wonderful" Mr Shuester drones on about lost love and sexuality as I take out my phone and text Brittany.

Santana[10:00]: Te amo Bretena ;)

Brittany[10:03]: Your having tea in England with an arm?

Santana:[10:05]: What? No. It means I love you Brittany! ;)

Brittany[10:06]: Oh. I love you too Santana! ;)

Santana[10:07]: Esta listo para ser sexy?

Brittany[10:09]: Um that means you know an elf called Sir sexy! Oh my god!

Santana[10:12]: *Facepalms*

Brittany[10:14]: What's a facepalm?

Santana[10:16] We have been over this many times.

Brittany:[10:20] Oh right. Hold on I've got to go Kurts about to break a baby chickens house :(

Santana:[10:23] You don't know there's no chicken in a egg right?

Brittany:[10:25] Their really shy they don't come out often

Santana:[10:30:] Okay then bye

Brittany:[10:34]: Goodbye ;(