A/N from A.C.: I'm sorry I've been in such a slump with my own stories lately. Zaebos has a few different descriptions, I chose the most interesting one. This is for Momma Kat. Thank you for getting my muse back for me.

Igni and Zane headed out of the cave, not wanting to be around the two boys as they 'spoke' to each other. The younger demon nervously rubbed his arm, his mind going a mile a minute. "I'm so worried, Iggy..."

"About what?" The monotone Incubus questioned softly.

"About Wen... I left him all alone to fight that mutant walrus thing. He could be dead!"

Running his hand through his silky black hair, Igni gave a small nod, "Alright... Do you want to go find him?"

Zane gave a quick nod before running off, headed toward the swamp shores. Slipping in the mud and gunk of the land, the Incubus slid on his feet, nearly falling into the disgusting water. He let out a gasp when he saw Wendigo lying motionless on the soft earth. Dropping to his knees beside the large demon, Zane pet the creature's head, running his fingers through the mangy fur. He looked up at Igni as he walked close to him and spoke softly, "He's still breathin', Iggy... We've gotta help him."

Scowling, the elder Incubus crossed his hands over his chest, "Uphir owes me a favor..." He smiled softly when he noticed Zane beam at him, "You're carrying him though. I'm not risking getting mange or fleas or rabies... or whatever else that thing might have."

The white-haired Incubus growled softly, "Fine! Just tell me where to go, Iggy!" He hefted Wendigo up onto his hooves, wincing when the thin skin tore and pulled apart. Zane supported the huge creature and carefully began to walk behind Igni, apologizing softly to Wendigo as his hooves dragged in the mud.


Saix gently placed a kiss on Axel's lips, a blush making its way over his cheeks. He fiddled with the fabric of his ratty pants and sat a little bit away from the other boy. The redhead merely sighed, running his hand through his hair, not knowing what to say.

The blunette let out a gurgled apology, his eyes shyly looking up to meet Axel's.

The redhead shook his head, "No, no. You didn't know what you were doing... did you? What you saw earlier? What you did after?"

Shaking his head, Saix shrugged, looking down once more, embarrassed.

He sighed, "Do you understand now?"

A nod.

"Good... because I don't think I could explain again..."

The blunette moved closer to Axel, his hand moving to settle on the other man's legs, thumb stroking his skin through his pants. He gave the redhead a soft smile, leaning over and placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"Saix... don't do that..."

Saix felt a sharp pain to his chest and he bit his lower lip. He pulled away from Axel and moved over.

"I'm sorry, I just-"


The blunette's head whipped to the side to look at the mouth of the cave. He sniffed at the air and backed away, moving toward the back of the cave.

Axel's eyes went wide, too scared to move as he stared at the creature that was walking in, obviously knowing it was not Igni or Zane. "W- What the fuck is that?"

Lit up by the glowing fire inside the cave, the slit pupils of the demon shrunk, the deep gold color of its eye sparkling. It slowly made its way into the cave, about six feet tall, moving closer to the two humans to see them better. Dark green scales all over - aside from its stomach which was a sandy yellow color - shimmered at the firelight. It's feet were more human than reptilian yet still scaled and webbed, the hands were mostly human but also had scales, claws and webbing. The long U-shaped snout was the only thing that told Axel it was part alligator. The long, thick tail swished as it moved, using the wall as support.

"I am Zaebos... What are you doing in my home?" His voice was rough and gravelly.

"W- We were... We were brought here... Please don't hurt us..." Axel squeaked.

"Mn." The demon grunted, dropping to all fours, as it was faster for him to move. He crawled up to the boys and opened his jaws wide in a yawn. Saix gurgled in fear and Axel whimpered, clinging to each other desperately. "Worry not... I only wish to rest."

"You... aren't going to eat us or anything?"

"I just returned from hunting." He curled up around the boys, tail draping over their laps, "I am not hungry. Silence while I rest and you may stay in my home."