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She panted and her heart rammed against her ribs. It stung when she breathed in the cold air but she didn't care …she just needed to get away.

Raven found herself in an alleyway: musty, moist, and very dark. She'd blend in well for cover …unfortunately, so did he.

Her hand traveled up the sticky brick wall behind her for support as she bent over, finally succumbing to tears.

"I can't do it," she heaved, "I ...I can't do it."

And that's when she heard it.

The flutter.

Before she would even turn around, he'd be standing right behind her.

"Not you too, Rae."

His voice croaked sadly. She took some steps away when she turned to face him. She rubbed her angry, purple eyes.

"They're gone," she whispered on the verge of tears again. "You, …to Starfire, Cyborg …Beas-!" He raised his arms, and she jumped.

"I swear to you, I didn't do it! Please! Help me, Raven …I'm scared," he cried desperately.

"How could you?" she spat, angry that a tear escaped down her cheek and that she sounded like a baby. "They were our friends! Our …our family! And you completely destroyed-!"

"Believe me, Raven! You know me! I would never…I'm so…so…" he lost his breath.

"I want to believe you but I …I," she clenched and unclenched sweaty palms. Through wet eyes, she watched him lift an ungloved hand towards his mask.

"No Ro-"

"Say it."

"W …what?"

"Say my name. I trust you, don't I? Can't I!" his voice rose with extreme anxiety. He peeled away the domino tips.


"Dick, no! ...Please," she pleaded, but Robin was already squeezing the mask in his sweaty palm. She found it hard to breathe again. "What happened to them! …What happened?"

"I don't know, Raven. I just don't KNOW!" he barely screamed as he threw fists into his hair. His breath shuttered and he grew quiet again. Raven, still shaken, but with an ounce of hope left that would never leave her whenever it came to him, watched.

"You're all I have left Rae," he whispered with every ache of his heart. "...Don't leave me too."

She took a shaky step forward.

"I don't want to," she said softly back.

"Then believe me, Raven. Believe me ...so we can go home." He outstretched his arms, desperate for her hug. She eyed him for one second and threw all doubts away, running to him and holding him.

He breathed relief and she dug her face into his neck, crying silently. She opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly his grip grew tighter.


Raven tried to move away but his grip was far too tight. His strong arms held her still and his large hands squeezed her arms. Her heart raced and the fear came rushing back.

"B ...but I thought-So you-!"

A twisted smirk split on his face. His eyes darkened and as he stroked her bare arms with his hands, Raven was finally aware of the blood of their friends that he was still drenched in. Robin leaned into her ear.

"You shouldn't have run Rae," he whispered. "You were supposed to be special."

Cyborg had been wrong. They lost Robin the day he left for Gotham. And even though he returned, he never truly came back.

"Gotcha," he sadistically teased.

Raven's tears spilled over her cheeks, heartbroken. And she screamed.


A/N: This was an eerie idea I got from a friend of mine. I originally thought this to be a Raven/BB thing (which still basically works too!), but I turned it 'round because ...well, who doesn't like a dark Robin? I'd love to write more, dark RobxRae scenarios.

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