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Naruto, after learning the shadow clone jutsu, finds a strange seal. He follows the instructions and swipes some blood on it and out pops a strange, black orb. It opens up and a strange blob jumps out, and latches onto his left forearm and becomes a bracer with a weird raised circle on it. He is sucked into his mind where he learns…he's the container of Kyūbi and…the new master of the Omnitrix.

Master of the Omnitrix.

Naruto was dead-tired. He lay there on the grass near a small cabin in the forest around the Leaf village. He'd just gotten the shadow clone jutsu down and had a huge grin on his face.

"Yes!" He exclaimed. "Now I can pass and become a real ninja. Then it's on up to Hokage, believe it!" He said smiling.

He then sat up. He looked at the still unrolled scroll of sealing. "Hmmm, if one jutsu makes me a genin…than maybe two will make me a chūnin, or at least a higher genin." Naruto reasoned.

Naruto wasn't as stupid as his mask made him appear, but he was desperate for recognition and acceptance, so his logical mind had stopped working when Mizuki had offered this "extra credit" genin exam.

Naruto went back to the scroll and looked through it. Most of the jutsu he saw, he didn't understand. Then, he saw something. It looked like a black circle with the kanji for all in it.

Naruto read the notes around the seal. "The power of the stars and beyond lies within, but it is not a tool of war. It is the key to understanding others and to protect what is precious to you. Power is meaningless without precious people. If you seek to conquer the stars, leave this seal be, but if you wish to find your place among them…release the power within."

Naruto thought about what the words on the scroll had told him. He wanted power, but partly just to be noticed. He knew he wanted to be Hokage and that meant protecting the village, but besides the old man and the ramen chef and his daughter…he had no other precious people. Was there a minimum for it to count?

As he pondered these things, he looked up to the sky. "My place up there…huh." He looked back at the seal and his eyes hardened with determination. He bit his thumb and smeared it across the seal.

It glowed a bit before a poof of smoke erupted and…a black sphere was left sitting on the scroll. Naruto reached out to touch it, but it opened up with a slight hiss and, something leaps out and grabs onto Naruto's left arm. It looked like a black blob at first. He shot up and waved his arm around in shock. When he didn't feel any pain, he looked at the blob. It was reforming around his left forearm. When it settled, it was a long, black bracer that covered his arm from his wrist to his elbow, and had a small triangular part stretching from his wrist up the back of his hand. It had a raised circle with a sort of hourglass shaped design on it in white, since the rest of the thing was black. (Think Ben's Omnitrix when he got sucked into his favorite videogame.)

Naruto looked at it for a minute, and just as he was about to touch it with his right hand, the area in the circle glowed a dark green and…he blacked out.

When Naruto awoke, he stood up and looked around. He was in what looked like a huge courtroom. It was dark as night, but he swore he could hear movement. Then, bright lights came on before him. As his vision cleared…he was stunned speechless. Sitting behind a raised council table…were the most amazing, terrifying…and freaky looking…things he'd ever seen.

One of the things looked like a walking humanoid piece of red charcoal, then it spoke.

"Greetings, boy. We, the high ten of the Omnitrix, welcome you." The inflamed man/thing said.

Naruto stood nervously. "W-What do you mean? Who are you and…what's the Omnitrix?"

"The fire/man thing chuckled. "Oh, of coarse." He then motioned for another of the things to come forward. This one was a small gray creature that seemed very much like a man/frog hybrid. "Graymatter, could you enlighten the boy, and keep it simple." The fire/man thing said.

"Of coarse, Heatblast." The little creature, who Naruto now knew was called Graymatter, stood on the edge of the council table and looked at Naruto. "My boy, we are a collection of different beings from beyond your world. I suppose you could say we are from beyond the stars. I, like my fellow Omnitrix inhabitants, am an alien with my own abilities and weaknesses. The Omnitrix was created by one of my kind, a 'man' named Asmath. He created the Omnitrix to be a tool to help understand all beings in the universe by making whoever wore it able to, "walk a mile in another man's shoes", so to speak. The last wielder of the Omnitrix died about two or three millennium ago. He sent his Omnitrix out into the stars in hopes of finding a new master of it that would use it as he had, to protect and heal others. We of the high ten, were the first ten alien forms he could take. I will list us off by the names he gave us.


Heatblast, the fire being over there.

Ripjaws, the fish creature.

Stinkfly, the insect looking one

Myself, Graymatter, the super genius.

Upgrade, the black and green blob of living metal.

Wildmutt, the orange furred dog creature.

XLR8, the reptilian looking creature with the striped tail and spiked black skull.

Diamondhead, the green crystal humanoid.

Fourarms, the large red-skinned humanoid with four arms.

And finally, Ghostfreak, the ghost like creature."

Naruto could only marvel at these strange, yet powerful looking creatures. Each of them either waved or nodded at him when Garymatter spoke their names.

Naruto looked back at Graymatter as a he remembered something. "You said that you were the high ten, so…does that mean there are more of you?"

Gaymatter blinked, and then laughed. Naruto started to feel like he was being ridiculed for making a mistake as all the others of the high ten started to chuckle.

Graymatter calmed down and spoke. "I'm sorry, it's just that the last master of the Omnitrix wasn't nearly so observant. It's very refreshing."

Naruto felt better at that. 'So they aren't making fun of me.' he thought.

"Yes boy, there are many more of us in here, but since we have the most experience, we were elected as the high ten." Then Graymatter thought of something. "You know, I've told you all our names, but you haven't introduced yourself."

Naruto blushed a little and looked sheepish. "Oh, sorry. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I'm going to be the greatest Hokage and ninja of the Hidden Leaf village."

The ten looked at each other, then Ripjaws spoke. "What is Hokage? And why do you wish to be one?"

Naruto was about to answer, when Ghostfreak spoke up. "Rather than have him explain, why don't we have a look through his memories?"

The other council members agreed and Graymatter looked at Naruto. "Naruto, if you agree, may we?"

Naruto thought about it, and if they were now a part of him, they deserved to know about him. He sighed. "Fine, but you may not like what you see." he said in a defeated tone.

The high ten seemed confused by this, but looked over to Ghostfreak as he waved his hand and a circular screen came into being and showed them Naruto's life…all of it.

The results were as follows:

Wildmutt growled menacingly, Graymatter turned red with anger, Heatblast's flames shot up a couple of feet, Ripjaws' claws dug into the table, Diamondhead clenched his fists so hard a part of his palm cracked, XLR8 slammed his tail down in anger, Upgrade's metal skin seemed to writhe up and down, Stinkfly's wings beat and twitched while he hissed, Fourarms slammed all four of his arms down on the table…nearly breaking it, and Ghostfreak's black and white tentacles started to squirm and writhe around and were poking out of various openings.

They were PISSED OFF!

When the final scene was done, the one just before finding the Omnitrix, the screen disappeared.

All was quiet… until Fourarms spoke. "T-Those…MONSTERS! How could they treat a 'child' like that!"?

No one answered, until Ghostfreak spoke. "I think I know."

That caught the high ten's and Naruto's attention. "Really?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I listened to what they called you and have done a full body search while I was watching that…travesty. It seems there is another presence within you besides your own and us."

"What do you mean?" Diamondhead asked.

Naruto too was waiting on edge for the answer.

"From what I remember of myths and legends, demons can only be killed by other demons, holy beings, demon weapons, and holy weapons. This, Fourth Hokage, couldn't have killed the Kyūbi. But, perhaps he could seal it away." Ghostfreak said with a sympathetic look at Naruto.

That's when it hit him. Naruto remembered all the hateful glares, the beatings, the names they threw at him along with the rocks and sticks.

"S-So…I-I'm the demon?" Naruto asked with tears rolling down his face as he fell to his knees.

"No." Stated Ghostfreak causing Naruto to look up at him in confusion. "Naruto, we are technically sealed in the Omnitrix and you will be able to take our forms and maybe a bit of our personalities, but you will be you and we will be us. The Kyūbi was sealed into you, not fused. From what my scans of your body and the seal have observed, the seal is converting the fox's chakra into yours and using it to speed up your healing abilities."

Naruto thought about it and…it made perfect sense. After a few more minutes of silence and contemplation, Naruto stood and wiped away his tears and looked at the high ten with a look of determination. "Alright. I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I'm going to be Hokage someday, and if anyone thinks I'm the fox and not me, then I'll prove them wrong and rub it in their faces." He said with a smirk.

The high ten members smirked as well. "Very well, Naruto." Heatblast said as he rose up. The other nine rose up as well. "We, the high ten of the Omnitrix, pledge our powers to you. Use them well, future Hokage and Master of the Omnitrix."

Then, Naruto blacked out again. He woke up to see he was still beside the scroll. He sat up and rolled up the scroll.

When it was all packed up, he looked at his left arm and saw that the Omnitrix circle was glowing green and he watched as the hourglass designs merged together to form a diamond and shadow images of all the high ten were cycled through before it let out a beeping noise and made a locking sound. Naruto now had the power of the Omnitrix…at his command.

It was several minutes later that Iruka found Naruto. He was sitting quietly like he was meditating with the forbidden scroll strapped to his back. Also he had the sleeves of his jumpsuit unrolled to hide the Omnitrix on his wrist. Iruka smiled and yelled "Gotcha!" causing Naruto to screech and fall on his back.

"Iruka-sensei, you found me already. You were so fast I only had time to learn one jutsu." Naruto said excitedly as he sprang to his feet.

"You look exhausted. What have you been doing?" asked Iruka.

"Wait I'll show you. I never dreamed some of the ninja arts are so amazing! If I show I've mastered these jutsus, you'll have to let me graduate!"

'So you came here to practice your ninjutsu?' thought Iruka 'working yourself to exhaustion' "Naruto"


"What's up with the scroll you are carrying?"

"What...this! Mizuki-sensei told me about it. And about this place! He said if I could show you I'd learned the jutsus in this scroll you'd let me become a ninja!"

'Mizuki!' Iruka suddenly pushes Naruto away from him. As Naruto is flying he sees a barrage of kunai hitting Iruka with his chūnin vest taking most of the hits and pinning him to the wall of the shed.

Mizuki lands on a branch looking down on them. "I'm impressed that you figured out where to go."

"Now I understand!" hissed Iruka. Naruto looked upon the scene before him with confusion.

"The scroll, Naruto give it to me." ordered Mizuki.

"Dude! I mean, come on!" Naruto said looking back and forth from Mizuki and Iruka. "Hey! What is this?"

"Don't let him have it,Naruto! Protect that scroll with your life!" yelled Iruka. "It's more dangerous then you imagne - it holds the record of a completely forbidden ninja art! Mizuki used you because he wants it for himself!"

'Garymatter was right Mizuki-sensei no teme was playing me the whole time.' thought Naruto as he put a look of shock on his face.

"Naruto, even if you've read it, it will still be meaningless! I can show you what it means!" Mizuki said with a smile.

"Don't listen to him Naruto!"

"You know what really happened in the incident where the fox demon was sealed up again twelve years ago, don't you?" said Mizuki with an almost innocent voice. "Since that incident the people of our village have been bound by the strictest decree."

"I don'y remember any decree."

"You wouldn't. Part of that decree was that everyone would know about it except you!"

"Except me...? Why not me? What law are you talking about?"

"Ha ha ha ha ha."

"What... What was the decree? What?"

"That no one must ever tell you... That what you really are... Is the demon fox!"

"What? Wha.. What are you talking about?"

"It was you who murdered Iruka's family!"

"Stop!" yelled Iruka.

"In other words, you...are the Kyūbi no Kitsune that destroyed the village! Until, at last, our beloved hero, the Fourth Hokage, trapped and bound you in this form."

"Stop it!" yelled Iruka seemingly unheard.

"Since then, you've been made a fool of by everyone in town! Didn't you think it was strange? To be so despised, everywhere you went?" Mizuki took off and began to spin one of the giant shurikens that was on his back. "If he were honest, even noble Iruka would admit he hates you, too!"

"Naruto." whispered Iruka as Naruto began to yell and chakra flowed around him

"Ha ha ha ha. You are even dumber then people think I am Mizuki-teme. I already knew about the fox and I know I am not the fox. And I am going to prove it to the village starting with putting you in a world of hurt traitor." Yelled Naruto. "Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" as those words rang out thousands of Narutos appeared in puffs of smoke.

"What...? How did he...?" said Mizuki as he began to panic.

"What's the matter, tough guy? Come and get me!"

"Die demon fox!" with that yell Mizuki throw his spinning shuriken at where he last saw the real Naruto standing. The giant shuriken cut a swath through the clones not stopping until being embedded into a tree leaving only the clouds of smoke from dispelling shadow clones.

"You missed me teme!" yelled one of the Narutos as they began an unending barrage of punches and kicks upon Mizuki.

Later Mizuki beaten and unconscious with Naruto standing over him. "Heh... I guess I got carried away." Naruto said looking at Iruka who had removed the kunai during the beat down.

'Amazing! He not only generated a thousand clones but made them solid, flesh-and-blood instead of shadowy illusion. That's the highest caliber ninjutsu. I wouldn't be surprised if some day he really does turn out to be better than any hokage who's come before!' thought Iruka with pride. "Naruto, come here. I've got a present for you."

"Sure Iruka-sensei."

"Close your eyes." which Naruto did.

"Now, sensei may I?"

"Yes Naruto. You can open your eyes." As Iruka came back into focus Naruto noticed something was missing from Iruka. "Congratulations, you graduate!" Naruto brought his hands to his forehead and found Iruka's headband there. "To celebrate this, I'll take you out. We can go for ramen! After we return the Forbidden Scroll to the Hokage."

Later after the Hokage finished securing the Forbidden Scroll and receiving a briefing of the night's events. "Congratulations to both of you for completing an A-rank mission, for which you will be payed. And to you Naruto for graduating."

"Thank you, sir" responded Iruka with a salute.

"Thanks old man." responded Naruto with a wide grin that shifted into an embarrassed look. "Can we speak in private Hokage-sama?" Iruka's jaw hit the ground after the title and honorific left Naruto's mouth.

"Of course, Iruka your dismissed."

"Yes, Hokage-sama." Iruka said before he turned and left the room.

When they were alone, Naruto sat down in the chair across from the Hokage and spoke. "I have a feeling you know about the other thing I got from the scroll old man."

Sarutobi nodded. "Yes, with my Tōmegane no Jutsu I can see any one place I want if I can find it. I saw you master the shadow clone jutsu and then activated that mysterious seal. I'd never seen it before and neither had the Fourth. It just appeared one day and we could never get it to unseal. So Naruto, what is that thing attached to your arm?"

Naruto sighed. He knew he could trust the old man. "Alright, I'll tell you, but this must be kept a secret so, could you ask ANBU-san to leave."

Sarutobi looked surprised, as did the ANBU. How had he detected them? Sarutobi waved his hand and the two masked ninjas left. When they did, Naruto requested that the old man put up a privacy jutsu. He complied and when he sat back down in his chair, he looked at Naruto while leaning over his desk slightly. "Now, please begin."

Naruto nodded and…told him everything. He told him about Mizuki, about learning shadow clones, and about the Omnitrix.

Sarutobi was stunned. Naruto, along with the fox, had an untold number of alien creatures in him! Creatures that had strange powers and that he could become at will!

When Sarutobi voiced his thoughts, Naruto shook his head, no. "Eventually I'll be able to, but I have to follow the levels of mastery first. Ghostfreak told me that I would have to get through each level before I become a true master.

The first level is where I can become one alien at a time, but only for a limited time before it "times out" and I can't use it again for a little while.

The second level is when I master all the high ten's forms and powers. Then I'll be allowed new aliens to become and my time in their forms will be much longer, but still only one at a time and it will still take a while to do it again after it "times out".

The third level is DNA absorption. I'll be able to absorb DNA from new aliens or creatures the Omnitrix has never seen before that aren't native to our world.

The fourth and final level will be the master control level. That is where I'll be allowed to change from one alien to another with no time limit. This will be the strongest power the Omnitrix can give. But, like I said, it will take a lot of hard work to get used to each individual alien form and prove myself worthy to go up a level. I haven't even gotten the time to do my first change yet."

Sarutobi smiled. This, Omnitrix, worked like the Sharingan, but for form and power, not just jutsu. Also, the fact that Naruto would have to work for the power also made Sarutobi happy. If you learn a jutsu, you're stronger by a little. If you master it, you're stronger by noticeably more.

"Well Naruto, I must say that this is quite a pleasant surprise. I'll have to take your new powers into consideration when I assign you your team and sensei. Before you go, I would like to tell you that there is a secluded training ground called the Forest of Death. It is large enough so that you could practice without being detected. Also, with this new skill, do you think it will be passed down in any way to your children?" The old man asked. Well, you can't go around changing DNA all the time and not expect some side effects.

Naruto looked thoughtful. "Well, the Omnitrix, from what Graymatter told me, is bio-organic, so it can replicate, but it will be a copy and only have the alien forms I put into it." Naruto answered.

Before Iruka found him, Graymatter and Ghostfreak had sent mental information to him to help with understanding how to use and not break or wreck the Omnitrix, along with a few thoughts and theories about their new master's abilities with it.

Sarutobi marveled at such a device. "Well then, perhaps we could call it a bloodline, to satisfy the council and others so they don't try to take it from you since, like Kyūbi, I doubt you'd be able to survive." Naruto nodded. He knew, from Graymatter's info, that only high-level tech or agreement between him and the high ten could safely pull the Omnitrix from him.

"Fine, but does that mean I can start my own clan?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi thought about and smiled. "If you want to, but you'd have to deal with the clan restoration laws that state you need more than one wife."

Naruto blushed at that. "W-Well…I'll think about that part later. I would like for you to name the Omnitrix an official bloodline and only tell the council about it when I expose it. I'm not skilled enough to use it right now to defend myself.

Sarutobi nodded. Very well. I'll wait to inform the council about this and when they find out, I'll put the motion for you to be announced as a new clan forth. If you want, I could have a small compound built. I'm friends with some great carpenters and they could build it to your designs and I'd help with security seals and such. I know as Hokage I'm not supposed to play favorites, but I see this as helping to ensure that a powerful new clan has incentive to stay in the Leaf village." The old Hokage smirked.

Naruto laughed. Yep, the old man was a sly old monkey.

After Naruto agreed, the old man told him he had a week before the team placements would take place and that he could use the tower in the center of the Forest of Death for food and sleep if he needed it.

Naruto bowed and thanked the old man and ran off to his house to gather supplies for his training trip.

Sarutobi smiled as he watched Naruto leave from upon his balcony.

Oh yes, things were about to get very interesting around here.

When Naruto arrived outside the Forest of Death, he looked at its imposing, shadowy form and smiled. This place was perfect. He followed the directions the old man had given him and found the tower. There, an ANBU woman met him with a cat mask on. She said that the Hokage wanted her to show Naruto around and get him anything he might need.

After he saw the living quarters, the kitchen, and pantry, Naruto asked her to tell the Hokage that he wanted new clothes in a specific style and design. He wrote the details down as well as gave her a spare of his jumpsuit for size measurements and to get the design in its size and a few sizes bigger for future use.

She nodded and left. When Naruto was sure she was gone, he left the tower and found a small clearing. Naruto removed his jumpsuit jacket, leaving him in a black t-shirt, held his left arm up and in front of him and touched the circular part of the Omnitrix. It glowed green and the hourglass design fused and took the shape of a diamond again and a shadow image of one of the high ten came up. Naruto twisted the silver-ish metal ring around the raised circle until the shadow image was of the one he wanted.

He smiled. "Hero time." The high ten had told him of their former master's favorite battle cry. He wouldn't say it in battle, but felt he should say it for his first time using the Omnitrix. He pressed his hand down on the Omnitrix's raised circle and a bright green flash enveloped him.

When the flash died down, there stood…floated…Ghostfreak.

"Cool." Naruto said in Ghostfreaks raspy, creepy voice. He'd chosen Ghostfreak because, out of all the high ten, he was the one with skills and powers ninja needed. Invisibility, intangibility, possession, mind reading, it was a perfect match for a ninja's needs. Besides, Ghostfreak had told him about how once, long ago, he felt his old master was unworthy and that he wanted to be in control. Naruto understood and said he would work hard not to disappoint him or any other of the high ten or aliens in the Omnitrix. Ghostfreak eye smiled and vowed he wouldn't do anything like that again. Besides, the seal on Naruto's stomach seemed to prevent possessions of any kind on Naruto

Now Naruto mentally smirked. "Time to test and see if these forms can do what I hope they can." Naruto made the hand-sign he learned the night before. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" He called out.

In a huge poof of smoke, there were now over five hundred ghost freaks.

"YES!" they all chorused in the same creepy voice.

Graymatter had put his theory into Naruto's head that, perhaps, each alien could use charka on a basic level, and elemental chakra if their alien forms had a natural affinity to it. Gray matter had analyzed the shadow clone jutsu before his and Ghostfreak's info upload and told him that the clones seemed to have his abilities from when he made them and sent knowledge and experiences back to him and each other when dispelled. They couldn't change into aliens if they were made when Naruto was still human, but if he made them while in alien form he could make a small army of any one of the high ten, and others later when he reached that level.

"Now, down to some serious training." Ghostfreak said with conviction.

And so, the army of ghostly ninjas trained for the whole day. He timed out a few times, and the clones dispersed when he did, but he just rest and wait to do it all over again. When night came, thanks again to Ghostfreak's and Graymatter's info, he shed his protective outer layer and took on his full Ghostfreak form. His upside-down skull-like head and long claws made him look fierce, but his tentacles (that looked like Beetlejuice's) made him look like a nightmare come to life.

Naruto made clones again and practiced his dark blasts and his possession on several large animals. He timed out a few times that night too, but just got back up when the Omnitrix allowed him to change again and recreated all the clones to start where they left off. When the morning light started to peak over the horizon, Ghostfreak put his protective, solar resistant, layer back on and allowed the Omnitrix to time out and dispelled his clones. He'd gotten over five hundred full days of training as Ghostfreak in one night. He felt he'd sufficiently mastered the form and headed back to the tower.

Once there, he slept and until about eight o' clock and then ate some ramen from the pantry. When he was done, he went out and found another area to train. This area had a whole bunch of large rocks and a small river flowing through it. Naruto activated the Omnitrix and selected a new member of the high ten. When he pushed down on the Omnitrix, the usual flash happened and in Naruto's place stood…Diamondhead.

Naruto smirked and created six hundred shadow clones to practice his new powers.

The week past with similar scenes of transforming, shadow clones, training, timing out and repeating the process until sun up the next day. The day before the genin team placements, Naruto took stock of his abilities. He had now mastered being Ghostfreak, Diamondhead, Heatblast, Ripjaws, Wildmutt, and Stinkfly. He'd taken full days to mater each to his view of perfection and used every technique and style of fighting they were capable of using that he knew. He now only had Fourarms, XLR8, Graymatter, and Upgrade left to master. He was relaxing today so he wouldn't be tired the next day. He'd learned of the "real" genin test that, after the teams were selected, they still had to pass.

As Naruto was aimlessly walking around the tower, the same ANBU he met when he got there showed up with a few storage scrolls of clothes and departed after giving them to him.

Naruto smiled and ran back to his room to unseal the clothes and change.

When he was done, he looked at himself in the mirror in his room and smiled.

He wore a black, sleeveless shirt that hugged his rather toned torso nicely and had the Omnitrix circle on it with his Uzumaki spiral in its center, a pair of black, baggy pants that were tied with a dark green belt with the Omnitrix symbol for the buckles. They had many loops and pockets for scrolls and things. He also had on boots that melded to his skin, over his socks, while still being comfortable, keeping their shape, and allowing his feet to breath. He had another black bracer on his right forearm that looked like the Omnitrix except it had no circular part sticking up. He removed the old blue cloth from his headband that Iruka gave him and replaced it with a forest green one. He tied his headband to his forehead and used chakra to slick his hair back slightly. He come across the jutsu to do hair styles years ago, but his usual spiky mess drew more attention so he kept it. Naruto tweaked the jutsu and gave his hair a few dark green and black streaks.

Then, Naruto pulled on black, fingerless gloves with the Uzumaki spiral adorned Omnitrix circle on the metal plated on the backs of the gloves.

He attached his shuriken and kunai pouch to his belt on his right side and smiled at his reflection. For a moment, he could have sworn he seen the reflections of the high ten and the shadows of countless others behind them in the mirror, smirking in satisfaction at his new look.

With that, Naruto sealed away all his possessions into scrolls and went to watch some TV in his room until nightfall. Then he ate a nice dinner, he had started hunting for his food as training for both survival training and in using Wildmutt and Ripjaws better, so he didn't eat ramen except for once in a while. He'd grown a bit from that small time of proper nutrition and gained a bit more muscle mass and height. Where as he was 4'7" when he entered the forest, he was now 5'2" He attributed the growth to his new diet and the fox's healing powers.

As he finished his meal and crawled into bed, he drifted to sleep with thoughts of what everyone would think of him when he showed up tomorrow.

When Naruto awoke, he smirked as he got up and went to the shower. When he cleaned himself sufficiently and made sure his hair was in the style he wanted, he put on his new cloths, packed up his scroll in his bag, and left the tower.

He hadn't just been training his alien forms in the forest. When he timed out, he made just as many shadow clones and practice chakra control exercises like tree walking and water walking along with leaf balancing. He found a scroll of the exercises waiting for him in his room when the cat-masked ANBU showed it to him. He thanked the old man for that. While his clones practiced the control exercises, he would train his body with the chakra weights that were also in the scroll with the control exercises.

He channeled in some weight, but had put too much in and he had fallen to the ground in great pain. It burned his arms, legs and chest, were the weights were, and then it lessened until it was gone. When he stood up, he moved around and found that they didn't slow him down too much. After an hour of training with them, he found he didn't notice them anymore. When he took them off, he noticed that he could move faster than ever.

He was tempted to repeat the painful process again to get stronger, but realized that, with his current height and size, that would make him bulky and slow. So, he decided to add just a little more weight and then stop for a while until he was taller.

The results were great. Naruto made it out of the forest in half the time it took him to get from the outside to the tower.

When he saw the houses and streets of the village, Naruto moved quickly through the rooftops and shadows towards the academy. When he got there, he was the only student there. He made his way to Iruka's classroom and walked in.

When Iruka looked up from his paperwork, he was, at first confused. "Who are you?"

Naruto chuckled and smirked. "Awe, I'm hurt Iruka-sensei." Naruto said in a mock whine.

Iruka's eyes widened. "N-Naruto!"

"Yep, it's me. I've been training and eating things other than ramen all week."

Iruka nodded. "Well, it seems to have agreed with you. And at least you're not wearing that "kill me" orange thing anymore." Iruka said with a smile.

"Yeah well, I only wore it because that was the only thing the shops would give me, sensei." Naruto said seriously. Iruka flinched at that. It would explain Naruto's faithfulness to the horrid thing.

"Besides," Naruto said as he walked up to Iruka and leaned in to whisper. Iruka leaned in to and tilted his head to hear Naruto better. "I have to make sure my new clan and bloodline are looked at with some style, don't I?"

Iruka's eyes nearly flew out of his head. "YOU HAVE A-!" He was stopped by Naruto putting his hand over Iruka's mouth.

"SHHHH! It's a secret between the Hokage, you, and me now. I don't want anyone to know about my new clan or my bloodline's abilities until I show it." Naruto said sternly. Iruka nodded and Naruto released his teacher's mouth. "I won't tell you what it is, but if you want to see it, come to where my team takes the "real" genin test." Naruto smirked at Iruka's shocked expression. "Yeah, I know about it, but I won't tell anyone until it's time to take it."

Iruka smiled. Naruto had grown up some since he found out about the fox.

Naruto smiled back and walked up to the back row, and sat in the seat nearest the wall the door to the class was on so no one would see him when they first walked in.

Iruka went back to his paperwork until the new genin started to arrive. No one noticed him as they took their usual seats.

Iruka was about to start when Sakura and Ino came rampaging in.

They bickered like usual until Iruka told them to sit down. They complied and, when everyone was seated, Iruka gave his usual graduation speech.

Then he started going through the teams. Team one…"

Back in the Hokage's office, several jōnin were present, watching Iruka call the teams through the Hokage's crystal ball.

A minute later, a bored looking jōnin poof-ed in to the room, his nose buried in a certain orange book.

The female jōnin in the room scowled at him as he walked up to watch the crystal. He put his book away and looked on with a bored expression as he put his hands into his pockets.

"Hmmm….So they've started." Kakashi said in his usual bored tone.

"Yeah, but who is that guy." Asuma asked as he took a drag from his cigarette.

"Would you stop smoking those in here, and who are you talking about?" Kurenai asked.

She could like Asuma, if only he wouldn't smoke.

"That guy." Asuma said as he pointed at the crystal ball, specifically at the image of a young man with black clothes, green and black streaked hair, and a strange symbol on his clothes.

The old Hokage chuckled. "That, Asuma, is the founder of a new clan in our village." He had been sent a clone from Naruto that said he had gotten to a point where he could allow the old man to tell some people about him, but not to give too much info on him.

The jōnins in the room looked surprised. "A new clan?" Kurenai asked.

"Does he have a bloodline? What is the clan's name? Who is he?" Kakashi asked.

Sarutobi just smirked. "Yes to the first question, and that's all I'll say about it for now, and the other two questions will be answered when Iruka calls his name in a moment."

The gathered jōnins wracked their brains trying to remember if they had seen that symbol the boy wears before. The felt part of his look was familiar, but the rest of him, they had no clue.

They listened in and looked on as Iruka continued team placements.

Iruka had just finished with teams 1 through six. "Team seven will be…Ino Yamanaka…," Ino sat on the edge of her seat, "Sakura Haruno…," Sakura looked at Ino and they were both on edge, "Hinata Hyūga…" Hinata looked surprised at this and the other two girls were about to whine when Iruka continued, "and finally…Naruto Uzumaki."

Sakura and Ino cried out in surprise. "WHAT!"

Sakura recovered first. "B-But Iruka-sensei, Naruto didn't even pass!"

Ino nodded in agreement, and for once it wasn't about Sasuke. Hinata was blushing furiously and inner Hinata was doing cartwheels while chanting, "YES, YES, YES, YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSS!"

Iruka chuckled. "Actually Sakura, when he failed the test I noticed something odd about his chakra. So we went to the Hokage and we had him tested and it seems he has a rare condition that makes his chakra reserves much larger and his chakra much more dense than it should be. That is was why he couldn't do the basic clone jutsu. His chakra is too strong to ever be lowered enough for the jutsu. So, the Hokage allowed Naruto to learn a clone jutsu that requires more chakra than a genin should have and he performed it perfectly." Iruka said, slipping into a minor lecture mode.

The class was stunned. Naruto's chakra was too powerful! That's why he failed! He now knows a stronger clone jutsu!

Sasuke was calm on the outside, but livid on the inside. 'How dare the no name "dobe" have more power than me. I need that power to kill him.'

Ino recovered from the news first. "So, if Naruto passed, where is he?"

"Back here Ino." Familiar voice called out.

Everyone turned to the back corner of the room…and gasped.

They guys were stunned, Hinata blushed and fainted, and Sakura and Ino blushed slightly.

Naruto stood up, and they blushed more as they saw the muscles in his arms and torso flex slightly. He walked down to them and, since they were sitting next the same isle, on the same row, he reached out and pushed their open mouths closed gently, and smiled at them. This wasn't his usual idiot grin. This was a fox-like, lady killer smile.

They blushed more, but didn't dare move as he looked each in the eyes, one after the other. "I have decided to stop being an idiot, so I hope we can have a fresh start and work well together, Ino-chan, Sakura-chan." He smiled his fox-like, lady killer smile again and the two girls could only nod numbly at him.

Everyone, even Sasuke was amazed that this was the same "dead-last idiot" they had known for years. And now he says he was only acting like an idiot?

Naruto sat down in the isle between Ino and Sakura and smiled while he waited for Iruka to continue.

Iruka, while calmly smiling on the outside, was laughing on the inside. Inner Iruka had two open fans in his hands and was waving them in unison with a banner over his head that said "WAY TO GO, NARUTO!" on it while confetti and balloons fell from the sky.

He coughed and continued. Your jōnin sensei will be Kurenai Yūhi."

"Team eight will be Shikamaru, Choji, Shino, and Kiba. Your sensei will be Asuma Sarutobi." Team nine is still in circulation, team ten will be Sasuke Uchiha, and Sai." They were surprised that the Uchiha only had one teammate and that it was the freaky kid who had joined last year. He had a fake smile on all the time and no one really liked him, especially since he liked to use insults as friendly hellos. "Your sensei will be Kakashi Hatake." Iruka then put his clipboard under his arms and smiled.

Your sensei will be here to pick you up shortly and I know you'll all do great. When you're all famous ninja, come and visit me. I'll either be here…or in a retirement home." Everyone laughed at that…well, everyone except Sasuke and Sai of coarse.

Then Iruka left.

Back in the Hokage's office, all the jōnin were speechless. The same kid they all thought of as kind of dumb and immature had just shown up, shut the two biggest fan girls in the village up with a few words and a smile, and was on a four man cell plus sensei with four girls.

"Hokage-sama," Kakashi spoke. "If Naruto passed, shouldn't he be the dead-last and be placed with Sasuke, the rookie of the year?"

"Normally yes Kakashi, but since he passed late, I had to redo the team lineups and this was the best I could come up with. Plus, his new bloodline could put him on par with any chūnin now and with some more training, a fully realized Byakugan and Sharingan users would have difficulty defeating him."

Everyone was silent at that. 'What could the Kyūbi container do with this bloodline that made him so powerful.' thought the jōnin after a moment to adsorb what the Hokage had just said.

"Also, he will strive to no only improve himself, but his teammates. I have seen how shy Hinata is, how weak Sakura is, and how arrogant Ino is. Kurenai can help them to a point, but Naruto can help even more. I also think he'll be able to heal the rift between Ino and Sakura and, being with the other girls so much, might help Hinata with her confidence better than if she was on a team with two guys. The others I placed because they too could learn from each other. With Asuma's team, Kiba could learn to be calmer and more rational from Shikamaru and Shino while improving his strength against Choji. Shino could open up more as he will be around Shikamaru who is similar in intellect to him, and with Choji being so non-judgmental he won't feel weird and uncomfortable being around Shino and his bugs. Choji will gain more male friends besides Shikamaru and Shikamaru will have a similar mind to bounce ideas off of and maybe some new people to play Go and Shogi with as well as the possibility that Kiba's confidence and aggressiveness may rub off on him and help him out more. Their combinations of family jutsu and skills will make them an excellent attack, defense, tracking and scouting team. I put Sai and Sasuke with Kakashi because Kakashi is the only one who can teach him about his Sharingan when it activates and I hope some of Sai's humility will rub off on him. I want Sai to get in touch with his emotions more. Maybe the Uchiha's attitude can at least get some anger out of him at least and then we can go from there. Plus, he makes a good stealth/support type for Sasuke's assault/recon type." The Hokage explained. He'd just made it up on the spot, but that didn't change the fact that his reasons were valid. "Now, I suggest you all get going and meet your teams. This will be the first time we've had a genin team come out in two four-man cells and one two-man cell."

The jōnin's left and Sarutobi sighed. Then he smirked and looked into his crystal ball. "Now, show them all Naruto. Show them what a good heart with power behind it can do."

A/N: Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu = Multi-Shadow Clone Technique

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu = Shadow Clone Technique

Tōmegane no Jutsu = Telescope Technique