Well folks here is chapter three.

chapter three

It was seven a.m. in the Hidden Leaf village. As the sun rose above the trees and shined on the Hokage mountain, a lone figure could be seen sitting on top of the Third Hokage's head. A very…small…gray figure, surrounded by other small…gray figures.

As the circular crest on one gray figure's back started to flash red, all of them stopped what they were doing. In a blinding red flash, all the little gray men were gone and only a single boy remained.

He stretched his arms and legs and walked around the area, picking up the different scroll strewn all around the area. Naruto had used the whole night to master Graymatter's form. After mastering Graymatter's size and agility, Naruto practiced with his thinking power. Since Naruto couldn't remember what he could as Graymatter, he decided to write down his ideas and innovations on scrolls.

Naruto had used a large portion of the night to come up with training strategies, designs for a new house, and some seal designs that would make a seal master gape. Naruto had studied seals as Graymatter and he picked up on the art quickly. In his Graymatter state, he was a low-level seal master, but that was only because he didn't have enough material to study up on the subject at the moment.

As Naruto sealed the scrolls away, he looked down at the village. Only Fourarms, XLR8, and Upgrade are left to master. He planned on working on XLR8 after his team meeting was over with. He knew that, while some of his forms had raw power, if you couldn't hit the target, what was the point?

Naruto sighed. He looked up at the, still, pink morning sky. "Today will be most…interesting." He shuddered. "Man, I guess I spent a little too much time as Graymatter. I'm starting to talk like him when I'm normal." He thought about that and grinned embarrassingly. "Well, as normal as I can get I guess."

He then straightened up and jumped off the Third's head. When he started his descent, he touched the Omnitrix and selected Stinkfly. After he changed, he flew to the training ground he had been at the day before. When he got there, he saw that he was early by about a few minutes, so he decided to get some more training in. He pulled out a scroll, opened it, unsealed eight chakra weight bars and infused enough chakra to make them weigh about ten pounds each. When he was done, he put away the scroll and positioned each bar on him and held it there with chakra. One on each foot's top, one on each shin, one on each arm, one on his chest, and one on his forehead. He then went over to a nearby tree and started to walk up and down it a few times before making a few shadow clones and having them do the same.

That was the scene the four women came upon when they arrived ten minutes later. Seventy Narutos were walking up and down trees with little metal bars sticking to them.

When one clone noticed them, it dispelled itself and the rest suddenly looked over at them, then all but the original dispelled and he walked over to them with the weights still being held in place.

"Morning." Naruto said with a smile.

Hinata could only nod dumbly and blush as red as a tomato. 'So…many Naruto-kuns!' Her mind was in a slight loop for the moment.

Ino and Sakura looked at Naruto. Ino spoke first. "Hey, Naruto, what were you doing? How were you walking up and down those trees? And what are those metal bars sticking to you?"

Naruto chuckled. That irked Ino somewhat but she just crossed her arms and waited for an explanation.

"Well, Ino-chan, in that order, I was training my body and chakra control, I was using chakra to stick to the tree to improve control and stamina, and these little bars are chakra weights set at ten pounds each and I'm holding them to me like I held myself to the trees. Iruka-sensei taught us the leaf balancing exercise, this is just my variation on it to improve chakra control and my physical strength and stamina at the same time." Naruto said calmly.

Ino and Sakura were gaping in shock. Kurenai was very impressed with Naruto. He not only learned two chakra control exercises, but modified them to give him greater control as well as physical training.

Hinata, who snapped out of her fantasies involving multiple Narutos, listened to him from the start of his explanation. She was even more impressed by him than before. 'Naruto-kun.'

When Kurenai straightened up, she crossed her arms and looked at her team-to-be. "Alright, enough wasting time. Before you are assigned any missions as a team, you must complete the jōnin provided 'true' genin exam."

Sakura, Ino, and Hinata looked shocked while Naruto…looked bored. 'Did he already know?' Kurenai asked herself.

"B-But Kurenai-sensei," Sakura asked, "we already passed the genin exam, didn't we?"

Kurenai shook her head. "Yes you passed the basic skill qualifications, but not the team test and genin overall function test. The first made sure you had basic genin level skills. This will determine if you are really ready to be genin." She stated.

"S-so w-what do we h-have to d-do Kurenai-sensei?" Hinata asked in her usual timid voice.

"It is simple." Kurenai responded, "all you have to do is retrieve an item for me and then bring the item to me by one pm this afternoon. You'll also have to tell me what each of you did to get it and if you fail to get the item before time is up…you'll all be sent back to the academy." She said with a sickly sweet smile.

The three girls looked pale, but Naruto smirked. He walked up behind the girls and wrapped his arms around their shoulders. Ino and Sakura in one arm, Hinata in another.

Hinata had to use all her willpower not to faint from embarrassment and delight. Sakura smiled at the gesture, and Ino smiled, but also blushed slightly and twiddled her finger in a very Hinata-like fashion. "No problem Kurenai-sensei. With the three most talented kunoichi of our class with me, we'll be fine." He said with a smile and absolute confidence in his teammates. They all smiled at his praise and vowed to make sure it wasn't misplaced.

Kurenai smiled too. 'The boy definitely is squad leader material. Not to mention he didn't say anything about his Omnitrix bloodline or himself. He spoke of his teammates and, while giving them confidence, spoke as an average ninja. That's rare with bloodline users. Normally they're a little arrogant. I'm surprised Naruto isn't. His file said he loved attention and with a bloodline that can make him into different creatures at will I would have expected him to brag and use it as his main and only plan. I guess he was wearing an idiot mask…and dropped it.' Kurenai thought. "Okay then, I want you to find Kakashi Hatake and take the little orange book he has in his possession. You can do it without getting caught or take it and run. All that counts is that it is in my hand by the time the time limit is up and that you tell me what you did while obtaining it. Good luck." With that, she disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto turned to the girls. "Okay, I've seen Kakashi before. Here's his description and his habits." Naruto then detailed all he had observed of the scarecrow-like pervert.

When he was done, Sakura thought for a moment and the smirked as she came up with a plan.

From the Hokage's office, Sarutobi and Kurenai watched as team seven began implementing their plan.

Kurenai smiled. "Yep, a born squad leader. He gives info to his team and listens to advice from a strategically better mind." Kurenai said with a little pride.

Sarutobi agreed. Naruto was leader material.

It was nine a.m. when Kakashi arrived at the training ground near the memorial stone. He saw Sai and Sasuke sitting under a nearby tree. Sasuke was brooding and Sai was drawing in one of his scrolls.

When they saw their sensei coming, they stood up. "So, what's this test sensei?" Sasuke asked.

"Well, it's very simple. You have to steal this bell from me before noon. Whoever has a bell by noon will pass and remain, whoever doesn't will be dropped from the shinobi program…forever." He eye smiled.

Sasuke's eyes widened at that while Sai…looked on blankly.

Kakashi set a clock on a nearby rock. "Begin!"

(AN: Don't feel like explaining the test. Sai tried to help Sasuke, per orders from Danzo, and succeeded. Kakashi asked who got to pass, Sasuke said himself, Sai said Sasuke. Kakashi sighed and passed him anyway due to the council and that Sai seemed to get the whole teamwork thing. He hoped Sasuke would get better in time.)

Kakashi was sitting on a rock near the memorial stone as Sai went home and Sasuke was walking over to him. Before Sasuke could speak, four kunai shot out at Kakashi. He dodged, while still holding his book, and Sasuke got beside him in a ready stance.

A single man dressed in yellow ninja robes, (Scorpion's clothes from mortal kombat II.), and he stood there with his arms crossed.

"Who are you?" Kakashi asked as he put his book into his kunai pouch and drew out a kunai.

The yellow clad ninja said nothing and pulled his right arm back into a fist. Before Kakashi knew what he was doing, the man shot his first forward and opened his palm. His open palm was facing Sasuke…but nothing happened.

"What-?" Kakashi's question died on his lips as Sasuke fell down onto the ground, unconscious.

Kakashi was on the defensive. He had no idea what jutsu this yellow ninja had just used, nor did he know what it had done to Sasuke. He contemplated running, but he saw several dozen solid clones of the yellow ninja behind him. He knew he couldn't fight them and carry Sasuke at the same time. He looked at the first ninja. "As I said before, who are you and what do you want?"

The yellow clad ninja took up a fighting stance. He rushed forward and Kakashi did the same. When Kakashi managed to hit the yellow ninja with his kunai…it he went up in a puff of smoke. "Shadow clone!" Kakashi realized. Before he had a chance to figure it out, the yellow clad ninja was behind him and…used "gentle fist" to close most of his chakra points. This stunned Kakashi. No one should be able to do that except a Hyūga. Kakashi looked at the man's eyes and saw…they were filmed over. He was blind!

Kakashi tried to jump away but was hit by a shadow clone kick to the face. He managed a replacement jutsu, but it seemed that there was another shadow clone waiting for him. He was soon dog piled by a number of shadow clones. He tried to throw them off, but they all weighed a ton!

Then, as soon as he was contemplating removing his headband and calling his dog summons, all the shadow clones vanished.

Kakashi was up in an instant and removed his headband to reveal his Sharingan eye. He looked around. The yellow ninja was nowhere to be found.

He ran to Sasuke and saw that he was unharmed. He also saw a small scroll laid on top of Sasuke's back. He carefully picked it up and opened it.


"O-Okay?" Kakashi said as he rolled up the scroll. "That was…weird." He'd have to talk to the Hokage about this. He reached into his pouch to pull out his book when…it wasn't there. Kakashi's eyes widened. 'What! It has to be there! I put it there when…' Then it hit him. He put it in his pouch when the yellow ninja attacked and his shadow clones had dog piled him.

"NOOOOOOO!" Kakashi cried out. The sounds of his cries echoed across the Leaf village.

After a few minutes of searching with Hinata's Byakugan, team seven found Kurenai in the Hokage's office. They landed on the balcony and opened the window to walk in.

Once inside, the genin handed Kurenai Kakashi's book and stood at attention.

Kurenai was deeply impressed, but didn't show it. "Alright, now explain your roles in the book's retrieval."

They nodded. Naruto went first. "We each used a transformation jutsu to look like the same yellow dressed ninja. I also made several dozen shadow clones in the same disguise. We waited for Kakashi and Sasuke to be away from Sai and then attacked. Knowing that they would be tired after their exam, we chose that time since they would be at their weakest then."

Then Ino stepped up. "While Naruto distracted Kakashi and Sasuke, I was busy preparing my mind switch jutsu. We timed it so that it happened right when Naruto thrust his hand forward. I took control of Sasuke and Sakura came up behind me and knocked Sasuke out." Sakura looked a little ashamed at that, but didn't show it much.

Then Hinata stepped forward. "While Ino and Sakura took care of Sasuke, Naruto engaged Kakashi in taijutsu and I, while transformed into the same yellow ninja, used "gentle fist" to disable as many of his chakra points as possible." She didn't stutter once during her explanation. Kurenai assumed it was do to adrenaline and the fact they had succeeded.

Naruto spoke again. "After Hinata weakened him further, I chased him down and dog piled him. While he was struggling to get free, one of my clones grabbed his book without him noticing. Then, we pulled back and left. I left my shadow clones there for a few more seconds before they dispelled so we could get away."

Kurenai nodded. She and the Hokage had been impressed during most of the planning stage they had witnessed and been able to hear and also the execution of the plan was flawless. There was one question. "Naruto?" Kurenai asked. He looked at her. "Why didn't you use your bloodline to help with the plan?"

Naruto sighed. "I analyzed which forms would have helped with the plan…but there were a few problems with using any of them. With Ghostfreak and XLR8 I could have stolen the book without being stopped. I could also have drawn the battle out by using Diamondhead, Heatblast, and Fourarms. But there were two problems with this strategy. One, it would allow Kakashi to see my alien forms and devise future attack strategies for Sasuke to use against me since he'll no doubt want to fight me since he believes he, as an Uchiha, deserves power above all others. Two, each plan involving my alien forms would require I work alone as a battle with three of them would be too dangerous for my teammates to get involved with and the use of the first two I mentioned wouldn't require their assistance at all." Naruto sighed. "We figured out the test sensei. Well, I already knew about its point from research in the library and asking a few people covertly about it, but the girls figured it out very quickly. Me using my alien forms would have just exposed my bloodline's power unnecessarily and left my teammates out in the cold."

Kurenai smiled and nodded.

Sakura had wanted to object about Sasuke, but remained quiet. Her and Ino's talk with Naruto during the planning stage had given her a lot to think about. She had been against hurting Sasuke, even to knock him out. Ino also didn't like it, but was more reserved in voicing it.

Naruto had sighed and explained everything he had observed about Sasuke and about how he treated the girls. He also explained what he believed the results of his own teamwork test would be and how he would react if their plan succeeded. He knew Sasuke would come after Sakura and Ino for "embarrassing him" and then go for Naruto to challenge him or demand he tell him his techniques.

Sakura had, yet again, denied the truth of his claims, while Ino seemed to think about the truth in his words. Finally, Naruto told Sakura to wait and see. If he was wrong, he would apologize to her. But, if he was right, he made her promise to take a good look at herself, and the Uchiha's actions and behavior from a neutral standpoint by picturing what she would do if someone else acted the same way and wasn't as handsome or an Uchiha.

She agreed and they had gone back to planning.

Sakura sighed. Everything Naruto said would happen had so far. If his last predictions came true…Sakura was in for a long hard look at the world.

Kurenai had overheard that over the crystal ball and hoped Naruto's plan to get Sakura to be serious and give up on the Uchiha would work.

"Alright, team seven is now an official team. We'll meet-" She was cut off as Naruto raised his hand and spoke.

"Sensei?" He asked.

"Yes Naruto?" She asked.

"I request a week before we start missions. I need a couple of days to master the first level of my bloodline completely and then I'll be able to use the second level. It shouldn't take more than four days. The last three days will be used for getting used to level two. I know this is asking for you and my teammates to put the start of our team's career on hold, but it would make me better able to help out in situations and you could also train the girls while I'm doing this. That way we'll be stronger when we start missions and I won't have to deal with my new level if I reach it during a mission and have no control over it." Naruto stated.

Kurenai thought about it and…it seemed like a good idea. "I have no objections to this." She turned to the old man. "Hokage-sama?"

Sarutobi nodded. "Very well. Naruto will spend the week training and his other teammates will meet with you Kurenai for their training."

They all nodded and were about to leave, when an ANBU appeared and stood before the door. "Hokage-sama, the village council has called you and team seven before them." Then he was gone in a swirl of leaves.

The old man wondered what they could want. "Okay, team seven, follow me." They all nodded and followed the old Hokage to the council chambers. Once inside, they all stood in the center of the room as the council looked at them from their seat on the large half-circle table.

"What is going on here?" The Hokage asked.

A civilian councilmen spoke first. "We are here to discuss the arrest of Naruto Uzumaki and the stripping of his teammates of their ranks as ninja of this village." He said with a sneer at Naruto.

"WHAT!" All the members of team seven and the Hokage said at once. "On what grounds!" Sarutobi roared.

"He attacked two fellow leaf shinobi, and wounded the Uchiha. Sasuke came here earlier and demanded that their techniques be given to them and that they be punished for attacking a member of a noble family of the village." The same councilman said with a slight smirk.

Team seven and the Hokage looked off to the side and saw Sasuke standing there with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.

Inoichi Yamanaka spoke next. "We have called this meeting to find out the "truth" of the Uchiha's claims, not take them at face value and punish them without hearing their side of the story." Shikaku and Chōza agreed, as did Tsume and Hiashi along with Councilwoman Haruno.

"Why would the Uchiha lie?" The same councilman asked in disbelief that they weren't going to hang the demon on the spot. "We all know the demon brat did it! He should never have been allowed near the academy, much less be a ninja!"

Everyone on the ninja part of the council and councilwoman Haruno looked at the nodding heads of the civilian half with disdain, except for Danzō.

The Hokage was seething. "You have just broken my law councilman. You are now to be executed!" The old man made a hand motion and two ANBU showed up and took the councilman away kicking and screaming.

After that was done, Kurenai explained what her test was, their intentions, and each other's role in the plan.

The ninja council and Haruno nodded. "Well then, it seems that there was no real attack on a fellow shinobi since it was a test and they had been told to do it by a someone of higher authority and they were being monitored during their actions." Hiashi said, slightly proud that his daughter had done well.

"But, the Uchiha-" The idiot councilwoman was silenced with a glare from the Hokage.

"The Uchiha bore false witness, tried to get four innocent genin into serious trouble because he was embarrassed, tried to circumvent me, and wasted mine and the council's time!" Sarutobi said with a cold tone. He then looked over at Sasuke. "For this transgression, you will be put on one month probation. No missions, no training by Kakashi or any other ninja of this village, no nothing."

The council tried to object, but Sasuke roared and charged the old man. Before he could get close though, Naruto jumped in the way and punched Sasuke to the ground. Sasuke got back up and started doing hand-signs the Hokage knew as fireball jutsu and launched a fireball at the girls of team seven and the Hokage.

Before anyone could blink, Naruto made several shadow clones that made a wall between the girls and the Hokage and the fireball. He also had some clones grab the girls and the Hokage and jump out of the way with them.

When the fireball hit, it destroyed the clones. Before Sasuke could do more, an ANBU appeared behind him and chopped the back of his neck, knocking him out.

The council was stunned that the Uchiha would openly attack the Hokage and fellow leaf ninja. The old man ordered Sasuke be put in jail with his chakra sealed until he could decide how to deal with him.

Haruno, Hiashi, and Inoichi were thankful Naruto had saved their daughters and Kurenai was thankful as well for the rescue since she was also too shocked at the Uchiha's actions to move. When that was done, Team seven was dismissed while their sensei stayed and spoke with the Hokage and the council.

When they were far enough away, Sakura began to cry and Ino had some small tears in her eyes as well. Naruto moved between them and pulled them into a hug.

Hinata hugged them from behind, understanding how hurt they must be shown the truth about the object of their affections.

After a few minutes of sobbing, they both calmed down and allowed Naruto to walk each of them home.

When he had dropped the last one off, he sped towards the Forest of Death. He needed to get to work on his last three aliens and get to mastering level two.

Sakura kept her promise and thought long and hard about Sasuke and his actions. She realized that he had only ever been mean and condescending to her and Ino, well, to everyone actually. She remembered how Naruto would try and make friends with her and maybe ask her out and how she treated him. She felt ashamed and even more guilty when she remembered that he always forgave her and came back and, even now, still cared enough about her to try and help her…console her when she was hurt and hold her when she cried. He saved her in the council room and walked her and the others home to make sure they were okay.

She began to look at Naruto in a new light, now that the Uchiha didn't blind her.

Ino was having similar thoughts about her fellow blonde and Hinata was happy Naruto saved her, she was on an official team, and that maybe her fellow female ninja would act more like ninjas.

Deep in the forest of death, a large red humanoid with four arms was training in a clearing with five hundred other four-armed red men. Naruto knew he needed to get stronger. He knew the Uchiha wouldn't give up so easily and that the civilian council and that old bandaged ninja would get him out of trouble or the lowest sentence possible.

Naruto had done it. After three days of training, he had managed to master level one and was now on level two. He had ten new alien forms he was able to take.

He walked out into the center of a large clearing in the forest and decided to try his first new alien. He activated the Omnitrix and cycled through the shadow images until he came to the new ten. He found one that looked interesting and pressed down on the Omnitrix. When the bright green flash went away, he saw his new form's body.

His hands were humanoid but clawed and fur covered. He was human in shape and was wearing some black cloth pants and what looked like a black and green poncho over a black sleeveless shirt. He looked into a nearby stream and saw that his head, while looking mostly like a lion, had ram horns. Naruto felt something was odd about his legs. They felt fine, but also kind of tight. He looked down and saw that his pant legs hung lush a half inch off the ground, covering his feet from view. When he lifted them up a little, he saw that his feet were now hoofed. He walked around for a minute and found he could move very well, but his legs still felt odd.

He decided to flex his legs a few times to see if he could loosen them up.

He was surprised when he felt and heard his pant open in the back. He looked behind him and saw that his pants had buttons that came up to right under his butt and were now undone. What startled him more was the fact that he had two…extra hoofed legs coming out from where his butt began. The legs were as long as his front ones and when he set them on the ground and stood, he felt much better. He no longer felt the tightness his legs had been feeling before. He watched as he tried to put the legs back and saw them pull forward and bend to the shape of the upper back of his front legs. He also saw the buttons on his pants seems to snap shut again on their own.

"Weird…but cool." Naruto said in a growling, deep voice. He thought of what to name his new form and simply settled on…Stranger. He made a few hundred shadow clones and proceeded to train in his Stranger form for the rest of the day.

Day five, Naruto mastered the Stranger form and was now going to try the second of his new ten forms. He selected another shadow image and slammed down. After the flash died down, he saw what he had become.

He was tall, there was no doubt about that, but he was very strange. He was human in shape, but much more muscular and had a strange greenish-yellow colored skin with black spots sprinkled over him. He also noted that he had several strange armors and weapons on him. They were all in black and dark green, but still looked strange. He was wearing a helmet that, when he pushed the side of it near his temple, shifted his vision to infrared, thermal vision, x-ray, and a few others. He looked at each weapon and found them to mostly be knives, blades, and other hunting gear. He noticed an odd backpack-like thing on his shoulders and thought about them. When he did, two cylinder-like things popped up and pointed wherever he was looking. Naruto got an idea and thought the word "Fire!" and they shot two blue ball shaped bolts of energy at a tree and decimated it. He flicked his wrist and three wrist blades popped out. He found a way to remove his mask and studied his face in the same nearby stream. It had a huge forehead and four maw-like mouth parts surrounded its small mouth.

He tried to speak, but it was hard. He could do it, but it was still difficult.

Without really knowing why, he reared back and let out a fierce roar to the sky that would make hardened jōnin cringe in fright.

Naruto, because of all its hunting-style tools and armor, decided to call this form…Predator.

Day six, Naruto once again decided to see another of his new ten. When he activated the Omnitrix he saw he was very odd. He had light purple skin and light purple fur. He had two large, kangaroo-like legs and a long, thick tail behind him. He stood up on his hind legs and walked over to the water to survey his new appearance. He looked into the water and saw that his face was very cat-like and that he had two antenna-like earpieces that looked like ears. He also had a second spinal cord loop coming from the back of his head to in between his shoulder blades. He had two large toes on his feet and three digits on each hand that had a ball-like fingertip on each. "I wonder what I am now?" Naruto asked out loud. Then it started. He could hear whispers and voices. Some seemed familiar, while others were far away. He focused on the familiar voice of the Hokage.

'Damn paperwork! Why can't it ever end!' The Hokage whined. 'Well, at least I have my little book to keep my sanity.'

Naruto shook his head. Had he heard that? Did this form have super hearing?

Then he thought about it more. 'No, it seemed more like I was hearing his thoughts.'

Naruto also noticed his intelligence had gone up like when he was Graymatter. Whoever this creature was, it was genetically smart and apparently telepathic.

Deciding to experiment a little, Naruto points his left index finger at a nearby rock. He thinks and focuses on the rock and it…levitates off the ground!

"Awesome!" Naruto yelled in his deep, melodious voice. He then had another thought. 'Could he…?' He concentrated on himself and did the same thing he did to the rock. When he opened his eyes he saw that he was…flying!

As Naruto went through his usual regiment of training, he found that he could also create balls of dark energy and fire them at will and even erect a shield of dark blue light and energy around him. He practiced for hours with his shadow clones fighting him and standing still while levitating as many things as he could around himself.

On the seventh day, Naruto decided to wait on using the fourth new alien. He didn't want to be tired for their first day of missions.

As he sat in a tree, he thought about how each new alien could be used.

Stranger would be good at hunting, tracking, and forest fighting. Predator would be good at hunter-nin duties and assassination missions as well as average hunting and hand to hand combat. The psychic form, which he had been told by Graymatter's mental uploads, was called Mewtwo, would be great in defense, interrogation, long and short mid range attacking, and reconnaissance work.

The next of the new ten had an odd-looking shadow image. Naruto was eager to try it out, but decided to wait until he had at least another two days of free time before trying to master it. He wouldn't get any new forms until he finish with this set though, but he could wait.

He stood up and activated the Omnitrix and transformed into Mewtwo. Afterwards, he levitated off the ground and shot into the air. He flew towards his apartment when…

'HELP ME!' A mental cry rang out and Mewtwo stopped in mid air. He mentally scanned the area and found the source of the mental cries. He flew towards it, using his psychic powers to make everyone unable to notice him. It wasn't Predator's invisibility…but it would do for now.

The sight he came upon made his now alien blood boil!

Below him, in an alley, were two young girls about his age. One had long white hair, the other had long red hair. They were both dressed in strange clothes. But what got Mewtwo's blood boiling was the fact that…two chūnin were trying to rape them.

The two chūnin had the two girls caught in ninja wire. They were smirking and slowly approaching the two tied up girls. The girls looked like they had been in a long, tough fight while the chūnin had probably just found them and tied them up.

Just as the two chūnin were about to reach the girls…

"STOP!" A thunderous, deep voice called out.

The two chūnin looked up and saw a huge kangaroo…cat…man…thing! It was staring down at them with evident hate. It raised its hands and before the chūnin could even think, they were slammed against the opposite walls of the alley and fell to the ground unconscious.

The two young women looked up at Mewtwo and had tears of fear and gratitude in their eyes.

"Relax," Mewtwo said in a calm, soothing voice, "I will not harm you." He them held out his hands and the two girls and the fallen chūnin levitated up around him. "Come, we must see the Hokage." Mewtwo said. He placed the same "can't notice" field around the five of them and flew to the Hokage tower. Once there, Mewtwo mentally opened the balcony window and flew in over the Hokage's head.

Sarutobi was surprised when a large…creature flew in but immediately thought 'Naruto?'

Naruto dropped the unconscious chūnin and used his mental powers to undo the ninja wire around the girls. He then sent it over to the chūnin and tied them up with it…good and tight.

The girls were motionless for the moment. Then, the little raised circle on the creatures right thigh began to glow red and in a red flash, there Naruto stood.

Naruto explained to the Hokage what had happened and the old man was livid. He immediately called for ANBU to take them to Ibiki and Anko and gave the two interrogators full and complete authority to "have fun" with the two would-be-rapists.

When that was taken care of, the two girls flew at Naruto and sobbed thank yous into his shoulders and chest.

When they calmed down, the Hokage asked them who they were and why they were in the leaf village.

The redhead introduced herself as Gwen. She is wearing a blue shirt with a cat logo on her chest and white pants. The white-haired girl said her name is C.C. She is wearing a pink coat with purple at the ends, underneath she wears a black shirt and pants, purple long boots with black straps around them. Also around her waist is an old looking bag with a face made of a button eye and an x shaped stitch as the other eye and a zipper like mouth.

They were orphans who had special bloodlines and came to the village to try and find a home when they were attacked by a large group of bandits on the road and had just gotten to the village via a teleportation jutsu before they collapsed and those…chūnin…found them and… The Hokage didn't need to hear anymore. He apologized for their suffering and told them he would talk more later about their living in the village. He asked Naruto if he would take them to Training Ground 44, he didn't want to call it the Forest of Death after what they had been through, and set them up with temporary housing. He would inform his team that he was helping newcomers to the village settle in and they could start missions without him.

Naruto nodded and asked the girls to stand back. They complied and Naruto activated the Omnitrix. He was once more the strange purple creature he called Mewtwo and he levitated the girls up around him before flying off back to the tower. Sarutobi sighed. "That's it, I'm moving him in that forest. I'll ask him about housing plans later."

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