"Honestly, I can't believe you, Alan! You want to send K-Unit in!" Mrs. Jones was screaming at Alan Blunt, who looked up at her from his desk with an almost bored expression on his face.

"We've been through this before. K-Unit will be able to easily identify him, even if he was dragged through a mud puddle and set on fire, so they're the ideal choice for this mission." Blunt's expression was still blank.

"You can do it. Just please don't add any more disturbing mental images."

"Alright, K-Unit. This is going to be a simple search and rescue, and no Eagle; I don't know who this mystery agent is. All they said was that we would know who they were once we saw them, and that we already knew them." Eagle opened his mouth to protest, but Wolf cut him off before he could begin speaking. "Shut up and let's get this mission over with." They then picked up their weapons and blew open the door.

"Why wings? I mean, I'm not saying that they're bad or anything, but seriously, raven wings? Are you making fun of the fact that I dressed up as an angel on Halloween? Come on, I was eight!" a voice said, sounding strained but still mocking.

"Let's go that way."

Alex was shackled to the wall, and a scary looking guy with lots of muscles and a fierce expression on his face was holding a bloodied whip.

This scene was (okay, almost) perfectly normal in the life of Alex Rider.

Of course, K-Unit didn't think so.

Well, anyone would find it unusual... mostly because of the large black feathery bird wings on his back, which stuck out at an odd angle.

Wolf picked up his gun that he dropped from shock and shot the man in the head, who barely had time to realize he was dead.

"... Cub?" Wolf said after a few awkward moments of staring at each other.

"Yep. That's me. Now will you stop trying to catch flies with your mouths and get me out of here? I'd like to be bandaged and cleaned up before being tied to a chair and being interrogated. Plus my wings really hurt." Alex said sarcastically, trying to shift said wings around.

K-Unit shut up and they flew away on the helicopter that arrived several minutes ago.

"That seems suspicious, don't you think?" Eagle said, noting how fast the helicopter got there.

"I guess... wait a sec... SCORPIA! RUN!" Wolf said, spotting the outline of a scorpion on the side of the helicopter.

But it was too late. Scorpia operatives had already surrounded them.

"We'll be taking Alex Rider now." one of them said. He looked like he was the leader, and was smoking a cigarette.

"Oh you mean him?" Wolf picked Alex up. Alex scowled at Wolf, who then turned him around.

"Steve! It's you! I can't believe it's really you!" Alex hugged the Scorpia member closest to him. K-Unit looked at each other, and Eagle twirled a finger next to his head. Alex briefly glared at Eagle before fully opening his wings, hitting the man in the process of doing so. Alex took their momentary shock as an opening and began fighting them.

"Well? What are you doing? Are you going to help or not?"

The Scorpia agents got over their momentary shock of seeing the spy's wings, and K-Unit got into a battle position.

Suddenly, another helicopter appeared.

"Please let it not be another Scorpia helicopter." Eagle prayed, which earned him a punch in the arm from Wolf.

"It's not."

MI6 Agents dropped down from the helicopter. (Ignore the fact that there's no way so many people could fit inside one helicopter)

(Pretend there's a long, drawn out fight scene here that I really don't feel like writing right now that ends with them going to the Bank.)

Mrs. Jones didn't bother to conceal her surprise at seeing K-Unit drag an enraged Alex Rider kicking and flailing wings which definitely weren't there before.

Mr. Blunt just sat there with his stone cold mask for a face, though a flicker of disbelief passed through his eyes, which was basically the equivalent of a (normal) person running around in circles screaming his head off.

"Hi." said Alex, internally laughing at Mrs. Jones's expression.

I haven't read Snakehead yet, so please excuse me if I get anything wrong.

And this story is mostly just for me to vent... by making a plot that doesn't make too much sense. So it probably won't be finished, but I'll try to finish it! No promises, though. And I personally find it sad that I didn't read in chronological order. It went kind of like this.

Ark Angel


Point Blank


Skeleton Key

Crocodile Tears

Eagle Strike

Scorpia Rising

(This spot is reserved for Snakehead.)

I find it sad. Apparently, the library had 3 copies of Stormbreaker, two of them being the anniversary edition, and 4 copies of Point Blank.


I was reading Ark Angel when my one of friends was looking for it, and he was reading Eagle Strike whenI was looking for it.


And I basically wrote this without too much proofreading; I basically just checked the spelling and grammar.

Remember, it's just a way for me to vent.