Chapter one

Kalona POV

While walking through the woods just to the south of Tulsa the city lights burning in the distance, Kalona finally realizes something. He is a cold hearted ego statistical bastard. Of course most already knew this it just took eons for the immortal to finally understand that. Now that his son had gone with the red one he finds himself missing rephaim's presence and advice. The costant loyalty of his favorite son now devoted to her. Nyx.

That god damned goddess had pulled one of the few things he had left into her sticky web of light. Damn her. Not only is he in a war with neferet but he's at war with himself.

"daddy?" kalona looked down as his daughter ironically named whiskey for the color of her eyes….his eyes nyx's eyes. He had never forgiven nyx for the night their daughter was born. or the one night stand she had tempted him with. once again damn nyx.

Authors note: haha cliff hanger if you want any continuation of this story to find out what kalona chooses, who the hell whiskey is and if neferet falls I need at least two reviews!

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