Chapter 2

Kalona stared down at his daughter whiskey." What is it whiskey?" he asked in a somewhat harsh tone.

" why does mommy not love you anymore ?"whiskey asked innocently too young to fully understand the pain and anger her father has suffered espically on nyx's behalf.

" I've never been fully sure whiskey. It was because I loved her too much and erebus didn't like that so they sent us away " says it in simple enough terms for her to understand.

"nisroc!"she yelps seeing her much older brother land beside their father and she runs to hug him .

Nisroc chuckles" hey little one"he says in his hissy raven like voice.

"my son what did you find out?"

"rephaim is truly a boy no feathers father"

Outraged kalona kicks the wall of the hunting cabin they are staying in " DAMNIT!"

Whiskey glares up at her father " no cussing it sounds stupid"