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Too Late

Chapter 1: Love letter

"Joey... JOEY... HEY!" The teacher slammed her hand on Joey's table, pulling him from his daydreams. He looked at her startled. "The answer, Mr. Wheeler?" The teacher asked.

"Ahm? That depends on the question, I guess." he said and the teacher looked even more furious when she repeated the question. But luckily Joey knew the answer for once and got around another detention. This might also be because he already was booked out for that till graduation.

"Next time listen! It's not like you can afford to daydream in class!" She said with a stern expression on her face.

Joey tried to listen for a little while but his thoughts soon drifted back to where they had been: Seto Kaiba! Why did he have to fall for HIM? Kaiba was always mean to him. Granted, he was mean and cold to everyone. The guy simply had no heart and a personality that made you want to puke. Not to mention that he was a total workaholic and probably had his suitcase glued to his hand! But unfortunately his looks made everyone drool over him. His looks were just wow. And not only that, the fact that he could be protective, loving, caring and friendly! The problem with that was just that he never showed this side of him to anyone other than his kid brother Mokuba! He loved his little brother. But Joey hoped that maybe, if Kaiba ever maybe loved him too, then maybe Kaiba might just be the same way with him. Just maybe. But if he could and be like that, combined with his perfect looks and his coolness, after all there´s a reason that everyone was drooling over him.

Joey could not help himself and let his mind wander off to the possibilities that might come with such a thought. The life he could have if Kaiba could love him back. A mansion and all the things he didn't even dare to dream of with the life his father could afford him.

But it was more or less hopeless, since Kaiba seemed to hate his guts. But still Joey knew that he had to try something, no matter what, but he had to try to get together with the man of his dreams, even if it was bound to fail from the start. He had to at least try! After all, what did he have to lose? Okay, Seto might make a laughing stock of him, but high school was almost over. And after high school, who knew if he would ever see Kaiba again? It was his last chance to get together with him and the laughing wouldn't be for long. But if he didn't even try, Joey would forever wonder what if?

The only question left was, how do you confess your feelings to a guy that always makes fun of you?

Joey wondered if he actually might be able to just say it to his face? That handsome face with these cool eyes. Nope, that was out of the question. Joey would never manage to force the words out, since firstly Kaiba just had to open his mouth and they would fight and secondly, Joey's fear to stand right in front of Kaiba and hear him laughing was too bad.

A love letter? But what was he supposed to write?

Do you want to date me?


Or no?

He might as well add an 'Or do you want to punch me for behaving like we're in kindergarten?' because Kaiba was bound to choose that one.

Maybe a poem? Joey tried to imagine Kaiba's face when he read a soppy poem! ... ... ... It was really hard to picture it but Joey came to the conclusion that this might even be worse. Kaiba would not stop laughing for the next millennium or so, at the very least. Especially since any poem Joey could make up would be way worse than anything Kaiba could do himself. Joey would just embarrass himself.

Maybe he should write a song? It wouldn't be the first song Joey had written and he had been told that he was a good singer a couple of times, just those times it was always his sister or his dad and family was bound to be more kind than others and Kaiba was probably the worst critic in the history of mankind. And at any rate, Seto probably wasn't the love song kind of guy.

For all that's holey, how do other people do it? Joey wondered. There had to be an easier way to approach this.

Then it struck him like lightning. He had the perfect idea and if he timed it right, Seto couldn't even make too much fun of him.

He chose to write a love letter, but not one that was too soppy or anything but rather something really hot. It might get twice as embarrassing but Joey simply would make sure that Seto would get one chance to answer to that and one chance only. And there would be no one around, at least no one who knew him. And no matter how cruel Seto was, he probably didn't care enough for Joey to go out of his way to torture him with this.

On the day of graduation, everything was finally ready. He had watched Seto close enough to know for a fact, that he still needed to clear out his locker. So he picked the locker, and put the letter inside of it. A letter that was in an envelope, just to make sure that no one would read it before Joey got it inside.

What Joey didn't know, was that it wasn't Seto who emptied the locker. He had sent Roland to do it for him during the graduation ceremony. So Seto didn't read the letter until much later. It wasn't until the next day that Seto saw the envelope that was lying on the pile of stuff Roland had taken out of his locker. The envelope was was a light blue and on it was nothing. Seto obviously couldn't remember to have ever seen it before and picked it up to read it.

Hi Dragon!

Hope you like the nickname? You probably wonder why I´m writing you and I'm not the type to write a load of stuff, since I'm not really good at that anyway (at least that's what the teacher said). I only wanted to tell you that I like you. Or to be more precise, I'm really hot for you! Your sexy ass and hot body are just too good to resist, and I would do anything you can imagine, just to have a chance in your bed, alone. But I'd love to have more than just a bit of fun. You're special to me, and not just in the sexy kind of way either. Hell, I'd even let you call me stupid ridiculous doggy names (but please, only when we're alone). I just want to be the one that you can love and play with. And trust me, I can be like a very naughty little puppy. I LOVE to use my tongue to lick all sort of things, HARD things. I would turn all your dreams into reality, if you would just let me be by your side.

Well I guess now I have proven my point that I'm the worst in writing a letter. (And the teacher has been proven right.)

Anyway, let me know if I might have at least a bit of a chance. I'll be waiting for you at the gym, during the graduation party. I'll be waiting at the back side of it, at midnight. Please, at least tell me.

With love (And yes I know this is grossly soppy)

Joey Wheeler

Seto stared at the card. Graduation was over and he hadn't even been there. There had been no reason, since he had heard that Joey didn't want to go there. At least that's what Seto had heard him saying to the others. He must have just gone there to get the answer from Seto and was maybe already planning it, so Seto couldn't make fun of him during the party where everyone would hear.

It was too late to go to the gym. There was no way that Joey was still waiting there. But Seto had to talk to him and tell him, that he felt the same way about him. That he wanted them to be together too, because he loved him. But he had no idea where Joey lived. He had never looked into it, since he always knew that it wouldn't matter, as Joey would never want him there anyway. Never in all the years he had known Joey, had he thought that this could be proven to be a mistake.

Seto thought just for a moment of how he could find his cute little puppy with the naughty thoughts. Seto knew that the best way to find him, was over his friends!

He went to his limousine and told the driver to get him to the Kame game shop. Yugi was the only one of the gang he knew how to find, since he lived above his grandpa´s shop. There also was already a good chance that Joey was there. He was always hanging out with his stupid annoying friends and they usually spent a lot of their time there.

Once there, he noticed that he wasn't very lucky. Joey wasn't there. The only one in the shop was Yugi. Seto waked towards him and grabbed him by his collar, "Where is my pup?"

"Since when do you have a puppy?" Yugi asked, confused as well as a little scarred that Kaiba just pulled him up and looked so furious.

"I mean Joey, of course." Seto said, "And now tell me, where is he?"

Yugi looked at him, still a bit scared, and wondered what had made the usually cool and level-headed Seto Kaiba this mad? Did Joey play a prank on him? Or maybe on Mokuba, since Kaiba usually only went this beserk when Mokuba was involved in something dangerous or at least painful. But Joey loved the little kid and would never do something to Mokuba, so that could be ruled out again right away. But Joey didn't get along as well with the older Kaiba and might have played some really bad prank on him. When they met, it always turned into a war zone before, so this wasn't highly unlikely. "Why do you care?" Yugi asked, afraid that he might get Joey into trouble if he answered Kaiba. "What do you want from my friend?"

"Just tell me! I need to talk to him, NOW!" Seto almost screamed. Wondering why Yugi had to be so complicated and just didn't tell him?

Yugi looked Kaiba right into the eyes, and asked once more, "Why? What do you want to do to him?"

Seto let go of Yugi, who by now looked rather worried than angry. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, because the little worm would never give him what he wanted, if he worried that he might hurt Joey! "I need to talk to him about something. It's important that he hears it as soon as possible. I... I need to... apologize..." Kaiba had a really hard time saying those words. It wasn't like him to apologize, especially not to Joey. Not yet anyway.

Yugi stared at him. Did THE Seto Kaiba just say that he wanted to apologize to JOEY? Yugi thought about it and about the fact that Seto had said it through gritted teeth, and he was still looking pretty pissed. Yugi assumed that it must be a trick! Seto Kaiba would never apologize for anything, unless it was to Mokuba. But what if it wasn't a trick what if something had happened that he really needs to apologize for,Yugi thought. He didn't like to assume the worst of someone. "What for?" He asked, to see if Kaiba might have a reason.

Seto grew more angry by the minute because Yugi was waisting his time. Why did the little guy have to be so god damn complicated? Could he not just give him Joey's address, and be done with it? "That's none of your business! Now tell me for crying out loud! I NEED TO KNOW NOW!"

"No." Came the answer.

"Why not? I NEED to talk to him and set things straight! I CAN'T let it go like that! Please just tell me!"

Yugi stared at Kaba again. Did his ears deceive him, or did the one and only Seto Kaiba just say please? "I can't. He's my friend, and I can't just give his address to anyone who wants it. Especially when it's someone who makes fun of him most of the time, and looks like he is about to murder someone. Sorry. I could tell him something from you, though. I can tell him that you want to apologize, and talk to him. Maybe he will stop by at your mansion at some point."

Seto took yet another deep breath. At least this was better than nothing. He knew it would be impossible to get anything else out of Yugi. He and his friends where crazy, when it came to looking out for one another. And he did have a point, he was always making fun of his puppy. But how else was he to get his attention, away from the geek squad he called friends? But Seto still did want to murder someone too, just not his cute little puppy. He wanted to kill Yugi for not just telling him where he could find Joey.

At least he would get a message through to Joey. But what massage? What was he supposed to tell him? Yugi would know it all too and Seto didn't want him to know anything, until he was together with Joey. "Just tell him that I hadn't seen it until this morning. Please, just make him to talk to me and tell him that I´ll wait for him at the mansion. Please Yugi, I need to talk to him, make him come!"

Yugi's mind was about to explode. Not only did Seto just say please, he was BEGGING now! What had happened? Did hell just freeze over? Seto looked so desperate and helpless, Yugi nearly pitied him, but only nearly. He knew him and feared that it was just a trick. But he still wondered what could make Seto behave this way, if it wasn't a trick after all? What could have happened? What had he missed? "Okay, I'll tell him!"

Seto looked at Yugi one last time, before he left without another word.

Yugi had to find out what was going on and if Joey might be in danger from Kaiba's mourderous wrath. He ran to the phone and called Joey. It took a while before Joey answered. "Hey..." He sounded odd. Had he been crying?

"Hey Joey. You okay?" Yugi asked and was sure that Kaiba must have done something to him already and probably wasn't done.

"Sure, sure. I'm just peachy. What did ya call for?" Joey asked but didn't sound peachy at all.

"Well, I'm supposed to tell you something. I just didn't get what it was about. Did something happen? I mean, with Kaiba? He was here looking for you and looked like he wanted to murder someone and was really pissed, that I didn't want to tell him where to find you."

"It's nothin', just da usual!" Joey said as cheerful as he could but Yugi still could hear the pain in his voice.

"He wanted to apologize he said and he wanted me to tell you, that he didn't see it and you would know what it was. He looked like he was about to kill. What happened between the two of you? "

"It's nothin' really. He looked mourderous, you said? I guess I better shouldn't talk to him then." Joey said, wondering if Kaiba really could be mad at him for being a bit too cheeky in the letter. "But I got to stop talking now, I´m busy at the moment and we can talk more when I'm back."

"Back?" Yugi asked confused. "Back from where?"

"Oh, did I forget to mention it? I'm visitin' my mom and sis in America! Can't wait to see my sis. And a bit of distance from moneybags will be good, too, I think! I'll be back before ya can start missin me!" Joey said cheerfully, even though he worried about visiting his mother for the first time in ages. But she had been the one to invite him, still grateful for the help he gave them with Serenity's eye operation.

"Wanna bet? How long are you going to be gone, Joey?" Yugi asked curious.

"Just for 3 weeks. Don't worry, ya not gonna get rid of me dat easy!" Joey said, getting more excited about visiting his sister.

"And when are you leaving?" Yugi asked, to see how much time he had to talk to Joey before that.

"Tomorrow afternoon. I think da flight is around 3!" Joey answered.

"Okay, will I see you before you leave? Or did you just plan to disappearing on us?" Yugi asked.

"Sorry Yug, there's a lot going on, and I forgot to tell ya. But I still gotta pack. Listen pal, if I get around to it, I'll stop by tonight or tomorrow mornin'." Joey informed Yugi and sounded upset that he might not be able to stop by.

"Okay see you then, hopefully at least." Yugi said, already planning to go to the airport if Joey wouldn't stop by in time.

"See ya." Joey said.

After putting the phone down, Yugi realized that he got distracted by Joey's travel plans and still had no clue what had happened between him and Kaiba! He didn't really mind though, since he could try again when Joey came over or when he would go to the airport to say good bye. There still would be plenty of time and Joey didn't sound too troubled by it, but he had cried at the start.

In the meantime Kaiba reached the mansion. He had his doubts that Joey would come. But he would not be able to hide forever. Kaiba would find him eventually. But what was he supposed to do then? He just hoped that it wouldn't take too long and give Joey time to forget about his feelings for him. Kaiba couldn't even get to him at school, since it was over but at least they both played duel monsters. Kaiba would see him at the next tournament, and if he had to organize one himself, he would! Joey was sure to go to a tournament and somehow Kaiba was sure, that the best way to lure him out was to invite Yugi but not Joey. His blond little pup would take it as a challenge und be unable to ignore that. And even though Joey was nothing more than a third rate duellist, he was that at the least. He was the best after himself and was sure to at least reach the semi-finals and Kaiba knew that he would be able to talk to him then.

Authors Note: Thanks for reading. And I know part of it are strange and it will be even more strange at parts. It is still not my best story but I didn't want to delete the story since it was still getting hits and had some people who had it faved (don't know why but oh well.) So I chose to change it and make it as good as possible.