River Song sat down slowly onto the hard, flat mattress. She couldn't quite believe she was here, she had thought all the way through the arrest, the trial, the conviction and finally the transport to the Stormcage Containment Facility that he would come. She knew he couldn't come, but she still hoped that that impossible man would come for her. She laughed. It was a cold laugh.

Her cell was bare. There was a bookshelf of sorts in one corner and a high series of small windows from which she could see it was raining outside. It was always raining on Stormcage. The only light came from the curving corridor outside of her cell. Striped shadows were cast over all the room. River turned away from the bars. She lay on her back staring at the ceiling; the dull grey paint stared back. She closed her eyes and sighed. They had taken away her hallucinogenic lippy, it pissed her off, but she could always get another one, no it was the TARDIS blue diary that was irreplaceable, and that was goodness knows where. Her eyes welled up, even though they were closed, that was the one thing she treasured above all else. That diary, given to her by him, was her life, her life with the Doctor, how she kept track of where he was on his timeline in comparison to hers, for crying out loud it was how she kept track of him. The spotter's guide was tucked inside so she always knew who he was, whatever he looked like. But more than that, the diary was her memories of her adventures with him, so she would never forget how wonderful he was, so that when she was alone in a dark, cold cell she could comfort herself with the memories of that dear, dear man. Only now she couldn't. A tear leaked from her eye and ran down her chin.

'Don't cry me a river, River' said an all too familiar voice.

River flew upright, eyes wide open staring straight ahead. There he was. Standing in front of her, arms by his sides, looking so desperately sad. His eyes met hers, then they crinkled as he smiled and said 'What a stupid song anyway, cry me a river… it's physically impossible! Unless….' He petered out looking thoughtful.

River leapt off the bunk and threw herself at the Doctor.

'Woah!' he said struggling for breath. 'River, River what's wrong?' he said concerned, holding her face up to his.

'Oh Doctor' River breathed 'I'm just so glad to see you alive!'

He laughed then and the sound filled her up and she smiled too.

'That's better' he said 'My River's always better with a smile on her face…and that's a fact' he tapped her on the nose gently.

'But Doctor, what are you doing here?' River asked backing away fearfully, for if anyone knew he was alive…

'Well erm…the thing is….' he scratched the back of his neck, unsure of quite what to say.

'Yes?' said River

'Well it's erm….well it's our….you know?'

'No I don't know sweetie, you'll have to tell me' said River, she was becoming more like her old self every moment.

'It's our, erm….well… It's our wedding night' whispered the Doctor leaning forward.

'Ohhh' said River

'Oh indeed' said the Doctor awkwardly.

'Well it isn't really' said River pointing out the obvious. It was months since they got married; the trial had stretched out for a long time….

'Well it is for me' he said nervously 'I finally make an effort to meet you in the right order and I still miss' he sighed.

'Only just' said River quietly. 'I haven't seen you since we were wed'

The Doctor looked up at her quickly 'Really?' he asked, that boyish smile coming back on his face.

'Yes' Breathed River coming to stand very close to him. The Doctor swallowed.

'Well..' he started, until River interrupted him

'Although you could hardly call it a wedding'

'What?' he spluttered

'A bowtie wrapped around our hands hardly constitutes a wedding!'

'Now see here…' said the Doctor wagging a finger in her face 'That was a rather special bowtie, my best bowtie, you don't think I was going to die in any old, boring bowtie did you?'

'Oh so you didn't plan on marrying me then did you?' River said angrily

'Of course it wasn't planned it was the only way to shut you up and make you listen and understand you had to kill me!' cried the Doctor

'Shut me up?' yelled River

'Yes!' he said moving in closer to her.

'Yes' he repeated as his lips smothered her protests. The kiss had a slow intensity to it, it burned River, scorching her lips as his began to move against hers. What could she do but melt? She let his mouth explore her own; his tongue flicked out and tasted her top lip even as his teeth playfully nipped her bottom lip. She gasped and withdrew her face from his.

'What's the matter?' he asked petulantly 'Am I a good kisser or not?'

'Oh the best sweetie,' River replied, 'the best. But don't think you can buy me off with a kiss'

'Oh I hoped to win you over with much more' he said flirtily.

River tried her best to ignore him. She said 'My love, I have no idea what sort of ceremony it was, but it was not a wedding'

'It was too a wedding' he protested 'Your parents were there and everything'

'My pare…lets not into that now…' River cut herself off 'I don't want to start a war with you'

'And as for the ceremony, it was a Galifreyan one' added the Doctor

'What?' said River breathlessly.

'It was the ceremony of my people' he said quietly, his eyes grew clouded, the way they always did when he remembered times gone by. 'Granted the official ceremony was a lot more pompous and formal but like I said it was a war zone and I had to do the short version….. plus, I had to improvise with the bowtie….. besides bowties are cool' he said grinning 'We should have used bowties in the first place' he said, River knew that the 'we' her was referring to were the Time Lords. She moved in close so they were touching, she leaned into his ear and whispered 'Thank you'

He leaned back to look at her, his eyes gleamed 'Really?'


'Hahah!' he cried grabbing her in a tight embrace. She kissed him then, passionately.

The doctor held her face in his hands as he kissed her back. Mouths moving over each other they grasped each other tighter and tighter. River could feel his tongue running along her lips; she parted them, allowing him access into her warm, wet mouth. He tasted her, she tasted impossibly like River. She playfully nipped his tongue and encircled it with her own, pushing back into his mouth. They stood there for a long time, locked in each other's embrace, until gasping for breath they pulled apart.

The Doctor surveyed River, she was flushed and her lips were red and swollen and slightly apart as she sucked in lungfulls of air, he had never seen anything so erotic in his many lives. He wanted to take her in his arms and ravish her right there. But that was not what he had planned for this evening.

'River..' he panted 'I… I think we should continue this elsewhere…..'

'You're full of good ideas my love' she replied 'where to?'

'I have somewhere perfect in mind' he said.