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Secret Santa
~ Day One ~

The cold weather began to nip at the windows of the tenth division, as the small taicho walked through the wooden hallways, tugging his haori to hug tighter on his shoulders. His body shivered slightly, despite the fact that his zampaktuo was aligned to coldness, for despite this fact, his small body was not built the same as the ice dragon.

His breath came out in a misty puff, and finally he got to the tenth division offices, where he opened up the door to be greeted by the warmth of the room. Quickly, he closed the door, his cheeks reddening as the blood rushed back in. With light steps he began to walk over to his desk.

Two teal eyes took the chance to glance over at Matsumoto Rangiku, pausing as he did so. The woman was actually leaning over her desk, looking through various papers. The boy sat down at his desk, wondering how many pieces of paper he would be having to complete himself, only to suddenly glance down at his desk.

A package was sitting on the matt, the paper a metallic green color and the red ribbon curled at the top. An envelope was sitting next to the package, and he picked up the envelope, a look of confusion spreading on his face. The envelope was addressed simply as this …To Hitsugaya Toshiro …From a Secret Santa.

Glancing back up at the busty female, the small voice spoke up. "Matsumoto, do you know anything about this?"

Her pale blue eyes glanced up suddenly. "I didn't notice that there was something on your desk when I came in."

"Are you positive you don't know anything about this?" The boy frowned at her, and then shook his head, opening up the envelope. He read the inner contents of the envelope. "This is a Christmas present for you. Unlike other Christmas presents, you are supposed to open a Secret Santa present when you get it."

"I don't know anything about what is on your desk. Maybe you have a secret admirer." Rangiku let out a chuckle, amusement playing over her face.

Toshiro's face suddenly twisted up. "Rangiku, is that what Secret Santa is about? If it is about some girl trying to flirt with me, I don't want anything to do with it."

Matsumoto's eyes suddenly went wide and she stood up, moving over to the small taicho's desk. She leaned over his shoulders and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Secret Santa could be from anyone you know actually. It doesn't have to be from a secret admirer."

"It isn't from you then?" The boy shook his head, confusion written all over his face.

"Well…" Rangiku paused for a few minutes. "The point of a Secret Santa is that you aren't supposed to know who it is that is giving you the gift. You are supposed to guess, but not know until the person reveals it to you." There was another pause of silence. "Also, I am not your Secret Santa. I wish I had come up with the idea to do this though."

Toshiro frowned, picking up the package, wondering what he was supposed to do. The female let out a deep sigh, then spoke up. "You're supposed to open the present now, you know."

Two small, nimble hands began to unwrap the package, and then deftly removed the item, his eyes suddenly going wide upon seeing the wooden object. His mouth opened slightly. "A wooden puzzle…"

"Ehh…" Matsumoto glanced at the puzzle. "I see that as something you would like."

"I don't understand why anyone would want to give me a gift. I don't think anyone should be spending their hard earned money on me like this." The boy muttered, leaning forward, his cheek in hand while he twisted the puzzle about.

"The puzzle toy is something that likely didn't cost much… but chances are you'll likely receive a few more gifts until Christmas time." Rangiku smiled, her hair tickling his face as he suddenly sat straight up again.

"But…" A horrified look was on his face. "I don't think…"

"Taicho. Who ever is giving you this gift honestly thinks that you are worth going to this much trouble for. It isn't a bad thing… though I can understand why you are confused about the whole thing."