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So, here is cowboy/footballward and Brilliant Bella.

Everybody Dies Famous in a Small Town

Chapter 1

Raw Raw Ree, kick 'em in the knee! Raw Raw Rass, I want to kick these bitches in the ass. These skanks are the most annoying people on the planet with their high squeaky, "let's go tigers," voices and their overly short blue pleated cheerleading skirts. Cheerleaders are the damn bane of my existence, especially Alice Brandon.

She's all of five feet two inches and has shiny black hair that hangs at her chin in the oh so perfect little bob. And everyone thinks she's perfect too. She comes across as little miss do gooder. Yeah, she's a do gooder alright, good at getting the whole football team off on Friday and Saturday nights and walking in like Suzie Freaking Sunshine at church on Sunday. She even teaches the toddlers Sunday school class at the United Method Church of Brilliant. Freaking fake as hell whore is what she is.

I sound bitter, but it's only because she was my best friend until our eighth grade year, then she made the cheerleading squad and became the super bitch that she is. She ignored me, and also laughed and made fun of me to her new so called friends, AKA, "The Whoreleaders." They lead the whores of the school and soon enough Alice was right there with them as Captain Whoreleader. She's a stupid cunt and I'm glad she's out of my life.

She's supposedly dating Jasper Whitlock, who is also a member of the football team, number 39 to be exact. Yeah, imagine that captain of the cheerleading squad dating a football player. Freaking shocking. He doesn't seem to mind that his girlfriend messes around with his football buddies. It's a completely jacked up relationship they have and I really try to stay the hell out of her business. I just wish she would do the same with mine.

Instead she still likes to ridicule me for my economic background or lack thereof. I think this pisses me off the most because she knows how sensitive I've always been about this. My mother Renee died when I was only seven years old and so I've only had my daddy Charlie since then. He's just your typical low class blue collar worker in this little historical mining town. He works his ass off for our community to stay in business is what he does. He helps keep her in her posh little four bedroom white house with the matching picket fence in the yard. Yet, the bitch wants to make fun of me and him for it.

One thing is for certain though; Alice and I will never be friends again. It'd be a cold day in fucking hell before that happens.

I let out a loud angry sigh that my best friend and the reason I'm here, Kate thankfully mistakes for boredom as she gives me a sympathetic smile. Yeah, that little smile is not getting her ass out of this. She owes me big time for this shit and she knows it too.

I'm still not sure why I let Kate talk me in to coming here tonight. Well, that's bull shit actually. She's crushing on the tight end, Garrett, and I'm the exceptional, can't say no when she pulls the best friend card, sucker sitting right here beside her at a damn Brilliant High School football game in the big town of Brilliant, Alabama.

No shit, the name of our town is Brilliant and it's obviously not named after the village idiots that live here.

So, now here I sit, freezing my bony little behind off, bored out of my mind and wishing I could be anywhere but here as I pull my tiny black leather jacket closer to me. It belonged to my mother and it's my favorite thing that I have left of her. Daddy told me that she wore it all of the time when they first met and he knew that I would love it just as much.

I look just like her he says and from the pictures I have of her, I have to agree a little bit. Even though I have Daddy's same dark chocolate eyes, I have her same long brown hair that gets a little wild and crazy in the southern humidity. I also have her nose and chin that juts out from time to time in defiance and self-preservation. A constant reminder from her in heaven to keep my chin up. That's what I like to think anyway.

I don't allow myself to get sad as it's too loud at this stupid football game. I swear our community prides itself on our football team. That's all they seem to focus on, thus proving the fact that our town is lacking in brilliance. We'll unless you listen to Coach Banner, because he genuinely believes that the town name came from our "brilliant football team." No shit.

They are all dumbasses here and I'm just dying to get away, but leaving here at the end of next semester is nothing more than a sad pipe dream. I'll never get away from here and the Alice Brandon's of the world. I have to stay and help Charlie out. That's my job, the consummate caretaker.

Sure he's told me and even encouraged me to get out of this town and chase after my dreams of becoming a nurse. Ever since mom's death, I've wanted to be the one to help take care of the sick. My mother had the most amazing nurse named Anne and she forever changed my life and made me want to be just like her someday. It's sadly something that I know will never happen. When Mom died, I made a promise to myself and to her that I would always watch over him and take care of him and I fully intend to honor that promise. So, if that means working as a waitress at the local diner all of my life, then so be it.

Kate leans over to me and asks me if I'm alright. She knows what this look on my face means by now, that I'm thinking of my mother again. They say it gets easier with time, but that's pretty much bull. I had to grow up at too young of an age and now I'm just an old soul roaming the halls of a high school that I really don't belong in and outgrew years ago.

"I'm fine Kate, really. Just watch the game and that cute little tight end that you are lusting after. I gotta admit, he does look pretty damn good in those football pants." I try to divert her attention from me, back to the reason why we're here, freezing our asses off at a damn high school Friday night football game.

It obviously works because she's once again slobbering on herself over number twenty three again. He's cute enough, but I'm really not that interested in boys, especially none of the moron's here. Our school is mostly comprised of your typical jocks and their groupies. Yes, sadly our football players have their own groupies, like they are some professional football player.

They play for an AA team for crying out loud. However, they are considered gods among men here and it makes me want to vomit. The alleged "hero's" of this town will never leave, as they would be nobodies if they did. They are royalty and their parents were royalty before them. That's the way it works in small towns, because everybody dies famous in a small town. Especially the Brandon's, the royal family of Brilliant. Which makes me hate Alice even more.

She never gets in trouble for anything and never will, because her dad is the only one that makes any money in our little town. He's a big shot lawyer in the city and is only home on the weekends. Mrs. Brandon loves it because she has her little flings during the week with Mr. Newton while he's away and I'm sure he's no saint while he's not home either. Everyone just turns their head, because they think our town couldn't function without them.

It seems the apple didn't fall far from the whore tree with Alice, like mother, like daughter, as that's what she does a lot of. The only person she hasn't sunk her mouth on is Edward Cullen and even though she acts as if he's a nobody, because, just like me, he's poor too, I know it kills her that he won't give her the time of day.

Don't get me wrong, Edward's extremely popular, but that's probably only because he's the quarterback for our precious fucking tigers. His dad left him and his mom when we were in junior high and now she has to work as a cashier at the Wal-Mart a town over.

Edward is like me in the sense that he doesn't ask nor want anyone's pity. He works hard in school and will probably be our Valedictorian. He doesn't go out to parties on the weekends and neither do I. Instead he works at the local sporting goods store, stocking shelves on the weekends, to help out his mother. He's a good guy and insanely attractive, but he's still a dip shit from Brilliant and I don't date guys from Brilliant. We're actually not even friends. I basically have Kate and that's it.

Kate is mildly popular and has that girl next door cuteness to her with her long blonde hair that has the perfect natural wave in it, without spending hours with a curling iron on it. The Whoreleaders are all jealous of her, because she's just an effortless beauty and it goes deep into the inside as well. She's the nicest person at our school and has been voted as such by the entire school, for the past three years. I'm pretty fortunate to have her as a friend and she's loyal to a fault and will never let anyone talk shit about me or anyone else for that matter.

I'm sad as hell too, because Kate will be leaving me to go to college in Mississippi next fall. I'm trying not to dwell on that too much, because we still have several months before that happens, and obviously, several more Friday night football games as well. Oh freaking joy, and oh yeah, Go Tigers! Yeah, now I'm really nauseous, school spirit and I will never go hand in hand.

I stare out at the field and it takes all of one point two seconds before I find him, Mr. unbelievably perfect, yet imperfect, Cullen. I once again have to remind myself that he's just another football player and he means shit to me. My only concerns are graduating and finding a way to help support Charlie. That's it, but he sure is nice to look at.

I don't have to be close to know that he has a brilliant, pun intended, shade of green eyes and under that football helmet is a sweaty head of beautiful bronzed colored hair that most girls would love to run their fingers through, but would never admit it, because, he's a Cullen and he's poor and considered white trash, like me. He's sorta perfect though, but like I said, I don't need a distraction and I certainly don't need a boy in my life. That would just be drama that I don't need. I don't want to be the famous one of this small town. I'll leave that to our heroic, excuse me while I laugh my ass off, boys on the football field.

It's not even half time and I'm already trying to plan my escape, but sadly, I know I'll be stuck here in Friday night light's hell for the rest of the damn football season, because my best friend is in lust and knows that I'll never make her go alone. It's going to be a long and cold season.

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