This is a new Pokemon journey which will include all of the old characters from the show. However, it is centered on original characters, and an original tournament called the Master's Tourney.

Home Isn't Where the Heart Is

Cheers pulsed through the crowd as Micah battled for the chance to be the champion of the Indigo League. The air was warm and sweat dripped down his right brow; the time had come for him to prove his skills as a Pokémon Master. Five Pokémon were down on each side, and he knew which pokeball he would be reaching for, his trusted fire type that had won him so many battles in the past. He pulled his hood over the top of his head, dead focused on a victory and reached for his pokeball. Go-

"MICAH! Where are you?" called his dad Shane from a floor below.

Micah cursed under his breath, and mumbled loud enough for his father to hear, "I'm coming dad, calm down."

It was warm outside—summer now. Micah jumped down from his bed and looked out his window; in the deep distance, through the shadowy haze he could see the snow capped peaks of Mount Moon. He stared, fog filling up the window. Why couldn't his dream be real? He was going to stop daydreaming and be a Pokémon Master, or at least make it to the Indigo League. That was his dream, to make the Indigo League and show his parents Pokémon weren't a waste of time and too dangerous for him to train.

Confidence boiled inside; he was going to go on his Pokémon journey, and his parents could not stop him. But first he needed to get a bite to eat; daydreaming can make you hungry after all.

He pulled his face off the grey window, leaving a perfect imprint of his imperfections. He turned on the spot and walked out of his room. He was going to strut downstairs and explain it all to his parents. But he had to wash his face and hands first. His mom might get mad if he wasn't clean for supper.

He reached the bathroom and looked straight into the mirror; his dark blue eyes studied the glass like it was a portal to the future. As usual his hair was a mess, brown strands plummeting left and right out of his scalp. Not too long though, he hated when it covered his eyes.

He turned on the faucet and splashed the warm water on his face; it was always soothing to feel it up against his scar. He remembered it like it was yesterday; the first time he had laid eyes on a Pokémon, he was attacked and clawed across his eye. To this day, thirteen years later, he still had the scar, a fresh memory of the past. For some reason he liked it though, and he never had any hard feelings, after all he was near the mother's babies. He always felt like his scar made him different, but it also changed his future for the worse.

He shut off the faucet and reached the staircase. He took a deep breath, threw on his black hood and whispered, "They will listen, they have to this time!"

He reached the bottom of the stairs and slowly walked into the kitchen; he lost his courageous gait and now was slumping like a depressed rag doll. He pulled out his chair and sat down next to his father while his mother Christi and older brother Nathan sat across the table.

His mother huffed, "What took you so long Micah?"

Micah rolled his eyes, "I had to wash up."

His mother nodded her head in approval, but it didn't seem to impress his father who just shook his head in disgust. "Did you finish looking over those college applications yet?"

Before Micah could answer, Nathan jutted in laughing, "Of course he didn't. All he wants to do is be a 'Pokémon Master'."

Micah threw down his fork: he wasn't hungry anymore. He stood up and yelled, "Listen, just because all of you are doctors doesn't mean I want to be one. I'm fifteen. Why do I have to look at colleges when everyone is already off on their journeys? As it is I'm five whole years behind."

Micah's dad's face turned tickle me pink to burnt red to plum purple in a matter of seconds. He too stood up and screamed, "Pokémon are a waste of time. Where will you get money? Where will you live? Don't think your mother and I are going to give you money to start with this nonsense. You're staying here in Saffron City and interning under me to become a doctor!"

Micah's face felt hot and his scar pricked with hate. He turned to his mom, eyes filling with water. She quickly stood up and gave her older son a dirty look. She motioned to her husband to calm down and said, "Listen Micah, you're too young to make your own decisions. Pokémon are too dangerous anyway; you know firsthand." She reached her hand out to touch his scar but Micah had had enough.

He stared at his mom, then his dad, then his brother and cried, "Fine, don't support me. Pop said he would give me a few bucks to start on my journey. I'm going to his house tomorrow morning to see what he says. I don't really care what you guys want anymore, since you clearly don't care what I want!" He lowered his voice to a squeak and mumbled, "I'm going to pack. Don't bother to try changing my mind."

Micah stormed back up the stairs, eyes watering but still proud of his accomplishment. He may have been leaving on the wrong note but at least he was leaving to a better life.

When he got back in his room he closed and locked his door, assuming his parents would come raging up after him. He wiped his eyes and pulled out his backpack from under his bed. It was blue with silver trim and held a lot more than you would expect. Then Micah began to rip out his clothes from his closet: shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas and he of course was wearing his lucky sweatshirt. It was all black with light blue and grey thread lining the ends of the arms and hood, and on the back his name was sewn in a large font.

He finished packing in a few minutes. He had been dreaming of this day for years so he already had known he wouldn't be able to pack too much. He threw in some other small personal items and then decided to go to bed early since he wanted to get up and leave before his parents had even woken. It took him a few hours to fall asleep, but he fell into a deep, deep dream.

The sun sank low in the distance. Pidgey and Pidgeotto chirped throughout the trees. In front of the dense forest was a small lake that bordered a soft, smooth prairie. It was downtrodden, perfectly flat from years and years of being walked on. He was standing in the midst of small, almost nature-made battlefield. He looked up across the short grassy plain and saw an opponent—it was his brother Nathan. He focused his eyes and then it was his father. He shook his head and the figure morphed into his mother. It was everyone that didn't believe in him.

His opponent stepped forward and said, "One on one battle. You win, you earn my blessing."

Micah craned his neck sideways, not knowing how to handle this ultimatum. But he figured it was worth a try so he called back, "Fine, let's battle!"

His opponent only laughed and reached in his pocket. He pulled out a pokeball and screamed, "Arceus, I choose you!"

Micah's jaw dropped when he saw Arceus materialize out of the red film. He had never heard of Arceus, let alone seen one. Maybe it was a Pokémon foreign to Kanto. He stiffened his neck, took a deep breath, and reached in his pocket, wondering what Pokémon he was holding. Maybe the electric type Zapdos, or the extremely rare Mew?

He threw on his hood, gazed directly at his brother/mother/father and fished for his pokeball, which he found, clipped to his belt.

He closed his eyes, threw out the pokeball and screamed, "I choose you!"

The red light streamed out of the ball fading into the shape of a…Magikarp. Micah's eyes flew open. He was carrying the weakest of all Pokémon, how could he beat that Arceus thing? He gaped at the little orange fish in the water yelling, 'karp, karp, karp!'

His opponent laughed louder and snickered, "Arceus: Judgment."

Light glowed around Arceus—he radiated such power. Before Micah could do anything, Arceus shot a ray of such strength the earth trembled and Magikarp was shot down, lying passed out in the water. One attack had defeated him.

Micah awoke with a startle. Reciting to himself 'It was only a dream, it was only a dream.' But he had been shaken by it, real badly. It was like all his worries came true in one battle. He lost the battle, and his parents respect.

But he couldn't let that stop him.

He pulled down his covers and neatly remade his bed. He stopped and looked at his room, and thought to himself this could be my last time in here. That cheered him up. He took off his pajamas and put on his favorite hoodie, along with a pair of white washed jeans and his black and white sneakers. Checking his bag one last time he exited his room, opening the door to his new future.

When he arrived downstairs none of the lights were on. It was eerie seeing his house for the last time, but at the same time it made his insides jump for joy. As he reached the front door to turn the knob he heard a sob behind his back. It was his mom. He had tried to leave early to avoid this exact situation but he almost knew it would happen. He turned his head to his mom and asked, "Are you okay?"

She sobbed in her hands, "No. I messed up. We should have let you go years ago. It's clear your accident had no negative effect on you." She wiped her eyes and smiled, "Good luck. Your father won't be happy, but if you're happy then I'm happy." She reached next to her and handed Micah a small bag, "Here, it's enough food for at least a week and some money and…well you'll see." She sprung up, looking happier by the second. "I called your grandfather; he's expecting you by noon. I'll be cheering for you."

She handed him the bag and hugged him. He suddenly felt much stronger. He would prove to his father and brother he could train hard at something other than medicine.

He turned back toward the door. "Thanks. I'll be in touch."