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Draco stared into the slightly cracked mirror in the abandoned toilets. He failed to notice Amy, who was behind him and watching him through the door. He placed a hand on his head, ran his hand through his light hair and rubbed his eyes.

"I never wanted to be like this, I'm mean because no one else never seems to have time to actually care about me, me as a person, I never wanted my parents to be Death Eaters", he muttered to himself.

"No one understands me",he added in a whisper.

Amy's mouth was agape as she watched a single tear roll from his eye. The tear was hot against Draco's cheek, and he quickly rubbed it away, he couldn't cry. Crying was a sign of weakness, an unforgivable sign of weakness that he would be looked down upon for.

He looked at himself in the mirror again before turning around on his heels. Amy gasped, and just managed to move away. Thankfully, he didn't notice her, he just strode away like nothing had happened. She turned around, and began walking away, wondering what to make of it all. Amy wanted to hug him and say it was ok, but she couldn't of course, he'd think her a freak anyway. Also, why would she want to hug him, he has been mean to her since she met him...but now she saw the reason why. She wondered for a moment, was the fact he had received no love or kindness meant that he did not give it?

Amy arrived at the Gryffindor common room a while later. She spoke the password,

"Gryps vulgaris", to the Fat Lady and entered. A few people smiled, including the Weasley twins whom she loved for their humor. However, she did not smile back, she walked to straight to Harry, Ron and Hermione to get they're view on this.

She sat down on an armchair next to Ron and shuffled nervously,

"Guys...I followed Draco to the abandonded toilets...and I saw him crying...". Harry and Ron almost laughed, Hermione managed not to,

"And that involves us how?". Amy frowned,

"Well...he said he didn't want to be that way...". Ron snorted and Harry laughed aloud. Hermione just smiled at Amy. It was that sort of 'don't be silly' smile that Amy hated.

"Really Amy? You believe him? After all he's said". Amy frowned,

"B-B-But...I just thought...". Ron suddenly looked angry,

"Amy, don't be stupid, Draco is an evil bastard, end of". Hermione gasped at his language, Harry looked Amy to see her reaction.

She couldn't find words to reply to Ron, instead walked away, up to the girls dormitory's at too her bed. She sighed, maybe she could try. It was weird to see Draco acting the way he did, it was weird for anyone to act like that, so she was going to try.

Ron sighed as Hermione glared at him,

"What? I was only saying the truth Hermione...". Still, he knew he had hurt Amy slightly. He got up,

"Might as well go to bed now anyway, coming Harry?". Harry got up and after Ron went, he looked at Hermione.

"Check Amy is ok when you go up?", he asked her. Hermione nodded, she was going to stay up another half an hour and start Snape's homework.

When she had got half way through, she decided go to bed. When she got to the dormitory, she noticed the curtians on Amy's bed was closed. She couldn't hear her say or do anything, so presumed she was asleep. Hermione got dressed into bed clothes and soon got into bed and fell asleep.

However, Amy was awake. Silently thinking about Draco, and her plan to prove he was want to change. Her plan wasn't at all genius, but it could work. Deep down in her heart, she felt for Draco. Although she had never had any real trouble in her life, she could imagine would it would be like for him.

Amy was going to change Draco. Or at least try.