"Well, that seemed fairly simple," Edward Elric commented as he surveyed his work, hands on his hips. He stared at the massive pile of gray vampire flesh that he had constructed. For some reason there was way more flesh in this pile than there ever was attached to the vampire, which went against the Laws of Alchemy, but Ed decided that since this was the land of fanfiction and the author was high on her own imagination anyway, he would tolerate it and possibly not question it all too much.

The girls in the Cullen stands had gone eerily silent ever since their hysterical scream attack when theirbeloved icon had exploded all over the field. The Risembool Rangers were restless and muttering, as if sensing an oncoming storm. Even the die-hard fans were silent, leaving Dark fluttering aimlessly above the stands. He'd finished being the ladies man and had a serious look on his face.

Behind the Cullen stands, Emmet turned to Alice. "Did you see that coming?" he asked, not really concerned about the fate of his so-called "brother."

Alice had a contemplating look on her face. "No, actually, I didn't. They're here." She gestured over to the Elric stands. Next to them, a group of tan skinned shirtless men stood, their grim faces contrasting sharply against their lovingly linked hands. When the giant mound of flesh began burning, they began dancing happily together, putting on an amazing impromptu dance number for the Risembool Rangers, who sat looking very confused. Pinako however whistled in the awkward silence and threw kiss-hands at the dancers.

"Thank you, lovely lady," one of them said, bowing deeply. Pinako smiled her old lady smile at him and folded her second, third, and fourth fingers into her palm and stuck her thumb into her ear, waggling her pinkie finger.

"Call me!" she mouthed, sitting back down. Everyone stared. Somebody in the front row made cricket noises. It was Envy.

Ed moved away from the giant bonfire as it flared up into the sky, sending purple smoke everywhere. The smell got into his nose and burned his lungs. "Disgusting," he muttered, moving farther back and throwing a cautious glance back at the Cullen stands. The freakish silence of their numbers unnerved him. It was like they were all communicating mentally or something. Ed drew his arm over his mouth to ward off the stench and moved back towards the stands.

"Glad that's over," he murmured, looking back at the pyre. The smoke wasn't even a pretty purple; it was a sickening, nauseating kind of color that looked as bad as it smelled. Some of the Rangers started to whiff it too, but they held strong and covered their noses with aluminum foil.

"What's up with them?" Winry whispered, pointing at the stands way over the field. Ed looked to his right and saw her twisting her left bang strand worriedly. "Why aren't they, you know, doing anything?"

"ATTENTION," a voice boomed over the grass. The Twilight fans slowly looked up as a collective unit, their faces tightened into grim lines. A shiny, expensive helicopter droned into sight, its rotor blades flashing in the sunlight. "YOU HAVE TERMINATED MY ONE TRUE LOVE AND THE ONLY SPARKLEPIRE WORTHY OF MY LOVE," the voice continued. Dark sighed and flopped into the stands to let his fangirls massage his shoulders. Whiz popped into his bunny form and nuzzled up to them in his cuteness.

"Oh, it's just that Mary Sue," a Ranger commented, finally drawing a reaction from the Twilight fans. They hissed together, like some kind of giant, thousand headed hydra.

"Bella Swan," they started chanting, in a kind of deep tone that was probably due to the only male Twilight fan occupying several megaphones. "Bella Swan, Bella Swan, Bella Swan…"

"Hey! No fair!" somebody began freaking out in the top row of Elric fans. "They can't just start chanting! Come on guys!" The Risembool Rangers began to sing in harmony; "True Light."

"Hey, my theme song!" Dark purred silkily as everyone began singing. The shirtless tan men looked confused at the song, making hesitant steps in random directions as if unsure of how to dance. Pinako jumped down from the stands and began tangoing with them.

The swell of voices grew louder. Eventually the Twilighters were screaming, "Bella Swan! Bella Swan!" while the Rangers were yelling in Japanese back at them. Eventually an air horn sounded from the shiny helicopter and everybody shut up.


"He desecrated the name of Edward," Rosé answered, her voice loud and solemn as that of a priest. "You and he shall be punished for playing this little game and broadcasting it, first in print, and then in film, across the world."

"NOW THAT EDWARD IS DEAD, I HAVE NO REASON TO LIVE!" the helicopter shrieked and started tipping back and forth. "Miss Swan!" the pilots voice rang out. "Please be calm-"


Armstrong shifted slightly and looked offended. "This has gone too far," he proclaimed. "Not only has that vampire tried to steal my iconic sparkles, but now this lady is stealing my loud, booming voice as well! This cannot be tolerated!" He made a fist and sparkle power shot out of it. It missed the helicopter by a mile. Olivier Milla Armstrong sniffed at her brother.

"Your strength does you nothing without aim, Brother," she spat in disapproval before returning to her arm wrestling match with Izumi. Armstrong glared at her and the Alphonse, who was staring at him.

"B-but you never miss…?" Al said, turning into his chibi forme. Armstrong sparkled at him and turned away. "Brother!" Al turned, seeing his brother silently arguing with Winry, jerking his eyebrows at her. She was jerking her eyebrows even more jerkily than he was, fuming. Al didn't really care what they were arguing about, but it looked heated, so he tossed a kitten between them to soften them up.

"Blargh!" Ed blarghed as the kitten dug itself into his braid. "Al, remove the cat!" he commanded, dancing erratically back and forth to dislodge it. The kitten hissed, bared its teeth, and clung even more tightly to his braid. Winry watched, disappointed.

The helicopter above their heads continued droning on with the quick thwip thwip thwip of its rotor blades. The Twilighters were still staring at the shiny piece of technology, immersed in their own thoughts. There was awkward silence, broken only by the hissing kitten and the hissing alchemist who was busy trying to remove the kitten.

There was the screeching of a microphone, and everyone covered their ears. It stopped quite quickly though, and soon someone was heard speaking.

"Hello everyone," the cultured, educated voice flowed through the air. The Risembool Rangers froze, some of the female ones starting to get a crazy look in their eyes.

"Tama-chan?" a voice was heard, distantly, as though a few steps away from the person with the mike. The voice was cute, childish, and growing in volume. "What are you doing? Can I see?"

"Honey-senpai, give me back my mike!" The first voice spoke again, energetic. There was silence, then: "Hi again. I'm very sorry for the little interruption we had there, but we're good to go now! This is Tamaki Suoh, speaking on behalf of the Host Club."

And the squee-ing began. Clusters of Risembool Rangers stood up, vying to see where the sound was coming from. One of them pointed and shouted, "Over there!" They all looked. It was a giant speaker.

"Oh, very good!" the voice praised. "But I'm not crazy enough to reveal my location to –" The voice broke off as a gigantic television set was rolled onto the grass in front of the bleachers. The screen flickered, then showed a picture of a group of young men dressed completely in camouflage, surrounded by bushes. The Rangers went mental.

Meanwhile, back on the Twilight side, the fans had gotten over their helicopter-high and had decided to see what their mortal enemies were up to. "Why do they get a TV?" one of them hollered. Right after this, the helicopter zoomed in close to the Twi-stands and just barely avoided decapitating the top row of fans. But just barely.

"There's no point in living now that Edward Cullen is dead," the helicopter had a new voice, silky smooth and not at all suicidal, clumsy, or pale. It wasn't even Mary Sue. It was completely, utterly, and quite interestingly normal. The voice went on. "Bella sees no point in living; why should you?"

"Oh yes, I planned for this a long time," Tamaki Suoh went on, oblivious to anything not as shiny as himself. His fangirls stared at the screen in disbelief. Tamaki started saying something else, but a fangirl ran up to the screen and sobbed hysterically.

"Tamaki, I thought you were such a good person!" she cried, tears flowing down her face. On the screen, Tamaki looked stricken.

"Oh, Kyoya, what have we done?" he asked plaintively.

"Well, it appears that our clientele has come to the conclusion that you no longer care for their feelings. Our revenue will decrease greatly." Somewhere off screen, Kyoya shifted his ever-present glasses and looked pointedly at his "leader". Sometimes he wondered whether Tamaki's brain was up to par with his actions. It often seemed like his brain caught up with him after he had tangled himself into some petty difficulty.

"Senpai, shouldn't you just get on with it?" a girl's voice monotone over the screen. Next to Ed, Winry stiffened and looked around.

"Haruhi?" she asked.

"Oh hey, Winry," Haruhi continued to monotone, somehow sounding more interesting than the droning voice of Bella Swan. A camouflaged mass of fake greenery shoved into the screen. "How're you doing?"

Before this extremely interesting female-to-female exchange could happen, the helicopter intervened. The Twilighters had risen from their stands and were massing, forming a collective unit. As one, they raised their heads and scented the air. Their eyes slowly fell upon the Risembool Rangers, who eyed them warily. Feral grins crept onto their faces, strongly contrasting the general paleness, clumsiness, and unathleticness that seemed to define them.

"Seriously," Edward Elric commented on the author's choice of words. "How come the people in her school found any of that attractive?"

"Sig'd never have settled for such a wimpy, useless wife!" Izumi bellowed. "Right, honey?" Sig grunted agreement.

"Look at them, completely devoid of vitamin D." Dr. Knox rose momentarily above the swell of Rangers.

The Twilighters began advancing on the Rangers.

"Quick, turn the TV around!" Tamaki commanded. "We need to see what's going on!" The werewolves turned the ginormous TV easily.

A huge army of sun-deprived teenagers spread over the field. Glitter started to fly. Plastic fangs were introduced to their dental structures. Red and gold contact lenses slipped over blue, gray, green, and brown eyes. Purple eyes, however, stayed that way because of their epicness, and also because people believed that creating an OC for Twilight with purple eyes was somehow original.

"Oh joy. Looks like this'll turn into a party." Jean Havoc walked down the aisles, his cigarette hanging stubbornly out of his mouth. He turned to Ed, who was staring at the army with a disgusted, bemused look on his face. "Let it begin, Fullmetal."

"Alright. But only after Al removes this cat." Ed pointed at his head. The tabby kitten remained as stubbornly on his head as if stuck with Super-Glue.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Al replied. "It might get scared and scratch you."

"Okay fine!" Edward Elric jumped up dramatically and pointed at the army. The kitten swayed. "Risembool Rangers! Our enemy is advancing! Time to show what you're made of!"

The Risembool Rangers rallied at the cry of their kitten-crested leader. All of them leapt downwards, causing a slight pileup of bodies at the bottom of the stands as the slower ones were overtaken. This of course caused a huge debate over whose shoe was whose, and Dark had his hands full handling the scuffles that subsequently broke out.

"Wonder why they're so touchy today?" Winry asked, polishing over her wrench. Ed eyed it misgivingly.


"Oh god…" It had just dawned on everyone not related to Armstrong's training program that everyone behind him was much buffer than everyone else. "How many pushups did you make them do?"

Alas, this question was never to be answered. The battle began. Everyone fought viciously, and the stakes were high. Even Dracula grabbed a stake and went stab-happy with it, befriending Envy in the process. Their vows of eternal friendship were beautiful and heartfelt and lovely and made all the more emotional battlers cry.

Eventually though, everyone was done beating up on everyone else and they all decided to eat pocky together. Except all the Twilighter's pocky was flavored with a mind-numbing powder that made them promise loyalty to the Melon Lords forever. And thus the Twilighters were vanquished and the Risembool Rangers had some really good pocky.