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Illusions of the Sun


Shinichi sat at one of the long, banquet tables that had been set up on one side of the school's assembly room, feeling somewhere between awkward and disappointed. The awkwardness came from the fact that everyone else in the room seemed to be wearing odd costumes. He'd heard something about a theme, but he hadn't realized that meant that extended to what you were supposed to wear. So naturally he and Kaito stuck out like sore thumbs. The magician didn't care, but Shinichi couldn't help but feel like they had made some kind of mistake. As for the disappointment…

Well, he hadn't known what to expect when they'd come, but this wasn't really it. There was food, naturally, but other than that people mostly just clumped together with their friends like they did every other day and chatted or squeezed onto the crowded dance floor where they proceeded to sway together like some amebic creature. He'd always thought dancing was supposed to be an art, but he couldn't see it here.

Then again, just looking at all those people packed together into one space was enough to make him feel mildly ill.

On top of that the music was too loud and he was beginning to get a headache.

At least the decorations were interesting to look at.

"You don't look like you're having much fun."

Shinichi looked up from the cup of what tasted like colored sugar water he'd been slogging through to find Kaito giving him a worried look that made him feel guilty.

"I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to be doing," he said in answer to the question he could see in the magician's eyes.

Kaito, who had just returned from a circuit around the assembly room after happily munching his way through a third of the chocolate cake, cast a glance from his companion to the dance floor and back. "I'm guessing you wouldn't want to join them."

Shinichi shuddered. "Not particularly, no."

"Well, they've set up some games in the corner over there under the stuffed dragon on the wall. Would you like to go play?"

Shinichi turned to look towards said stuffed dragon. It was large and purple and had been mounted on the wall right beside the huge, black speakers. "I would, but I think I might go deaf."

"It is a bit loud," Kaito agreed with a rueful smile. He watched Shinichi wrinkle his nose as he took another sip of his punch before reaching over and taking the cup from him. "Here, I'll finish that."

"You don't have to."

"I don't mind. And you make drinking it look like torture."

The oracle huffed a little but didn't argue. "They told me it was fruit juice," he grumbled by way of explanation. "But I can't taste any fruit in it at all. And it's too sweet."

The magician chuckled, tossing the now empty cup into the trash can and grabbing Shinichi's hand to pull him onto his feet. "Come on."

Shinichi blinked in confusion. "Where are we going?"




"Are we leaving?"


"But there's nothing outside."


The lawn in front of the assembly room was ringed with bushes that had been adorned with colorful streamers and lights by the enthusiastic decoration committee. Originally part of the event was to be held outdoors, but the weather had turned out to be a little too cold for it. Shinichi only noticed the chill for a moment however before a puff of warm air slid around him like an invisible, weightless cloak.

Kaito led them out onto the lawn. As he walked, the lights strung through the bushes grew brighter, casting a rainbow glow over the grass. Shinichi frowned but decided not to say anything this time. It wasn't very likely anyone would notice a few overly bright lights after all.

Kaito let go of his hand once they had reached the center of the lawn and turned to face him. Holding his gaze, the magician took a step back and bowed, offering Shinichi his hand again as his smile grew.

Bemused, Shinichi took the proffered hand. "What are you up to?"

Kaito straightened, drawing him closer in the same motion. Catching Shinichi's other hand, he placed it on his shoulder before letting his own drop to the oracle's waist.

"Well, they did say this was a dance," he explained as he did so. "This being our first time at one and all, it wouldn't be right if we didn't dance at least once, now would it?"

"And when did you learn how to dance?" Shinichi asked, confused.

"I looked it up after school yesterday when you were researching new recipes at the library."

"Oh, so that's what you were doing. I thought you just wanted to get away from all the cookbooks."

Kaito snorted, then tugged on their clasped hands. "The music's not quite right, but the beat will do. Just follow my lead."

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Shinichi couldn't help but ask, absently leaning closer to the magician as Kaito began to move.

"Pretty sure, and we can figure out the rest along the way."


Ran had been wondering where Kaito and Shinichi had disappeared to when she saw Sonoko sneaking out the assembly room door like a clumsy burglar in her emerald green dress. Confused and curious, she followed. She found the other girl crouched behind some bushes just outside the door.

"What—" she started only to be cut off as Sonoko abruptly grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled her down.

"Shh!" she hissed. "They'll hear you."


Sonoko pointed and Ran followed the gesture to see the transfer students on the lawn. They appeared to be talking. Then Kaito offered Shinichi his hand and pulled him into what was clearly a waltz. They fit together so naturally that it made Ran feel a bit uncomfortable for intruding, even unintentionally, on the moment.

"I knew it!" Sonoko squealed in triumph. "I told you they were together!"

"Keep your voice down," Ran hissed, shooting a worried glance towards the two in question. "I think we should go."

"Just another minute. I want to see if they kiss."

"Sonoko!" she scolded, scandalized and fighting the urge to blush. "They're probably out here because they don't want an audience."


"…" Sometimes Ran really didn't know what to do with her friend.

"Why are you two spying on them?" Heiji's voice demanded suddenly, making both girls jump.

"I'm just curious," Sonoko declared, making no move to leave.

Ran shot the dark-skinned boy a pleading look. He nodded his understanding and they each took one of Sonoko's arms and dragged her back inside.


A.N: So yeah, that's the end for now ^_^ There'll probably be more in this universe later on since I like working with it and I already have a couple ideas floating around—er, and I didn't actually use the original main event so I might do that sometime too. This seemed a good place to tie off for now though. Thank you all for reading/reviewing!