Chapter 1

Déjà vu

It was happening all over again. After she came back from her Europe adventure, Ginny felt even more confused than before her winter trip. And she thought it would be clearer. Well, you can't always get what you want, thought Ginny.

That Christmas she flew to London, to do one more thing for aunt Peg. Looking back at it now, only a few days after, it seemed as though years have gone by. She came there, and so many new things had happened, she couldn't even count them all. Of course she wasn't expecting a Wonderland. Duh.

But the things that were waiting for there just…

She was expecting more.

More of herself.

More of him.


Sure, she was over him, in a way. As over as she could be. He did break her heart just a few days ago. Ok, so maybe I am overreacting a bit, thought Ginny.

But the moment she realized Keith had a girlfriend, it sure felt like her hart was breaking.

But, looking at the whole trip from another point of view, it was even more surprising than last time. What aunt Peg had prepared for her was even more ridiculous than last time. But she was more prepared this time. And she wasn't in it alone. She had Richard, Keith and his so-loveable girlfriend Elise and Oliver.


She had to admit, she has thought about Oliver. So tall, dark and handsome, it was almost impossible to get him out of his head.

Oliver likes Ginny. Ginny likes Oliver. Ginny thinks they're "sort of something".

Ginny comes back to London and finds out Oliver has a girlfriend. Maybe more letters from her dead aunt. Déjà vu.

That would be a perfect soup opera. It could be called "The not-so-beautiful and the very-dammed". She'll have to work on that.

Her thoughts were slipping away. If her new plan doesn't work out, she'll still have to write a thousand words about an experience that changed her life. Now she has 2. Maybe she could sum it up as a nice story. Nobody will ever know the truth. Maybe, instead of making a complicated essay which no one will understand, she could connected both of these stories into an understandable tale of chivalry and adventure. Make people interested in actually reading it, instead of maybe throwing papers of a staircase and choosing to read the ones, which fall closest to the door or something.

As far as the "new plan" goes, Ginny had thought about going to college in England. UCL sounded perfect. She had done the research the moment she came home from the airport. The deadlines were very close, and, for a moment, she was sure it wasn't possible. But to hell with that, said Ginny. I've dealt with worse things this past year. I can take it.

So now she was spending every waking hour of her day doing everything necessary for an application.

She'd work for hours, have a bite, then try to work again, but found herself loosing faith and will, so she slept, and woke up, worked, ate, lost faith and will, slept, woke up, ate, lost faith and will…

Finally, the due-date was approaching and she began to lose faith again. But she told herself to suck it up and send the application.

And she did.

That day Ginny woke up and found her mother sitting on her bed, holding an envelope in her hands. A thick, light blue envelope, which somehow (but it was most likely her own mind playing tricks with her) resembled the envelopes aunt Peg sent to her. Ginny rubbed her eyes with her fingers and yawned. Only then did she notice the address of the person who sent it. It was the office of UCL. She gasped and a smile flew over her face, but it was quickly gone. What if she hadn't been accepted?

Her hands were shaking. Her mother got up, kissed Ginny on the forehead, left the envelope in Ginny's lap and left.

Ginny's heart was beating five times harder, if that were even possible. She took a letter- opener (one she bought in the Tower, which resembled a sword ), and started to cut the envelope open. She took the letter out, took a big breath and started reading.