...I sat up in a small room. The room was dark, except for a light sitting on a table near the bed I was lying on. There where DRD's (Diagnostic Repair Drones) moving around on the floor. Am i on a Leviathan (a biomechanoid, i.e., a 'living ship')? I heard the door open and two Sebacean's walked in. There was a man and a woman. I hissed and backed up against the wall...

..."Dren," I muttered under my breath. I hate getting little glimpses into the future, it cause's my head to hurt. Sometimes I would get glimpses into the future other time's I would get a feeling on weather something bad was going to happen, when I went to a new place. I was only 15 cycle's old but I didn't need anyone to take care of me. I could take care of myself. But this desert planet was a mystery to me. I couldn't get anything on it, only that unhelpful glimpse into the future. I sighed, and continued on towards the tiny village. I need to get more food; I'd been running low on food for some time now. I was almost to the village when I heard the sound of gun's firing behind me. I turned to see a Luxan, and a Nebari running away from a group of Peacekeepers (Sebacean's).

They ran past me shouting something I couldn't understand. I grabbed my water pouch and opened it. The luxan tried to grab my arm and pull me away from the group coming at us but I stood my ground. I moved my hand over the pouch and water came out. I held the water in the air in front of me for a moment, then I flung the water over the group coming at us. It crashed down on top of them like a massive wave. Some of them hadn't been taken down by the wave of water though. One fired at me and hit me in the shoulder. I screamed and fell to the ground. My arm was burning. I stood up, and hit the man who shot me with a whip of water. He was flung back in the air. I could hear the Luxan behind me saying something to the Nebari. Then I saw blast from a weapon coming from behind me. The Luxan was firing at the Peacekeepers. I was starting to feel light headed, and I could feel blood running down my arm. Crap not only am I week from bending, but also from getting that vision earlier. Finally I couldn't keep my eyes open, and I feel to the ground. I heard gun fire, and then someone picked me up. I looked at the person. It was the luxan. My head was spinning as the vision of the ship came back to me...

…I sat up in a small room. The room was dark, except for a light sitting on a table near the bed I was lying on. There where DRD's moving around on the floor. Am I on a Leviathan? I heard the door open and two Sebacean's walked in. There was a man and a woman. I hissed, and backed up against the wall. "Hey it's okay where not gonna hurt you," The man said.

"I'm John Crichton, and this is Aeryn Sun," He said. I hissed at him again. My tail was flicking back and forth, and i could feel my claws digging into the sheets under my fingers.

"Keep away from me Peacekeepers," I said, hissing at them again.

"I'm not a Peacekeeper I'm human," Crichton replied. My ears laid down flat against my head, and I tilted my head and gave him a funny look.

"I used to be a Peacekeeper," Aeryn said. Just then a Delvian, Hynerian, a half-Luxan/half-Sebacean, and the luxan, and Nebari walked in.

"So she's finally awake," Said the Hynerian. I hissed at him. Aeryn smacked him upside the head.

"That's Rygel, just ignore him," Aeryn exclaimed.

"I'm Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan," The Delvian said.

"I'm Ka D'Argo," The luxan said.

"I'm Chiana," Said the Nebari.

"And I'm Jothee," Said the half-luxan/half-sebacean.

"I'm Tera," I said, looking around me, "Where am I?"

"You're on a Leviathan, her name's Moya," Crichton replied.

"How did i get here?" I asked, jumping off the bed.

"Me and Chiana brought you here after you passed out on the planet," D'Argo explained.

"I fixed up your arm It should be fine within a couple of days," Zhaan said.

"Thank you," I said, looking around the room. I wanted to look around the ship, but it didn't seem like they were gonna let me out of this room.

"What where you even doing on that planet anyway?" Asked Aeryn.

"I could ask you guys the same question," I replied. Aeryn just glared at me.

"I was trying to get food, what about you guys?" I asked.

"We were also looking for food," D'Argo said.

"Are we still near the planet?" I asked.

"No we had to leave, a Peacekeeper ship was on its way to the planet," A voice exclaimed. I looked up at a screen in the corner of the room.

"Tera this is Pilot," Crichton said. I smiled and waved at Pilot. I sighed.

"Where you there by yourself?" Asked Zhaan. I nodded my head. My parents had dropped me off there a few cycles' back, saying they would come back, but they never did. But i wasn't about to tell them that. At least I was finally off that frelling planet…