Let's get this TRAINWRECK on the road.

sammy4ever said...

ha ha, this is funny. but i feel bad for casey.
message to casey: sorry for embarrassing you with my nosiness.
i have a question for hudson and sammy. how did you guys meet? and hudson, what is up with your crazy cow boy boots? no offense, i think they're awesome and everything, just,why? what is so appealing about cow boy boots to you?

Casey's still in a bad mood from the last session. "Surrrrrre, she's sorry. Like that makes it any better."

"Casey Acosta! You apologize! Now, or I'll never speak to you again." Haha, good one Sammy!
He sighs. "Alright, I'm sorry."

"It's amazing how you'll do that for Sammy, Casey..." I grin evilly. "So Sammy. How did you and Hudson meet?"

"Well, when I first moved into the Highrise, I was really careless and he saw me coming up and down the fire escape and he started asking all these questions. For some reason, I couldn't lie to him and I just told him everything. He invited me over to his porch and we started talking and everything. I started coming by more and more often."

"And Hudson? Tell us bout your boots."

"Well, my father always used to wear boots just like these. When he died, I wore pairs just like his to remember him by. I never really liked them a lot. But I got more and more used to them. They're really comfortable too."

"Coooool." I'm not really sure who said that and I'm not about to find out either. My mom is gonna be around the house a lot more often and I wanna enjoy freedom for as long as I can.

Cammycrazygirl said...

ROFL I LOVE THIS! I FELL OUT OF MY SEAT! Sorry Casey. Tell Casey that I love him (I would put the heart but last time there was a problem with this because of tags. Idk bout it.)

"So NOW everyone says sorry. Why not BEFORE I went through suffering and pain?"

"Casey..." Sammy says warningly.

"Never mind."

Then Warren the jackass pops up with, "Casey, all of these people love you. Why don't you date one of them? What do you see in Sa-"
He stopped. I think it might be cause I kicked him. Then he started swearing.

"Hey! No swearing in my studio!"

Cammycrazygirl said...

And ask Casey why he is avoiding Sammy.
was different.

"REALLY? Do you REALLY have to ask that?" Yeah, that was Casey. My reaction and down like I'm high.


He sighs dramatically. Stupid actors. "Listen, high school is just really tough. I've been really busy."

Sammy blurts, "I call bullshit."

"Me too." I say. High school isn't hell. It's PURGATORY."

Optimistic4ever said…

Casey, I love you! You're awesome but Sammy is the only one who deserves you. Sorry for all the embarrassment we caused you. Lana, if a junior FBI person says that it's okay for Sammy to live illegally, nobody can do anything about it. And I know where you live. It is in the book as well as in our records!

I love how stalkerish O4E sounds :D ^ ^ ^

Casey says, "Sammy deserves someone better anyway. She's already met someone anyway."

Lana threw a LOOK at Sammy and Sammy didn't say anything. I think Lana was, like, REALLY creeped out at O4E's stalker comment. That's just how awesome O4E is…

Optimistic4ever said…

I might remember what is coming up... There was just so much! Wolves, I believe at one point, but anywho.

I try to comment so it doesn't contradict with anything I've said before.

To Heather: Do you like nail polish? What's your favorite color, if so?

To Sammy: is Grams oatmeal good?

To Casey: Have you read Steph's version of "Waiting for the Rain to Fall" ?

To Lana: How is your soap opera going? It's called Lord of the Jewels, right?

Heather, I know you're mean to Sammy and all, but I have faith in you. I trust you are truly a wonderful person at heart! I believe in you Heather! I believe!

Ok, sorry. Socially awkward penguin here...

Love always (yes even to Heather)


...Baby wolves come up :D "Soooo, Heather, you first."

Heather's just staring like she can't believe someone actually asked her a question that isn't hostile or threatening. "Red… so it could… match my hair… wait! Was that a trick question?"

I roll my eyes. Who jacked up her trust issues? Hmmm…

"Sammy? How's the oatmeal?"

"GODLIKE… Sometime's Grams puts chocolate chips in them."

(A/N: I really don't know how oatmeal and chocolate chips would taste. If you find out, tell me…)

After I finish drooling a river after hearing about the chocolate, I say, "Casey, did you read Steph's 'Waiting for the Rain to Fall'?"

He starts to think. "Is she the girl who stalked me a few years ago?"


"Then yes. It was really impressive actually, and actually really close to how the song sounds like."

I turn to the witch, I mean Lana. *cough* "Lana, how's Lord of the Jewels?"

Her eye starts twitching like mad. And she doesn't answer…

"Okaaaay, Lana, we'll come back to you. Heather?"

"No comment."



Don't worry about her, O4E. She's just not used to being liked.

Optimistic4ever said…

OMG Lana I'm so sorry! I meant The Lords of Willow Heights, in which you play the character Jewel. Please tell me I got it right this time.

I can't believe I'm sorry for Lana.

But I am.


Ooooh. Lana's eye is still twitching…

She finally says, "I wouldn't expect children to appreciate the arts."

Sammy yells, "It's a soap! It's not art, its bullcrap!"

Well said. "Cammygrl, fill up the quiet void…"

Cammygrl said…

YES! THANK U! upd8s and posts r the best bday presents 2 me...and its better that u did it b4 fri cause after friday, im flat out busy :( which means i have NO clue when ill have time 2 watch bones. i need a better schedule. anyway: the chapter. AWESOME! when u said u wont upd8 till next year, i freaked out. then i remembered: its dec. nxt year is jan. YAY! anyway, in exactly 1 year from this friday, i get 2 learn 2 drive. YAY! COME 2 MAMA PERMIT! my dad says we should close off all the highways and roads, and im like, whaaat? im gonna b a GR8 driver, and they all laugh. LAUGH. i hope that when u look down, it turns out like its supposed 2. (i couldnt find JUST a ring. sorry. i figured this could replace. if it turns out right.)




.;_ `\

/ `\ |

;a/ a `'. _ |

,_ |/_ _) / .-.-.

{(}`\ \_, \.' |:::|

'-''-.( \_ _ / \:/

.-\_ _."-... ;_ ` .-.-.

_/ '-. \ |:::|

."\ _/\ , | \:/

/ \_.' /'./ ; `

\_.' '-./ ' /

_/ `\ /

.' ``""-.._\_/

/ |

| , |

\ ';_ /

\ \`'-...-'

\ \ | _

\ \ /-; '.

.-\_.-"\ | \

jgs / |._|\ \

\_,_/ '._|

/::\/::\ _ _ /::\/::\ _ _ /::\/::\ _ _ /::\/::\ _ _

\::::::/ /::\/::\ \::::::/ /::\/::\ \::::::/ /::\/::\ \::::::/ /::\/::\

'::::' \::::::/ '::::' \::::::/ '::::' \::::::/ '::::' \::::::/

\/ '::::' \/ '::::' \/ '::::' \/ '::::'

jgs \/ \/ \/ \/

.-"""-. .-"""-.

/ `..' \

; _ _ _ ;

| | | / \| ||_ |

; _|_ |_\_/|/ |_ ;

\ _ /

\_ \_/ \| | /

_ / | | \_/\_/ /'

| \ \/_/\ /'

\_\| / _ `\ /'

\/_/_\ `\/' .-='/~\

_,_/_,_,_)/ /{~}}}

-,-,-\-,-,-,\'-' {{~}}

jgs _/\_ '-=.\}/

/_/ |\\


/::\/::\ _ _ /::\/::\ _ _ /::\/::\ _ _ /::\/::\ _ _

\::::::/ /::\/::\ \::::::/ /::\/::\ \::::::/ /::\/::\ \::::::/ /::\/::\

'::::' \::::::/ '::::' \::::::/ '::::' \::::::/ '::::' \::::::/

\/ '::::' \/ '::::' \/ '::::' \/ '::::'

jgs \/ \/ \/ \/






well, thats all i got 4 now. i really hope this works. im not sure it will.




OMG LOOK IM BACK :D LIKE… SIX MONTHS LATER…LIKE A BOSS. DUDE I HAVE LIKE NOOO SHAME. Imma be the worst driver EVER. Dude, if you come to New York, will you drive me to Barnes & Noble? You laugh but I'm not kidding.

"Uhhh, excuse me? What the hell are all those marks?" Casey asks. Gosh, so blunt…

Cammygrl said…

that was an epic fail. *sigh* oh well. it was SUPPOSED 2 b casey proposing, ring and all, but it turned out different. *double sigh*. oh well.

Casey's just like : -_- wtf seriously? "Uh, it's kinda ILLEGAL to be married before you're eighteen."

Marissa pops up with, "In Georgia, if a girl is sixteen and pregnant, she can get married."

When everyone looks at her like WTF? She quickly explains, "I saw it on George Lopez."

Casey yells, frustrated, "I. AM TOO YOUNG. TO BE MARRIED."

"Yeah, no one cares." I tell him.

i luv cammy said…


wats the thing sammy didnt want grams to talk about?

n get sk n ca in tht closet n lock em in there till they hav a full fledged mack out session - dont forget the camera

do the same wit marissa n billy

actualy dont cuz cricket likes billy =P

n casey, u know u like sk as a gf cuz u didnt resist wen going to the closet - just admit it

just send lana n warren n heather out n hav casey tell sammy tht u like her

n sk, wen is ur bday?

when is caseys's bday?

n marissa's n everyone else's?

throw lana in caesar's basement til she agrees to break up with warren - with black widow spiders!

let warren stay with vince til he breaks up with lana

i luv u all (except for lana, warren, danny, n heather) n plz update!


Grams just rolls her eyes. "Don't be so dramatic, Samantha. When she was in the fifth grade, she wrote an essay about how when she grew up, she wanted to help people find their dads."

Sammy buried her face in her hands. "Can this get any worse?"

Hell yeah.

"To the closet you shall go! Move it, lovebirds. Just go make out."

Casey walked to the closet, grumbling, "There should be a law against forcing people to kiss."

I call after him, "Don't pretend you don't luuurrrrrve it!"

I turn on my totally epic TV. (DUDE ITS TOUCHSCREEN :D)

The lighting in the closet is just awful, I really need to fix it. Casey sighs.

And sighs again.

And again.

And again.

Eventually Marissa just shout, "KISS HER ALREADY!"

So he does. But that's it. No hot and heavy kissing. It was more like a stage kiss for a middle school play. Then he pulls away and walks out.

Lana squints at us." Why should we be sent out if we already know what he's going to say?"

"That's not the point Lana. The point is-"

She cuts me off. "I'm done with this subject. Next question."



"Sammy, what's your birthday?"

She sighed. "April 9. Which totally pisses me off cuz that's Kristen Stewart's birthday too."

Casey says, "Doesn't matter. You're still prettier than her anyway."


"Lana…your birthday. Not that I care."

"Hmph. April 20."


*COUGH** After my doctor has sedated me*

"Lalalalala…Ummm… Caseyyyyy! Your birthday. OMG THE SKY IS PURPLE WITH RHINESTONES!"

"Uh, its… November 11…"


Eh, she's not violent, she won't kill him. No sedation for her.

Then she continues, "My birthday is October 21. I already know who has the same birthday as me. Kimmm Kardashian. Ugh, she's such a whore."

Uh huh… "Billlyyyy, youuurr birthday."

"Uh yeah… dude, are you high or something?"

I answer, "Probably, my doctor probably OD'd me. Jerk."

"Okay then… uhh well mine is October 12."

I faint.

*After they've thrown water on top of me*

"October 12 is Josh Hutcherson's birthday :D"

Billy snickers. "You hype."

"You know it."

And now. Time for the moment of fun.

"Laaanaaa, into that closet right there…"

She rolls her eyes. "Whatever."

After three minutes in the closet, there are still no screams…

Then she walks out and says, "I killed all the spiders."


xXSammyKeyesXx said…

Im Not A Stalker... I Just Dream, And Daydream, And Read, And.. other stuff... Bout Yuh!

Plus, Sammy And Casey Yuh Need To Work On Yur Kissin SkilLs! I Think Yuh Guys Should Go Back In the Closet And Teach Each Other How To Kiss :)

As For Heather... YUH SUCK! Yuh Dumb Redhead, Stop Bein Jealous And Deal Wit The Fact That CASEY AND SAMMY LOVE EACH OTHER! Yuh Bimbo, Yuh Just Want Casey To Yurself, (Casey I Feel Bad For Yuh) Heather, That's CalLed Incest!

Lana And Warren, I Hope Yuh Die Of Cancer, Shit Not Even God Loves Yuh! Warren? How Could Yuh Stay Wit Lana Knowin That She's A Bad Person, She CalLs Sammy A Mistake Every Chance She Gets! (LANA! YUR MISTAKE SAVED YUR DUMB LIFE!)

Marissa? Yuh Definitely Belong To... Billy! Cricket (If She's StilL In The Building) I Don't See Yuh Wit BilLy... He's LOUD And Jokey, And Yur Quiet And Environmental.. That's Not A Bad Thing Though! :)

N3WYORKANG3L DONT FORGET! YUR CHRISTMAS STORY HAS TO BE PUBLISHED ON DECEMBER 20TH! At Least Publish The First Chapter, Or As Much As Yuh Have Typed Already.. Thank Yuh

Sammy has this WTF look on her face. "I'm fourteen. I'm not supposed to have kissing skills."

Heather just yells, "You're out of your mind! Casey is an Acosta! Which means that he deserves better or else MY reputation gets ruined!"

Can you feel the love?

Warren says, "I know it doesn't seem like it to everyone, but Lana is really kind and sweet. And I'm sure that Lana just had PMS when she told Sammy she was a mistake."

O_e Go kill yourself, Warren.

Optimistic4ever said…

It's okay Heather! Hang in there until I devise a plan to make you happy again! because I care!

i know Cricket and Billy are opposites, but you know what they say? Opposites attract. ;)

I agree on the Warren and Lana being idiots though. Sammy saved your life Lana! Be thankful!

Heather just stares. And then finally she turns to Warren and says, "SEE? A RANDOM STRANGER ACTUALLY CARES."


On to ze next one!

storylover3 said…

OMG, girl! I totally, like, LOVE this! Oh, btw, Optimistic4ever says hi and wants her presence acknowledged. K, so I like totally want Billy's opinion of Cricket, who btw is O4E's alter ego... SO be nice! Btw, tell Lady Lana that she's the coolest bitch I have ever met! Well, she's only cool cuz of the whole hollywood mummy thing, but still... And, ask her who Sammy's REAL dad is! Rita, or Grams as I call her ;), I wish I had a third grandma so u could be her! Send Casey kisses from me, oh! And make Sammy deliver! ;) I know u still love me, right Sammy! Tell Marissa that her new bestie is here, me! Dont worry Sammy, I'm after you, so u r not replaced... Heather, you are truly, my IDOL! I dont know how u pull of the best bitch ever! Seriously, I gotta learn from you! IDK, I have a thing for bitches! Danny, go die in a hole! Ok, now upd8 NOW!

GREETINGS O4E… even though you were just here x) You're like aaalll over this place. I feel da love.

"Ahem. Lana. We demand to know who Sammy's dad is."

She looks down, ashamed to be discussing this in front of Warren. "Okay then…Sammy's real dad is… a man."

Sammy stares at her and says, "No shit!"

Breathe deeply, Jennifer. In, out, in, out…

"Sammy, go give Casey a bunch of kisses from storylover 3. "

Sammy had a facepalm moment and went over to where Casey was sitting. She leaned over to give Casey a kiss on each of his cheeks, his nose, and his forehead.

She blushed and went back to her seat. "I think that's enough…"

Heather raised her recently threaded eyebrows. "Another one? Geez, where do they live, I wanna live there."

SammyCasey4EVER99 said…

Heck Yeah I am REDHEAD! And how dare you accuse ME OF BEING LIKE HEATHER! I am absolutely NOTHING like her being the stupid, worthless piece of crap that she is! Okay! Now on 2 my Q's! Sammy: Take a chance while you still have one. Casey is a great guy, and you are and excellent person! Why don't you realize that? I am positive that every Cammy crazed fan (along with Marissa, Holly, Dot, Billy will agree!) plus Casey will agree! Won't you Casey?

Lana: What the Hades is wrong with you! Do you like to punish your daughter? Cuz it sure looks like you do with all the shit you put her through! Lying about her age, stealing her future boyfriends dad, and more! Who the hell does that! If you dont stop I will find you, and force you to! I know where you live! Same with you Warren! (check in Curse of Moustache Mary!)

Heather: I am redhead also. I bet you I can get 10x angerier than you would ever get when I am mad! I will bet that the only reason why you beat up and mess with Sammy is because you are Jealous of her. She gets all the attention. So you use viloence against her to attract attention to yourself... Am I right?

Love you guys (Including Heather! She just needs to go into therapy to disscuse her anger issues.),


Temper, temper… haha just kidding, you know I am.

Sammy was rubbing her temples. "God, I've got a migraine. Just to answer the question, 'I just can't'. Can I get an Advil?"

"Well, I have problems giving drugs to minors… ahahahaha yeah I'm just kidding, it's in the bathroom cabinet."

Lana rolls her eyes. "What a drama queen. She obviously gets it from her father. And all these things that I'm doing to her is…character building."


Heather scoffs. "You've lost it. Do you really believe that I'm a natural redhead? It comes FROM A BOTTLE. And I mess with Sammy cuz she's just so IRRITATING."

Optimistic4ever said…

Hi Hi Hi! I just posted the first chapter of my Sammy Keyes Crossover! Ooooh clicky! And what ho! Heather and Sammy are the main characters. Quick hint peeps. They're demigods! GASP!

Ok, enough advertising... I'm hungry. Do you have food? Vegetarian preferably, but anythings fine.

Sorry sorry. I'm so happy. Marissa rocks!

If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops, oh what a rain that would be!

Oh hey, more news on Casey Anthony. Must go read it. Goodbye!

OOOOOOH, I gotta go check it out after I finish this! Dude, it's taking me weeks to finish this o_e

Uhmmm… I got potato salad… I don't know if you'd like it but *I throw it through hypothetical screen in your computer so you can eat it*"

I do believe this is the most random comment ever.

^ ^ ^ randomness = epicness

XxSammyKeyesxX said…

Okay. Some Cammy Lovers Are Goin To Hate Me For This... But NewYorkDevil? Send In Fang From MR And Make Him Kiss Sammy.. One Little Peck Because I Dont Like This Idea Either. I Want To See How Casey WilL React. And Casey Just Do Wat Yuh Gotta Do To Protective Yur Woman :P And Wait. Max Wont Like Fang Kissin Other Girls... So How Bout Someone Random? I Just Want To See Casey's Reaction FelLow Cammy Lovers, Dont Hate Me. :o

Ha, dude, I'D kill you if you made FANG kiss someone other than Max. I'm a FANG denier. The books FANG and ANGEL never happened. I'll send in… hold up, I gotta check my bookcase for someone cute.

Okay, after much thinking and deciding that every cute boy belongs with their respective book partner, I have decided on Gilbert. And if you don't know who that is (I wouldn't blame you) he is from… Anne of Green Gables. There's a whole series of that book where they're older, but I'm gonna take him from the time when he and Anne hated each other so really, I'm not violating anything.

(By the way, I LOVELOVELOVE Anne of Green Gables. Anne is like Sammy but a redhead.)

So I summon Gilbert Blythe from a time waaaay back… BEFORE GRAMS WAS BORN :O… 1908!

So he walks in, obviously confused at how one second he was doing his homework on his slate to being here. And I promise you, he's super cute. He looks like Casey :D

"Um, hello?" Gaaah, he's right in front of me… "Do you know how I get home?"

"Yeaaaah, You just have to kiss that girl right there and I'll send you home."

"O-kay?" He heads over to Sammy's seat and kisses her on the lips softly.

Casey's jaw is tightly clenched and he doesn't move his head from that one spot on the wall.

Gil smiles at her and walks back to me. I tell him, "Walk through that door and you'll be home. G'bye."

;-; I miss him already…

Optimistic4ever said

Nah, it's okay XxSammyKeyesxX.


If you want Casey to get really protective, send in some creep like Danny. If you just send in Billy, Casey probably won't do anything.

Ew, I can't believe I just suggested Danny. :P

I love how we're all conspiring against our favorite people ever :)

But ewies, Danny?

But okay, even though I just sent in this totally cute guy -_-

I summoned Danny from his dungeon and made sure he undastood the game plan.

He tried to smile sexily (it didn't work, he looked constipated) and tried to do a swag walk toward Sammy.

One word:


He leaned in to whisper in her ear. But he was sooo loud. "You don't need Casey to have a good time. My room is really private. If you want, after this session, we could go there and I'll show you a good time."

Casey stood up and yelled, "DUDE, WHAT THE HELL?" He grabbed Danny by the collar of his shirt and dragged him away from Sammy. He tossed him across the room and yelled, "Don't you EVER go near her again."


Cammygrl said…

girl, it's next year already.

casey: i fully do NOT approve of that as a kiss. that was a kiss id give my SISTER! (if i ever WOULD...)

lana and warren, im buying a plane ticket now. seriously, BREAK UP B4 I GET THERE!

marissa: i fully did not intend to upset u sweetie. but...seriously, maybe u should break up with danny.

Sammy: u r taking 2 long. it took bones (dr. temperance brenann) and seeley booth 7 YEARS 2 get 2gether! now theyre happy, with a baby on the way. and look juliet and shawn (u no, from psych... NEW FAVE SHOW!) THEYRE happy 2! so u and casey need 2 makeup, and kiss, and have a girl named cammy, and buy a house 2gether. SO GET A MOVE ON IT.

newyorkdevil: please put our cammy couple together in a closet, and this time, the kiss must last AT LEAST (if not more) 1 minute. also, i forgot 2 mention when i submitted my stor read, that if u dont like/want it, u r allowed 2 delete it. i already no im not a gr8 writer like u guys, so its totally cool.





It's still next year and I'm updating :D

Haaaa you funny, you think you're not a great writer.

Sammy tells me, "I need another Advil. I really really really can't do any of that…"

I already forced them to kiss a whole bunch. I'll give them a break… for now.

kgorange said…

Question for grams: why won't you admit that you like Hudson! Sammy woul be happy for you and since you want her to admit her feelings about Casey you should too! (but about Hudson because if you had feelings for Casey that would get akward!)

Grams eyes got OD wide like 0.0

"Hudson is a good man, but he's a flirt. That's all I'll say."

Hudson is just sitting there with a smirk on his face. Like Oh yeah, the ladies love me.

Cammygrl said…

Could you PLEASE update? I know, I'm probably the most demanding person EV-ER, but still. You're lucky you're such a great writer; otherwise I'd be yelling right now.

Also, maybe not send in Danny, 'cause he's not all that much of a creep, but maybe Taylor, or Jake?

ALSO, do you have, like, a future cam or something? You know, like, it shows the future on a TV? Then they can SEE that Sammy and Casey are going to get married, have a bunch of kids, and have a more romantic relationship then Lana and Warren ever will.

And could Dorito toally rip Lana's face up? 'Cause that would be awesome. Also, guess what? It's 'truth or dare' time! I dare Sammy to sit in Casey's lap for the rest of the game.

No objections.

Now don't worry, I'm doing this for your own good, okay? Don't worry, you two will be together by the

end of the story. Okay? So just do it with no objections.

Update soon, please?



I feel so loved…


Future cams?

Damn, I need to get me one of those. I bet that I'll end up forever alone with fifty epic cats.

Speaking of cats…

"Yo Lana, think fast!" And I threw Dorito at her face. Poor cat.

"Lalalalala, while Dorito is scratching, Sammy, go sit in Casey's lap."

She groans and gets up to go sit on his lap. As if on impulse, Casey's arms wrapped around her waist.

Can I hear Awwwwhhh?

Okaaay and we're done, IM FINALLY GONNA UPLOAD THIS. I hope I remember how.

And before I sign off, I need you to vote who you want Billy to be with.


Annnd… you should go listen to Masquerade by Eric Saade. Just do it.