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AN1: I'm sure this idea has probably been done a couple times but I don't read every fanfic out there so…hopefully I will be able to make this idea mine. I have used some things from Criminal Minds, but more as a fill in for things I didn't know. This is not a crossover. This is purely Grey's Anatomy. If this does repeat anyone's work, I am sorry and please to not throw the bricks to hard. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - The Assignment

"Hey Boss…"

I look up from the file I'm reading. "Yeah, what is it Karev?"

"Director wants to see you." My protégé says, standing in my office. I roll my eyes and let out a huff in exasperation. "What did you do this time?" He asks, a smile on his face.

"Hell if I know…" I wave him out of my office. Pushing back from behind my desk, I grab the jacket to my suit and my badge. A look in the mirror on the back of my door, I run a nervous hand through my blonde hair. Just the thought of sitting in front of the director makes my hands sweat. …you think I'd be past my issues with people of authority. I AM the authority. Taking a deep, practiced breath to try and settle my nervous stomach, I walk out of my office and make the trip to the Directors office.

As I pass the secretaries desk I greet the timid woman "Morning April, the boss man says he would like to see me?" I ask, hoping this was some sick joke of Karev's.

The redhead pushes a button on her phone and pages the man behind the closed door. "Director Webber… SSA Arizona Robbins is here to see you, Sir."

"Send her in please Ms. Kepner." A deep voice crackles through the speaker phone. The redhead gestures me towards the closed door and gives a sweet smile. …that's not helping woman! I thank her and step in front of the door. I take a second to center myself and wipe the sweat that is collecting at my brow. Raising a closed fist, I go to knock but pull back. …he knows you're here, not hiding now Robbins. Finally, my knuckles rap against the heavy wooden door.

"Come to!" A voice bellows from beyond the closed portal. Another deep breath and my hand grasps the silver handle. Pushing the heavy door open, I am greeted by the large office of the Director of the FBI branch here in Quantico, Virginia. The walls of this man's office are covered in awards and plagues of heroism, exceptionalism, and years of dedicated service to his country, both in the service and with the FBI.

"Agent Robbins…" The Director stand and motions me to one of the armchairs sitting opposite his desk. "Please." Taking the proffered seat, I wait for the large man to begin. "Thank you for coming so soon."

"Well…when the principal calls, its best not to keep him waiting." I joke, trying to inject some humor. I offer a nervous laugh but the man just stares at me. …shut up Robbins.

"I have a case for you." He jumps right in. I perk up at these words. …finally, I've been dying for some action. He hands me a file and I quickly skim through it.

"Umm…protection detail?" I ask him. He nods. "Sir…that's not my job." I say.

"Your 'job' isn't your job anymore. Doing what I tell you to do is your job now." He says, leaning back in his plush office chair.

"Director Webber…this isn't my line of work anymore." I say, placing the folder back on the desk. The man takes a deep breath and looks right at me. I can feel my resolve start to quake under this man's glare. …keep it together Robbins. Show em you mean business.

"You are still on probati-"

"That's horseshit and you know it." I cut in as I bolt up from the chair I'm sitting in.

"SIT DOWN!" He yells. I immediately sit. Another hard glare. "As I was saying, you are still on probation which means, technically, you shouldn't be out in the field…AT ALL. But…we need you and your teams specific skill set right now am I'm not giving it to anyone but the best."


"That's an order." He says. Those three words are like the ultimate whip for me. I was raised with those words, I served under those words, and now I am bound by those words. He can see me physically resign to the fact that I'm stuck. He hands me back the file and I flip through it as he gives me the run down. "As you know, our branch in Florida has finally cracked a huge drug smuggling deal. A leak from the inside is what will put the largest crime boss behind bars in over a century. Problem is…the leak itself has been leaked. The witness and his wife are currently being put under protective custody as we speak. …Your mark will be their 33 year old daughter. She is a surge-"

"Secondary detail? …that's probie work!"

"Can it, Agent Robbins. Before I write you up again and throw your ass out of the bureau for good." He gives me another glare and again, I sit back and listen. "As I was saying, she is a surgeon out of Seattle, Washington. Currently she is spending a couple days with her family in Miami before the trial begins. You will get a team together, send them to Seattle to set up. You will go to Miami and escort her back to Seattle. You will have eyes on her…constantly."

"How big of a threat are we talking?" I ask, getting into work mode.

"Not sure. His daughter stays out of the 'family business' but still this scum rat isn't above killing innocents to prove a point. We are treating this as Threat Con Charlie for the time being." He answers. I look up from the file. Seems straight to the point. Cover this woman, don't let her get killed. …not a problem.

"When do I leave?" I ask as I get up and out of the chair.

Richard Webber looks at the fancy watch on his wrist. "Wheels up in 30." I nod and step to the door. "And Robbins?" He calls. I turn to face him, hand on the silver handle of his office door. "You nail this one and you're cleared." He says, giving me an incentive.

Getting back to my office, I pass the bullpen and yell out my team members names. "Karev, Yang, Avery, Reed. My office." Soon, four figures are standing in front of me. I hand the extra file I have over to Christina Yang, my technical advisor. "Send this to the teams phones." Yang nods and leaves to go about her duties. I look between the three of my remaining agents. "You three are going to Seattle. I want the usual set up. Cameras, mics, lasers, the works. Someone stake out our marks place of employment, some hospital. I want names and faces of everyone who works there. I want to know her routine down to the second."

"Where are you going?" My second in command asks.

"I am going to go pick up our Mark from her mommy and daddy's house." I say sarcastically as I open my drawer and pull out my standard issued side arm and attach it to my belt. Grabbing my go bag, briefcase, and my file I walk with my team to the elevators. "I know we have been out of it for a while but…time to show the top brass that we are the best. We nail this and we get the pick of any case from here on out. It's a secondary detail, she's highly removed from the situation. Should be no problem." I step onto the elevator and face my team. "See you all in the Emerald City." And the elevator doors close.

As I board one of the FBI's private jet, I settle back for the couple hour flight and get ready to read over the given file in its entirety.

alright Dr. Torres, what kind of trouble are you going to give me.

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