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Four Years Later

"T-Man come in. Over."

"This is T-Man. Go for com. Over." The voice crackles from my walkie.

"This is Zebra. Do you have eyes on Lucky Charm? Over." I say, pressing the send button of the radio in my hand. I slowly make my way through the huge house, weapon raised at the ready. Eyes constantly on alert for movement. Ears tuned in for the faintest of footsteps.

"That is a negative, Zebra. Lucky Charm is AWOL. Over." The beep of the walkie talkie clicks, signaling the end of the transmission. I sweep the deserted room in front of me, then make my way around the foot of the large staircase that was agreed as the rendezvous point. Meeting my team member, he gives me a nod; his eyes covered with night vision goggles, just like me. Taking point, I raise my weapon and climb. Slowly, my partner covering our six, we reach the second story of the structure. I hold up my hand as we step out on the landing, a signal to hold. We drop to our knees and listen, eyes scanning the deserted land before us. Sound to the left…so we go right.

"Clear." I say softly. My partner nods. We move through the structure, searching room after room, but still nothing.

"Zebra, Lucky Charm no where in sight." The voice of my partner crackles over my radio as he moves down the hall to cover us and I move into the last unsearched room, looking in every corner and closet. A giggling comes from behind the window curtains, the sun creating an outline of a small child attempting to hide.

"T-Man, that's affirmative. Lucky Charm is long gone." I say theatrically into the walkie talkie, making the phantom giggle even more.

"Rodger that… lets eat her pizza." My brother's voice comes through the speaker on the play radio in my hand.

"NO!" A three year old girl comes flying from behind the curtains and wraps herself around my leg.

"Mayday…Mayday, Mayday. Lucky Charm has attacked! Zebra is down!" I yell into my radio as I fall back. My imaginary gun falling from my grasp, the sunglasses that act as our night vision goggles flying off my eyes. The girls climbs on top of me, trying to wrestle the talkie away from my hands, her smile wide, her giggling never ending, her dimples so big they are about to pop.

"Unk T! No eat my pizzzzzzzaaa!" She squeals into the walkie. A second later, my mirror image comes barreling into the room, his own fake weapon raised, sunglasses on his face. Sofia jumps off me and attaches herself to her Uncle's leg. He too falls to the ground like she has tackled him. The two of them wrestle until Tim finally hauls the little girl over his shoulder. Sofia squeals in delight, having won her favorite game yet again.

"Come on Lucky Charm…lets get some grub in the belly, soldier." I say, pulling my daughter over my own shoulder upside down. All the while her piercing squeals of joy bouncing off the walls. We go downstairs, Tim on my six, Sofia over my shoulder, and move into the kitchen. Plopping her down in front of the sink, we wash our hands together, as always. The three of eat dinner, Sofia only getting about a half a slice down in the half hour, her mouth constantly flapping as her mind is always working. Tim and I entertain the remarkably bright and curious three year old, not ever satisfied with what she already knows. The three of us are fighting over what movie to watch when the phone rings.

"This is Zebra. Go for com. Over." I say into the speakerphone as I pick up my daughter and tickle her. She giggles and squirms into my chest, wrapping her surprisingly strong arms around me. Sofia just laughs at the continued use of military jargon.

"This is Big Red. Mama Bear is about to pop. Back up requested. Stat. Over." The woman plays along, but conveys a very serious message. My blood runs cold. I see Timmy tense from across the couch. I've been planning for this minute all along but now that it's happening, I freeze.

"Go Z. I got So-Bear here…" He says, taking up his niece in a tight hug. "Right Squirt… you wanna spend some time with your Uncle T?" He asks, raising the girl high above his head and she squeals in delight.

"Thanks Tim." I say, finally breaking from my shock. I kiss my daughter on the cheek and run through the house collecting my keys, phone, and supplies.

"Mommy…where you go?" The three year old asks in her broken English.

"Momma needs me sweetie. You behave for your uncle. I'll see you as soon as I can." I say as I throw the door open.

"Creds, Z! …Don't forget your Creds!" Timmy calls after me. I halt mid stride down the porch steps and turn back to the house. Grabbing my credential wallet from the shelf, I slip it in my pocket and slam the door shut behind me. My separation from the FBI lasted all of a year until they realized that my set of skills were best had working for the government instead of against, and I quickly got my job back. Transferring to the local branch, I now head up an entire unit where the risk of being injured is lowered, but the responsibilities more than doubled.

Running to the car, I fire up the engine and tear ass out of the drive way. Flipping on the lights and sirens of my issued undercover sedan, I make it to the hospital in record time. …breathe Robbins, breathe. You've trained for this. Its all good. You know what to do… Parking in the first available parking spot, I run in through the sliding glass doors and to the correct wing.

"Move… out of my way!" I say as I try to run through the crowd of doctors, nurses, interns, patients and visitors. Pulling out my wallet, I hold it up and yell "FBI… clear a lane!" That works, and path clears in front of me. Running full speed through the hallways of the hospital, I hold up my FBI credentials and badge to anyone who dares to challenge me.

Skidding to a halt in front of the nurses station, I ask the first person I see "Dr. Torres… where is she?" My breathing is labored and it's hard for the woman to understand me.

"Dr. Torres? …Isn't she Ortho?" She asks, very confused.

"No! …Well, yes. But no, she's my wife and she's pregnant and she's in labor… I got a call from Dr. Addison Montgomery that she's here." I nearly yell at the woman. She has obviously being a seasoned nurse up in the birthing wing and knows that yelling happens when a parent is about to have a baby.

"What's her name?" She asks coolly, sitting down at the computer.

"Arizona! …There you are…" A voice calls from behind me. Turning, I see a saving grace.

"Addison! Where is she?" I ask, completely forgetting about the helpful nurse. Addison gestures for me to follow her and I do. "How is she?" I ask as we move along the long halls.

"She's fine. Her contractions are about four minutes apart but she's progressing slowly. Could be a long labor for her. …Who you got watching the terror?" She asks, having babysat Sofia many times before.

"Tim, my brother." I say. "How long do you think?" I ask just outside the closed door to Callie's private room, messing with the shoulder strap of the overnight bag I brought.

"Anywhere from four to twelve hours… maybe. …Natural childbirth isn't a precise thing." She says, then looks at her watch. "I got to go see a couple other patients, but I'll be back to check on Callie in an hour or so. Keep her calm, keep her relaxed. …Keep her happy." The redheads says with a smile. She gives me a pat on the shoulder then turns and heads off down the hallway. Taking a deep breath, I grasp the cool silver handle and open the door.

Stepping in quietly, not wanting to wake my wife if she is asleep, I tip toe over to the bed. She is changed into one of those very flattering hospital gowns and covered by a blanket. Looking around at all the machines hooked up to her, I realize I have no idea what they are for. Taking a rag from the bedside, I dip it in the water bucket and wring it out. I place it against the caramel forehead as I brush back the silky black hair away from her face. At the feeling of the cool towel against her skin, those beautiful brown eyes flutter open.

"Arizona…" She moans out, a lazy smile tracing her lips.

"Hey babe… how you feeling?" I ask, concern thick in my voice.

"It's so bad …yet." She says, and then her eyes roam around the room. "Where's Sofia?" She asks.

"I left her with Tim. He came over to play a game of Robbins hide and go seek and stayed for dinner." I say, making my wife smile. Hide and go seek is a common childs game, but Tim and I juice it up with walkie talkies and military language and sunglasses that are really night vision goggles. We team up and try to track down Sofia, every time she is able to evade two highly trained Marines and she just loves it.

"She may have your name, but she is not following the Robbins tradition…" Callie says, closing her eyes. We've already talked about this, and Callie has put her foot down that our children will NOT be becoming Marines, no matter how many times I call her my little soldier. …she would make an excellent Marine, though.

"I know Calliope… I wouldn't do that to them…" I say, giving her a light kiss on her lips. The next two hours turn to three, then four. Late night becomes early morning. I call Tim and make sure Sofia is ok. Addison comes by regularly throughout the night to check on Callie and tells her to stay strong. Soon… its time for the epidural. Callie, who has been managing the pain remarkably well, breathes a sigh of relief. When Addison comes into the room with a gown on and surgical mask tied around her face, we know its game time.

"Ok Cal… you know the drill. When a contraction hits, I need you to give me a big push." The redhead says, taking her place on the stool between my wife's legs. I slip in behind Callie between her and the bed and let her lean back against me for support, her hands crushing mine. Fifteen minutes of pushing and still no head.

"I hate you… you did this to me…" Callie breathes out as she leans back against my shoulder as she takes a break.

"I know babe… come on, one more push…" I say trying not to take her words personally. Another contraction hits and the woman gives another strong push.

"I see the head…" Addison announces.

"Oh god… Arizona… he's coming, he's really coming." Callie cries out, her hateful words long forgotten, even though they were said ten seconds ago. She squeezes my hands harder and on the next contraction, gives her strongest push yet.

"Come on. Come on. Come on." I cheer her on. Callie lets out a gasp of exertion then the room fills with the cry of a newborn.

"He's here." Addison says, the smile on her face covered by her mask, but the joy in her voice making up for it. She quickly wipes him and places him in a blanket then passes him up to the waiting arms of Callie. She takes our newborn son in her arms, Callie in my arms. I look over her shoulder at the face of my son. …my son. Tears of joy flow freely from both of us.

"He's beautiful…" Callie says, glancing up at me.

I place a gentle kiss on her forehead and whisper "He's perfect. …And you are amazing, Calliope. I love you so much." Callie lets out a sigh and a tear falls from her eye.

"Arizona…would you like to cut the cord?" Addison asks as she passes me a pair of scissors. I take the cool instrument and sever the tie between baby and mother, just like I did with Sofia. "Do we have a name picked out?" The doctor asks, filling in Callie's chart, giving us a couple more minutes with our son before they have to take him and check him out.

"Yes…" We both breathe out as we stare into the closed eyes of our baby boy.

Later that morning, Tim raises a fussy Sofia and brings her in to the hospital to meet her new baby brother. She knows a baby is on the way, but didn't know that it was the reason her mommies weren't home last night. She comes barreling into the hospital room, squealing as she sees her two favorite people in the world.

"Momma!" She yells and tries to climb up on the bed with Callie. It had been a full day she had seen her Momma, Callie having come in to the hospital earlier yesterday to discuss something with her chief, when her water burst right in his office.

"Careful sweetie, Momma is a little sore. You need to play gentle with her." I say as I pick up my daughter and place her carefully on the bed so she's not tugging on any of the tubes or leads still connected to my wife. Tim moves to the other side of the bed and leans down, placing a kiss on Callie's cheek.

"Hey Cal… how you feeling?" He asks, looking at his sister in law with all the love in the world.

"Like a pushed a watermelon out of my…" Callie places her hands over the ears of our three year old and continues "…vagina." We all laugh and Sofia joins in, just wanting to be part of the fun.

"Why you here Momma?" She asks as she places her hands on either of Callie's cheeks.

"Momma was having a baby… you're a big sister now, So-So. …Remember what we told you about what being a big sister means, right?" Callie asks. The three year old nods. Just then, a soft knock on the door makes four eyes snap to the little baby basket being wheeled into the room. Callie's face grows even brighter. The nurse picks up our son and places him in Callie's arms with Sofia right next to her. A huge grin crosses Tim's face has he leans in close to the new family member too. It's during moments like this when I can see the relation between Sofia and my brother…myself. Tim and I are twins, meaning we share the same DNA…except for one chromosome. So when it came time to start a family, it was perfectly natural to go to my brother and ask for his DNA…because it's my DNA as well. …Only in a lot more effective packaging. My DNA coming in eggs…his coming in sperm. Sofia really is half of Callie, and half of me. And now our son is half of Callie and half of me. Both have dark, curly locks with a slightly darker complexion than myself. But those smiles…even on my son… I can see those dimples from a mile away. Sofia has the eyes of my wife, the deepest, most beautiful brown imaginable, but…somehow, genetic probability lost and the dark haired, darker skinned boy has the brightest blue eyes you ever did see.

"Sofia… meet your baby brother… Miguel." Callie says softly, pride radiating from her beautiful face as her whole world is within an arms reach of her. A tear streaks my face as I think the same. …this is it. …This is what it's all about. My wife… my kids. …My amazing family. Tim looks up and catches my moment of weakness and sends me a wink. I mouth 'thank you' to him, thank you for giving me all this. Thank you for making it possible. But he just mouths 'for what?' back. He truly believes he didn't do anything special, no matter how many times I tell him differently. …thank you for being the best brother anyone could have.

The next few hours are spent with each of us holding the new man, even Sofia got a chance to hold her brother, with three pairs of hands at the ready of course. When I take my son in my arms, its… there are no words. Just as when I held Sofia. …when I still hold Sofia. When I hold Callie… its perfect. Like I have achieved true happiness, there is no way to explain it. …It just is.

After our new son is fed, Sofia curls up in the lap of her mother and the two of them drift off to sleep. Tim has also fallen asleep in one of the cushy reclining chairs, having spent a restless night waiting by the phone to hear from me. Taking my son in my arms, I look around the room and then down at the bundle of life just waiting to burst forth and I know what heaven really is.

Welcome to the world Miguel Jesus Robbins Torres. You have the best family ever and you'll always be safe. I'm here to protect you.

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