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McGee quickly climbed off the roof and ran to the fallen building, closely followed by Wally. Already they could hear whistles and sirens going off in the distance. They began shifting through the ruins of the building, in search of the missing NCIS crew.

"I've got a dead one!" Wally called. "It's a girl, I think."

McGee's stomach dropped as he stumbled over to Wally. He couldn't stand the thought of losing Ziva or Abby. When he got there, he found the body to be neither. It was a woman with dark hair and pale skin. McGee thought he was going to pee his pants when he saw someone rise out of the rubble.

Ziva stood with her arm hanging limply at her side. She and the others had been buried shallow. She saw McGee and smiled. He was unsure of what to do, so he smiled back.

In the end, everyone who mattered was okay. Tony's arm was still broken. Ziva's shoulder and Abby's leg were also broken. Gibbs had a concussion and Jimmy escaped unscratched. Darien had died, Emily was paralyzed from the waist down, and Declan was hysterical from losing his sister.

Miranda had been arrested.

McGee turned into Gibbs's hospital room and found him gazing out the window. The pretty nurse had told him that Gibbs had wanted him, but he seemed to be off in his own little world. McGee turned to leave, but stopped when Gibbs said something.

"Did Ducky, Breena, and Sarah get here okay?"

McGee hesitated. "Yes, but-"

"But what, McGee?"

"Breena punched Special Agent Brent Johnson in the face for flirting with her."

"Smart girl," Gibbs commented.

McGee shifted from foot to foot. "What do you need, Boss?"

"I need you to dig up the Dustin Gray file and add all the new information."

"But that could take hours!"

"You want something easier, McGee?" Gibbs asked. "Go pick flowers."

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