Esmeralda awoke in the middle of the night. It's been a while since I've had anything decent to eat, she thought, and I am pretty hungry. But I don't want to wake up Victor. And he never said anything about nighttime. And who's going to be up to notice me anyway? Victor wouldn't mind, and I'm pretty sure he told his father about me. So she put on the matching robe that came with the nightgown and went downstairs.

From his room, Frollo awoke when he thought he heard something in the hallway. He got out of bed to take a look, when he saw a ghost glide down the stairs, and gasped. "Jasmine," he whispered, "It can't be. Unless…" He ran back to his room, and followed her downstairs, as the lights turned on in the kitchen. He leaned against the wall, turning his head to peak into the room, when the figure turned around from the refrigerator holding an apple. He looked away fast enough so that she couldn't see him. "Esmeralda!" he whispered. "But how? Where did she get Jasmine's nightgown?" He could hear the sink running as he looked back in, listening to her hum while she washed the apple. When the sink stopped running, Frollo ran away and hid.

Esmeralda turned off the lights and took a bite as she left the room. She was going upstairs when the lights suddenly turned on. "Victor?" she called out, her voice shaking.

Frollo appeared from the shadows holding a gun. "So Victor is the one who brought you here?"

She gasped and dropped the apple, pointing to him. "Y… you!" she stammered, "Y… you're Victor's father?"

"You're a smart girl, Esmeralda. Think a while back." And she did. The way he looked at Victor differently than he did everyone else. How Victor was alone with him in his classroom that day at lunch. The look he gave him and the way he commanded him like a dog at the dance. She had completely forgotten about their relationship ever since the kidnap attempt. "How did Victor set you free?" he demanded.

"He came to me earlier tonight, gathered a bunch of people to distract the police, and brought me here to hide." She paused. "I guess you got what you wanted in the first place. You wanted to kidnap me, and here I am. What is it you want with me?"

"You do have a point. I have you right where I want you. There's no point in bringing you back to jail. So now I have a new proposition for you. Either come with me to bed, or I will kill you. It's your choice." Esmeralda stood on the steps breathing heavily, while Frollo stood on the other side of the railing below her pointing the gun towards her. She tried to make a run for the front door, but she was shot down dead before she could reach the door. Frollo dropped the gun after a few seconds and bent down beside her. "Oh my dear Esmeralda," he said, turning the lifeless body over, "You could have lived. You chose this fate." He stroked his finger along her cold cheek.

"Sir?" a voice from the top of the staircase asked.

Frollo turned around to see Victor. "My son."

"Esmeralda. She's dead. I heard a gun shot. What happened?"

Frollo stood up. "Alright, if you must know, I'm not the man you think I am. I'm not a saint. I killed her!"

"You what?" he asked quietly, slowly approaching him.

"That's right, I killed her!" Frollo shouted, "I'm the one who tried to kill Phillip at the motel! I wanted to kidnap her for my own needs. I was in love with her! And she refused me. So I killed her."

"But why?"

"Take a good look at her! Now look at her!" He pulled out a picture of Jasmine.

Victor snatched the photo from Frollo's hand, and compared it to the corpse that lay before them. Victor snapped his head up. "You wanted Esmeralda simply because she looks like your dead wife?" He picked up the gun and pointed it to Frollo. "If you really love her, then why don't you join her? Except she'll be safe in Heaven while you rot in Hell!"

"Go ahead, kill me! Just know that that 'dead wife' is your mother!"

"My mother?" he asked quietly, lowering the gun. "But that means…"

"Yes, I'm your real father!"

"You lied to me all these years? Why?"

"Because I didn't want you to think that I was stuck with you! And because I didn't want you to feel guilt of killing your mother!"

"How did I kill my mother?"

"Just by being here. She died giving birth to you. You're the only family I have left. You're my son, and I love you. And if you wish to kill me, then you should at least know the truth."

"You may be my father, but you've killed the girl I love. And I can never forgive you for that. Goodbye father." Victor raised the gun and shot him. He started to shake a few seconds after Frollo fell to the floor.

"What have I done?" he asked himself. "The only people in my life, gone." He slowly made his way to Esmeralda. He fell to his knees beside her, holding her in his arms, dropping the gun. Her hair was stained with blood. "Don't worry Esmeralda," he said choking up, tears rolling down his ugly cheeks, "I promised you that you'll be safe. And I'll keep that promise. You're safe now, in Heaven. And I'll join you. We will be together forever. And we won't have to deal with anyone else. We will be alone, and happy. Everything will be perfect. I promise." He lifted her body closer to him. "But before I join you, there is something I must say and do." He bent down and kissed her dead lips. "I love you." He picked up the gun, pointed it to his head, and pulled the trigger. After the loud sound of the gun shot, the house laid deathly silent. Victor Frollo fell down dead, his dead father beside him, and in his arms laid the dead body of Esmeralda.