Hey everybody!

For all those interested, this is the piece that I am submitting for round 3 of FF factor: a daikeru poem based on the theme of a break up and make up. I've decided to go for chibi T.K. and Davis, why not, and as you may expect they don't break up/make up in a romantic way. They do so in more of a children's friendship kinda way. Think of it as a hint at future daikeru, or something. :P

Anyways, I originally set off to write a Projectivist poem. The key point was to create fast moving, energetic scenes that don't rely on any set poetic rules or guidelines. Oh, the joys of it. But as I went on, what I was doing kinda changed a little. Let's call it a hybrid of styles, then, as I'm not sure what else to call this.

Have fun.

Breathe in, and out.
Eyes wide open.
Leg back,
Foot forward.
Black and white
Into the pale blue.
Gone for good.
And smiles.

A playground record,
For sure.

A kick of dust
Into the dried up air
And a flex of puppy muscle.

So cool.
So Davis.

Cone raised,
Tongue forward.
Pink and white
Wrapped up
In harmonious
Love making:
Wet lips
Curved to the sky.
The other kids will be jealous.

A smile.
Another lick of ice cream.
A whack to the head
And a splat to the floor.
Eyes water,
Brows rise.
A familiar ball rolls by.


Week long daydreams:
Sweet delights,
Sticky fingers -
Drawn to nothing
In an unfair instant.


The pant of unsettled breath nears.
A hand touches a quivering shoulder.

"I'm sorry T.K.!"

Blue eyes see red.
Fists clench,
Feet stamp.
A hat falls
And a voice rises.

"Stay away from me!"


"I don't wanna be friends anymore!"

Hat and friend
Left in the dust
Of the young boy's storm.
Blonde hair roars
Into the distance.

Tanned forehead
Hugging cheap school desk.
Slow breath,
Deep frown.
Eyes shut tight.
Uncomfortable thought trains rolling about.

"Davis, get to work!"

Look busy.
Face forward,
Eyes to the side.

Ex best friend
Sitting there silently.
His workbook:
A mess of
Wet patches…
…what question is he on?

"Don't copy from Takeru!"

A quick glimmer of
Contact from a pair of
Startled eyes.
Two red faces.
One nervous smile.
Nothing returned.

No best friend.
No friends at all.

No one to whisper with
Or to get in trouble with
Or to smile with
Or to laugh with.
Just T.K.
And bearing a pencil
For scratching purposes.


The fun had melted away
With all of that ice cream.


The end of the day
Couldn't come soon enough.
But when it did come,
T.K. would run;
Run back home,
all the way alone
Before he could be followed
By the much speedier
Ice cream killer
Soccer boy

Then he could be sad at home
And no one would know.

No one would know.

Operation get best friend back.
Leave early
Out of the doors
Through the playground
Over the fence
Under the hedge
Onto the street.
Skip to the store
Slip on the step
Scrape on the knee.
Totally worth it.
Keep going
To the freezer
Hands go in
T.K.'s favourite comes out
Just one,
Maybe two.
Ok, seven.
Take all the sweet,
Sweet ice cream.
Bargain deal for buying so many!
Smiles all 'round.

Time to wait for T.K. to show.


"Hurry, T.K.!"

Operation get home alone.
Leave at the bell
Through the back exit
Onto the side street.
No sign of Davis following
But better
Just to be sure.
Down the pavement
Onto the main street
Across the road -
MILLIONS of miles
Ahead of the other kids now.
Uh oh.
Hands in front
Palms grazed.
Shoelaces untied again.



"What are you doing down there?"


"Are you ok?"

Don't talk to me.

"I have ice cream."

Way to rub it in.

"It's for you."

"…for me?"

Up again.
Five ice creams
Plodded into a pair of
Hungry, hungry hands.
An apologetic smile
From an ex best friend.

"There were more a minute ago, but I got hungry."


"I'm sorry I hit you with my ball."


"…and killed your ice cream."

"…it's ok."

A nervous smile on Davis' part.

"Are we friends again?"


A sudden squeeze,
Warm and snug.
The best friend smell in
All directions.

"I really like you T.K."

Davis is hugging…


"And this is yours."

A hat from nowhere,
Held out and
Placed on a
Head of golden hair.

"It looks better on your head than it did on the ground."


"Wanna play tonight?"

Ice creams are melting.
Hands are getting numb.
Smiles are warming.


Ok, I'll be the first to admit it. It's painfully easy to see when I was motivated during this poem, and when I was sorely lacking in motivation. It happens, I guess. I hope you all had some fun anyway. Or, something. If you're happier with this piece than I am right now, leave me a review to say so! :D

If not, I can't say I blame you. :P

Thanks. All the best! :):) x