A bit of rubbish I wrote when I was bored. Obviously I don't own Criminal Minds, but if anyone feels like stealing it for me I wouldn't complain! Enjoy!


The family is a haven in the heartless world – Christopher Lasch

Derek Morgan had never really liked going home after a case. There had always been a sense of loneliness when he left the team and headed into away into the darkness, of course Clooney had been there but you couldn't have a conversation with him. That had all changed now he had someone to go home to. And today was especially good because it was Halloween. Although Derek had never really liked Halloween he now lived with two people who couldn't get enough of it and when they were happy so was he.

The warning signs that he had married a closet masochist had been there the first time he'd taken her to the cinema when she'd chosen the horror film instead of the girly chick flick. Their six month anniversary had fallen on Halloween and when he asked her what she wanted to, Emma had nervously bit her lip and asked if they could go to a haunted house on her block. It was the strangest way he'd ever spent an anniversary (not that he'd had that many, and never a six month one, before Emma he was more the love them and leave them type) but it had been perfect and cemented in his mind that she was the one. The one. It had always seemed like such a ridiculous idea when Garcia, JJ and Emily had talked about it but the day he'd seen her walking into the bull pen with the rest of her team he'd known. Well, he'd known she was hot and he wanted her but it was when he'd talked to her when they'd gone for a drink after the case that he'd realised how amazing she was. They started spending all their free time together; going to the movies, out for dinner but surprisingly, her favourite thing to do was go walking with Clooney through the park on a Sunday afternoon. She was the one he called when the vet said there was no option but to put Clooney down, she'd held him as the needle went in and his faithful companion took his last breaths. She'd allowed him to sit and sob without pointing out that he witnessed some of the sickest things humans were capable of, but he was crying over a dead dog.

That was the first night she'd stayed over, although they'd only ended up falling asleep full clothed on the couch it had been one of the most intimate moments he'd ever shared with anyone. He smiled as he remembered waking up to find himself spooning and knowing that he should be horrified to have left himself be so vulnerable but all he could feel was a glowing happiness that she was lying in his arms. A year later, the two had stood in front of their family and friends exchanging vows. Derek had sworn he'd never get married several times in his life, especially after Foyett but holding Emma as they swayed together for their first dance just felt right. As he held her close enough to feel her heartbeat through the flimsy satin material of her wedding dress, he made a silent promise that he would keep her safe and happy. Five years on and he believed that he'd kept his promise to her. They'd had their fair share of ups and downs but mostly things were good between them; after spending so much time with Rossi and Hotch and seeing how their marriages had panned out he'd worried about the affect his job would have on them but because Emma did the same job she understood when he had to leave at 2 AM.

Derek spent a second staring up at the house. Taking in the paved brick path that led up to the doorway; he'd paved it himself one weekend with Emma and their new German shepherd Pepsi watching in amusement. The flowers of all shapes and sizes were Emma's attempt at proving she could do anything he could after an argument. He had had to concede defeat and admit that it was ten times better than anything he could have created. He was still musing about the effort the two had put into creating their home when a movement at the window caught his eye. Several seconds later the door was flung open and a bundle of energy charged into his stomach with a scream of Daddy. Tiny arms wrapped around his waist before pulling back and raising her arms above her head with a pleading look on her face.

"Come here baby girl." He pulled her up into his arms and squeezed her tightly. She giggled and kissed his nose. His four year old daughter squealed in delight as he raised her above his head and pretended to drop her before catching her just in time. He hadn't had a decent night's sleep since the case started over a week ago and he could do with sleeping for the next 2 days but seeing Sophie all dressed up gave him enough of a boost to get through the next few hours. She was wearing a black and purple witch's outfit complete with stripy tights and a spider hair band. He grinned, Sophie had only started going trick or treating last year but she'd adored it. This year she'd been pestering them about it since the start of September. She'd even got a little teary on the phone last night at the prospect of going without him. He'd got a little teary too. What could he say, the case was exhausting and horrific, and all he wanted to do was curl up with his girls.

It hadn't been the only time he'd cried on the case. When they'd got involved five little girls had already been found dead and another was missing. Three days in, the missing girl and another one had been found dead. Another had disappeared. Derek and Hotch had gone to speak to the missing girl's parents. Her name was Amelia. Her distraught Father had handed Derek a picture of his wife and daughter. He stared at the two of them smiling up from the frame, feeling sick as he thought of the near identical picture he had in his wallet. He should have been focusing on the distressed Father but all he could see was Sophie lying dead among the rubbish like the other girls.

"I have to go." He rushed out the house, fumbling in his pocket for the phone. He had to know she was safe.

"Hey darling." Emma picked up after the first ring leading him to wonder whether someone had tipped her off about the case. He'd decided not to tell her the details in case it upset her; motherhood had changed her from a hardened federal agent into someone who cried when the apes died in planet of the apes.

"Garcia called you?"

"Those profiling skills haven't let you down." She laughed quietly. "Baby why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want to upset you."

"I'm here for you." He wanted to tell her that he knew but his throat was clogged up as he tried to avoid breaking down in front of Amelia's house. She seemed to understand as she called to Sophie who took the phone and began an excited monologue about everything she'd done that day. It was the first time he'd smiled that day.


Entering the house with Sophie clinging to him like a baby monkey he was assaulted first by Pepsi who tried to eat his jacket and then Emma who pressed a tender kiss to his lips and neck. He wrapped his free arm around her while Pepsi ran around them in circles; Sophie leaned down to pat the dog who licked her face causing her to emit a giggle. He kissed the other, non saliva covered cheek. Relishing the chaos that he'd evoked.

A quick shower later and he was ready to head out into the strange world of warlocks, witches and ghouls. The usually quiet suburban streets were packed full of children and bored parents rugged up in coats hoping the sugar rush would wear off quickly. Sophie was running a few meters ahead of them, although after the case he was careful to keep her in his sights, while he ambled along hand in hand with Emma. He was exhausted, his eyelids heavy as lead but Emma's warm hand kept him from staggering into the road. She promised him quietly that they wouldn't go far but he shrugged it off and focused on Sophie twirling up the street like a witch ballerina. It only took a couple of blocks before Derek was dead on his feet and Sophie had exhausted herself, so they headed home.

It took no small amount of persuasion to pry the bag of sweets from Sophie and get her ready for bed but the bribe of Daddy reading her a story eventually got her under the covers. Derek, with Emma's help, just about managed to stagger from Sophie's room into the master bedroom before crawling into the covers and laying his head on the pillows. He had never felt so glad of his own bed in his life. It moulded to his exact shape unlike the paper thin motel mattress he'd been subjected to for the past week, the fluffy cloth soothing his aching bones that groaned from the exertion of the past few days. Man, I'm getting old. He mused, thinking of the hyperactivity that Sophie displayed everyday. He felt a gentle pressure on his forehead from the warm tender lips of his wife as she lay down beside him.

"You don't have to stay." He murmured, knowing she would lie there next to him to give him comfort.

"It's ok, Baby. It'll be nice to curl up with you. I've had to make do with Pepsi for the last few days. He snores worse than you." He laughed before wrapping one arm around her and pulling her flush against him. Pepsi began nudging his thigh and whining, obviously missing his powerful position next to Emma. He hushed the dog with a quick pat before turning back to Emma's warm body. He breathed in her fruity scent before closing his eyes. He was home.