The Mysterious School

MagicConan14 here again! This is my second fanfic. This fanfic was inspired by another one which I had planned on putting on the site, but my sister found out and I eventually got rid of it. There's a hidden dedication for my friend, Anita, who was the first to hear about The Magic League, but you have to find it yourself!

Disclaimer: I don't own DC/Case Closed. It would be a lot more like this story if I did own it!

Eagle Strike was almost finished. With a flick of her wrist, she sent the last school invitation whirling to the ground. It landed in front of the Café Poirot.

Chapter 1: Invitation

"Ran-neechan! I found an envelope addressed to me!" Conan joyfully shouted. He snatched the navy blue envelope out of the bundle of mail and tore it open. It was an invitation that read:

The Kuroshi School has chosen you to attend their boarding program. The school is invitation-only, and only allows students in if they have retained their invitation. Further details will be given at the school.

Where: The hall of the Kuroshi School, 59-62 Hokuei, Hokuei-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture

When: 4th December 2011

We hope to see you there. To decline, please call Haruko on 0410-815-998.

It seems a little strange that Conan was the one invited, Ran thought as she scanned the invitation. She then disregarded it as one of her dad's clients asking Conan to join the school because he was the right age.

Not far from where Conan was, Ai was sifting through the seemingly endless pile of junk mail sent to Agasa's house. She found a navy blue envelope under a catalogue. It was the same as Conan's, although she didn't know that.

In another part of Beika, Konosuke Jii happened to be rummaging through some mail. Kaito, the master of the house, looked over at what he was doing, and a navy envelope caught his eye. The teen thief yanked it out of the mess, opened it and started to read…

In Osaka, Heiji was boredly looking through the series of envelopes asking for him and his parents. There was a navy envelope in the pile which seemed to be taunting him to open it (if envelopes could do that).He pulled out the navy envelope and found that it was different to the daily mail he received.

Chapter 2: Entrance

The four recipients of the letter had found their way to the school. It was quite new, but already graffiti was plastered on its west wall, the wall that faced the street. If anyone bothered to read the graffiti, they would have read, "The Artemis Trashy School-for Losers", but in reality, that was not the case. The school itself was a cross between a medieval castle and an ordinary school, with a towering grey building with pointed navy towers on each corner (they looked like toothpicks if viewed from a distance, Conan had noted on his journey here) and three windows on each wall, spaced out evenly near the top of the building. There were also red brick dorms huddled up the back of the school like a flock of rectangular penguins, another grey building near the entrance that seemed to be a smaller version of the first one, but with no towers, and a black fence that sort of resembled a moat. The hall was not easy to find, as the grey buildings looked almost alike. Thankfully, there was a sign hanging on one of the dorms' entrances, reading "Are you lost? Go to the hall, the building without the towers." It was peculiar, how there was specifically a sign for the new boarders. After a little scuffle with the bags, they all found there were place tags on every chair, and located the seats allocated to them. The red curtain, which had been covering the stage, rose and a young woman was revealed to be on the stage. She was wearing a light purple dress, which matched her dark-chocolate-streaked-with-caramel hair. The woman declared, "Let the presentation begin!"

So, how do you like it? Note the use of the same characters as The Magic League. Conan's smart, Ai's sarcastic and cool, Kaito/Kid is flat-out hilarious and Heiji is just there as an assistant to Conan (he's also a guy who loves everything about Osaka, no matter how similar to Tokyo it gets, but I skip that in my fanfics). In the past, I have given Heiji the part of assistant comic guy, and I will gladly do that again! I think the description is a big improvement, too.

In case you haven't noticed, I like to hide dedications in my fanfics. There is already one planned out for Anita (as said above), and a few bits and pieces of The Magic League have dedications too. I'll leave you think about who the lady is (the one in the second chapter) and who Eagle Strike is.

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