Kylie couldn't remember much from that point. From there was just a large blurb of incredible weak days full of sore stiff achy muscles and deep, death like sleeps. She could barely remain awake longer then an hour at a time if she was lucky.

When Kylie was awake, things were foggy and distant and hard to understand.

Miranda watched as her friend grew sicker and sicker, not sure what to do other then offer water and wipe the sweat off her friend's constantly cooling forehead. Miranda felt so useless, wishing there was something she could do to make this easier or to make it just go away. But, she knew what was happening to her friend and there was nothing.

Nothing could be done to make this go away; it had to run its course. And it terrified Miranda to know there was a high chance that her friend wouldn't survive this. She told herself that Kylie was strong. But then she looked at her pale, weak face and saw how sick she was, there was always that sick feeling of doubt.

Poor Kylie's face was so pale that it had actually taken on a gray assured her that she was fine and this was just the transformation.

Derek was concerned and wanted to know what was happening. Everyone wanted to know what was happening. But luckily everyone kept their questions to themselves.

Holiday had said that this was going to be a rough time. Kylie required supervision in case anything went wrong. Because with this kind of transformation, there was always the chance that something could go wrong.

Holiday was tense; she wasn't really sure what to make of this. A vampire was the last thing she had expected Kylie to become but there was no denying that she was becoming a vampire. The signs were all there and she was already changing.

Now Holiday had to admit her mistake. After telling Kylie that she wouldn't become a vampire, she had to now tell her the opposite. That she was a vampire. But, she had to look on the positive side and realize that regardless of how sick Kylie got, there was a reasonable chance that she would be okay and that everything would be fine.

But, Holiday knew that there was always a chance that something would go wrong. Holiday knew just as well as anyone that a vampire transformation was extremely rough and this is the second time that someone's ever made the transformation while they were atShadowFalls.

Holiday had to make sure that everything went okay; this meant late night and preparation. It also meant talking to the campers and informing them what had happened; not that they wouldn't figure it out for themselves. There were already rumours.

This was a new situation and it involved lots of attention. There was only a day, maybe half a day left until her change was done and then there would be a lot of explaining to glad Kylie's other room mate; a recently turned vampire was going to be back in two days; because at least Kylie would have a support system.

Okay, that was just a filler chapter, also a reflection on what was happening during Kylie's transformation