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Chapter 2: "Resolve"

"God may be omnipotent, but love is much more so..."

My eyes were fixed to the door and I gawked in horror as it swung open. It all happened so suddenly that I didn't have time to react.

"Kyaaaah!" shrieked an abashed voice.

At first, the world started spinning around me. I was at a loss for words, and I knew that it wouldn't be easy getting out of a misunderstanding like this one. As I regained my composure, my eyes readjusted themselves to the shady figure standing at the door. A glint of blue hair caught my eye, and I finally saw who the astonished individual was. Standing there, teary-eyed, was none other than Nymph - the freeloading Beta-type Angeloid who had a penchant for sweets.

"W-w-what're you doing with my towel? Tomoki you perv!" she blushed wildly.

I tried to speak, but all I managed to do was mouth a silent reply. It didn't seem like Nymph understood what I was trying to say, so she went on.

"G-get away from me, you bug!" she screamed, fleeing the scene.

Great. What a perfect way to start my Saturday morning - er, afternoon. Why did she have a towel in my bathroom anyways? Did Angeloids even take baths? All I needed now was to get mauled by a bear to complete this wonderful day. Just as I said that, I felt a sharp glare pierce me from behind which sent shivers up my spine.

"I'm kidding! That was sarcasm!" I said aloud, trying to ward off whatever was behind me. I'd better not take any chances.

Almost instantaneously, the ominous presence slipped back into the shadows. I sighed in relief and started dressing myself. My thoughts were racing as I tried to recollect what had just happened. I was so preoccupied that I found myself spacing out without realizing it. I began to reminisce the day I became acquainted with Nymph – the day she inexplicably appeared in my house out of nowhere. Looking at it in retrospect, despite her arrogant nature and impertinent behavior, she was actually very - very - cute. My heart raced at the thought of her dainty features; my hands turned clammy, and my legs started to tremble ever so slightly. My face felt feverish and quickly became flushed – as if someone were holding a candlelight to my face; it was a strange feeling, albeit, it didn't feel all that unpleasant. This peculiar sensation wasn't abstruse to me, for I knew exactly what it was. I just choose not to accept these feelings.

"It couldn't be love," I told myself from day-one, "She's not even human."

I tried my best to rid myself of such immoral feelings. As I lost myself in my ocean of thoughts, there was a knock on the door.

"Hey, Tomoki!" bellowed a familiar voice.

I have known that voice since childhood. It was enough to snap me back to reality, so I immediately rushed to the door.

"Hey Sohara, what's up?" I sang, but the grim, disconcerted expression on her face instantly shifted the atmosphere.

"What happened to Nymph?" her eyes were apprehensive, "I heard her scream, and the next thing I knew I saw her bolting out the door in tears."

Nymph...I almost forgot about her.Wait, she was crying? I must've really hurt her... Damnit!

"Hey, Tomoki, are you even liste-" before she could finish her sentence, I darted off to search for Nymph.

Damnit. Where could she have run off to? I wandered around town aimlessly for hours, checking every nook-and-cranny for any sign of her. What am I getting so worked up for? These feelings were overflowing - they poured out in the form of sweat and tears. My vision became blurred as the wellspring of tears became overwhelming.

Ever since Nymph was created, she was all alone. She never had a loving, competent master to take care of her. She didn't have a place to go – and she couldn't live her life saying "peace and quiet is the best!" like a happy-go-lucky bastard such as me.

It might have been the heat getting to me, or it may have just been sheer sympathy taking over. It didn't really matter… at that moment, I resolved that I would become Nymph's master – the one to take care of her, and the one to love her. W-wait… what if she doesn't accept me? What if she doesn't come back?

The thought hit me like a boulder, and I dropped to my knees.

I realized that I have never really done anything to make her like me. I realized that I have never said anything to make her want to stay. Now that I do want her to stay, it may already be too late. I tried my best to hold back my sobs, but my tears and emotions were welling up inside. Simultaneously, it started to rain – a trickle at first, and then gradually it started to pour. At this point I wasn't sure if I was really crying or if it was just the rain pounding at my face.

"Don't leave me... not again..." I whimpered subconsciously.

I remember now - something like this has happened before. A while ago, Nymph disappeared from our lives without a word, only to reappear several days later. I was so worried because I thought she'd never come back. What if she decides not to come back this time? I couldn't stand any more of this and I let out a cry. I started to bawl and this time I knew it wasn't the torrential downpour that was soaking me to the bone. Tears seemed to endlessly roll down my cheeks, and I tasted the saltiness.

"Tomoki?" I jumped at the all-too-familiar voice, "What's wrong?"

From the corner of my eye, I saw Nymph facing towards me on my left. I turned towards her and studied her perturbed and innocent face.

"I..." I paused. I turned the other way to hide the distressed, yet relieved look on my face, "I-it's nothing."

She tilted her head to the side as if questioning me, but did not press for further details.

"Alright then, let's go home." she finally said.

"Y-yeah..." I gave her a wary reply. Has she already forgotten about what happened?

"Oh, and touch my towel again, and I'll make sure you'll never have any use for 'that' part of your body ever again."

I guess she hasn't...

But… I was glad.

"Welcome back, Nymph." I grinned.

She gave me a blank stare.

"Y-yeah…" her face reddened.

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