Head Game Maker

Golden's POV

I smile as I read over the list of tributes in my hands. Each perfect in their own way. Each who currently have no idea what I have planned for them. So many ways to kill them. So many many ways...

District 1

Female: Jessica Rose (14)
This small girl from 1 may not seem like a threat, but that is just what she wants you to believe. She is very bubbly and cheery, but can be serious when need be. Training for the games her whole life, it was destiny that she was reaped this year and she will not go down without a fight. Can this girl prove that she has what it takes to win these games, or will she be returning back to District 1 in a body bag?

Male: Hale Gray (16)
With raven black hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin, no wonder everyone mistakes this boy as a handsome vampire. His father moved away from his small family when he was 16, taking his little sister Lucy with him to start a new life in District 8. Heart broken, Hale thought he would never be happy again. Then, the day of the reapings, Hale found out his sister had been reaped in District 8. Determined to protect her, Hale volunteered, and now they have been thrown into the arena together. Can Hale protect both himself and his sister, or will both of them end up dead?

District 2
Female: Pearl Chrysler (15)
With long golden blond hair, and sharp bright blue eyes, Pearl is elegant and beautiful, but also deadly. Coming from a career family, her brother died in the games years ago, but she knows she is not stupid enough to make the same mistakes her brother did. Now Pearl is her family's last chance at fame, and she will not let them down. Confident, beautiful and charming, Pearl has it all in the bag, but will her desire to win cloud her judgment in the arena?

Male: Mace Stranol (18)
With a father who won the games years ago, and a brother who is preparing to volunteer next year, no wonder Mace feels like he has always been in the shadows. But now he has volunteered, and is ready for all the glory and fortune the Hunger Games have to offer, that is, if he survives. Tough and confident, will Mace be able to prove that he is just as good as his brother, or will he die and be forgotten in the games, never to see his family he so hates ever again. One thing is for sure, either way, Mace will not be returning as the same person.

District 3
Female: Eve Cane (16)
Growing up in the factories of District 3, Eve's family has never been favoured by the peace keepers, and she is no exception. Hated or loved by those around her, she can get you into trouble easily, but just as easily get you out of it. It is tricky to tell what this quiet girl is thinking, making it very hard for you tell whether she is going to defend you in battle, or stab you in the back in the middle of the night. Is she an ally you would trust? and more importantly, is this all a mask to cover up her true emotions?

Male: Bassolo Thomas(13)
A typical nerd, Bassolo would rather stay inside and do maths problems than go outside with his friends and play. He is very truthful and doesn't hide his feelings so he can just weep for ages or curse at everyone if he is angry. He has a short temper that can lash out. He is quiet and indifferent to others feelings. Ask him a question he doesn't know, and Bassolo will lock himself in his room for hours trying to find the answer. But in the Hunger Games, you don't get a lot of answers, so how will this young boy cope?

District 4

Female: Seery Janeston (15)
The games stripped Seery of everyone she loves. Now left with just her father and little sister, Seery is ready to volunteer and seek revenge. Her brother died in the games years ago at the hands of a District 6 tribute, and Seery is ready to avenge her brother, even if it means never returning to her father and baby sister. Brave, clever, smart and determined, the odds are definitely with her. But the question is, are the odds in the favour of whatever poor District 6 tribute that ends up in the arena with her? Look out, here comes Seery.

Male: Calvin Wilson (16)
A typical career from District 4.. or is he? After losing some one he loved dearly, Calvin has been scarred both mentally and emotionally, and has never been the same since. And is this man even a career, or does he have other plans in the arena, that involve anyone but the careers. Whatever the case, he is a man to look out for in the arena, but is there more to this tribute than a confident smile and rock hard abs?

District 5
Female: Sybil Holloway (17)
One word sums up Sybil. Crazy. Growing up homeless, Sybil has learnt to be cunning to get what she wants. To everyone else however, she is that homeless girl living in the alley, who they share the occasional piece of bread with on their way to work. She actually is a cunning and witty girl, and is great at manipulating people, and laughs at the face of danger. Even though she is only 17, she already has seen most of the evil the world has to offer, after all, her mother walked out on her after her father died. So being in the Hunger Games won't phase her a bit, after all, she has nothing left to live for.

Male: Dylan DiMarco (15)
A true womanizer, Dylan came from a wealthy family and has never had any trouble getting what he wants. He is very charming and very persuasive and knows how to use that to his advantage. With great looks and skills (or so he thinks) Dylan believes he has the upper hand in the arena. But will his flirting skills be enough in the arena with 23 other people out to kill you?

District 6
Female: Aurora Nevet(15)
After losing her memory in a tragic incident 5 years ago, Aurora has had to struggle to remember who she is. And as if things couldn't get any worse, Aurora's parents blame her for her brother's death. As a much quieter tribute, she likes to go unnoticed, giving her the upper hand in the arena. After all, with 23 other tributes trying to kill you, it's best to go unnoticed... right?

Male: Zero Goodwin (13)
Cheeky and charismatic, Zero can talk for hours and not get bored. He loves the company of others and will do anything for friends. However Zero is still young, and has a lot of learning to do. With a wonky grin, can Zero prove that even a small young and naive boy from District 6 can be competition in the games, or will he be easily left behind and forgotten forever?

District 7
Female: Sammy Tennant (16)
3 years ago Sammy literarily lost the will to live. She lost both her parents when she was only 8, but her best friend Macy took her in. Then everything in her life went wrong when Macy got reaped and was sentenced to her death in the hunger games. Sammy has now decided it is time to rebel after her last anchor in life, Macy's 13 year old sister, was reaped and she volunteered for this years games. With a strong and friendly personality, Sammy will do anything to protect the ones she loves, but could this be her fatal flaw in the arena?

Male: Bramble Malcome (17)
Growing up in District 7 with a good family, Bramble is pretty laid back and calm, unless you pick a fight with him that is. Then he is not afraid to beat the crap out of you. Because of this, Bramble is constantly getting into trouble with peace keepers, and bigger bullies. Will this young man know when to stand down in a fight?

District 8
Female: Lucy Gray (12)
Stripped of her older brother when she was younger, Lucy has had to try and stay positive. With a sweet, cheerful and childish heart, you can't help but smile whenever you see her. A girl who loves to play games, she tends to wander off into her own little world, escaping the realities of life. But can she afford to do this in the Hunger Games?

Male: Chiffon Burrel (12)
Coming from a family of thieves, Chiffon almost always has a calm and level mind. Although young, he has much experience and has no problem with small spaces and doesn't know the meaning of fear. However, does this small boy really know what he is getting into? Being thrown into an arena with 23 other tributes, all trying to kill you must be doing something to this 12 year old, or will he continue to remain unaware of the situation he is in?

District 9
Female: Monalisa Ryna (13)
After a bad run in with peace keeper, Mona has been a mute. Being a silent girl from 11, she has been easily forgot and is unmemorable, but will being thrown into the Hunger Games change all that? She is a vert brave girl, and will give her life with an ally, but will anyone even notice this small wordless girl amounst 23 other tributes fighting to the death?

Male: Kall Roswell (17)
Dominated by his emotions, Kall can sometimes be paranoid and become enraged at the smallest of things. He was taught everything he knew by his father who fought in the dark days. Because of this, Kall dreams of another rebellion. Despite this, he values friendship and allies above anything else, making him a very trustworthy ally in the arena.

District 10
Female: Rochelle Hunter (15)
This small shy and naturally timid girl from 10 may not seem like a contester in these games, but don't underestimate her. Strategy and planning comes to her as easily as breathing and she can easily outsmart an opponent. But will the shock and trauma of being thrown into the Hunger Games stop her from thinking completely?

Male: Tucker Levington (17)
This young man may seem tough and unwilling to open up, but if you break down his defences, he is a great man. Tucker's father died of an unknown cause when he was just 12, and since then his family has been searching for answers on his death. He feels as if there is a piece of him missing, and because of this finds it hard to open up to people. His mother struggles to support his family, so it was no surprise to Tucker when he was reaped for the 46th games. But hey, if he got reaped, at least that means for him none of his brothers got reaped.

District 11
Female: Pomona Carver (17)
A pure tomboy at heart, knowing everything from arm wrestling to tree climbing. In her spare time, Pomona likes to secretly practice her knife throwing skills at the back of her family's butcher shop, when there aren't any peacekeepers watching of course, she doesn't need the extra trouble. Being tossed into the Hunger Games is no problem for her, in fact she sees it as an improvement in her regular boring life in District 11. But will her proudness blind her in the Hunger Games, and is she as good as she thinks she is?

Male: Hachet Gennard (18)
Hachet may look tough, but he is a big teddy bear. After losing both is parents in unrelated incidents 6 years ago, Hachet has been in charge of his 3 younger sisters. He also must take charge of his family's ranch in order to keep his family alive, and on top of that his 15 year old sister is pregnant with some idiot's baby. Now he has been reaped for the 46th Hunger Games, knowing that his sisters will most likely not survive without him. However against all odds, Hachet manages to remain cool headed. But what will it take for this young man to lose it, and what could happen if he does?

District 12
Female: Haydata Dise (15)
A feisty girl was reaped from District 12. An only child and raised by her father, Haydata learnt everything she needs to know about fighting and mechanics. After losing her mother to a terrible sickness, Haydata has hidden her emotions behind a cold mask, but underneath that is a kind and friendly girl. Can anyone break down the walls she has put up?

Male: Alex Jackson (18)
Growing up in the Seam, Alex has had to learn to take care of his family by himself. With the skills of speed, agility, stealth and survival, this man is more of a threat than he looks. But could he attract unwanted attention in the arena with his amount of skill? And with a girlfriend to get back to at home, will he be able to keep a cool calm head in the arena?