We are trapped.

The entrance to this fucking awful cave is completely blocked, but that doesn't stop the cold from seeping into the air. Into our bones.

"We're going to freeze at this rate," he growled at me, he was looking at me from the other side of the cave.

"Well what do you expect me to do about that, Smart Ass?" I retorted, "There is nothing we can use to fucking light a fire with."

"Only because of your lack of foresight! One sleeping bag? Ridiculous!" his volume was climbing rapidly and frustration was seeping into his tone.

"Well, that one sleeping bag is going to keep me warm, isn't it?"

"So what? You expect me to let you be in comfort while I freeze my ass off?"

"Yup, that sounds about right," I said looking straight into his green eyes with arms crossed defensively.

I gathered up the tattered orange and green sleeping bag and brought it over to my side of the cave. I was putting it down when I felt a large hand on my shoulder.

I flinched, and then froze in my crouched position. I slowly turned to look at him.

"Survival 101, Bella." he said playfully.


"Body heat. If we share our body heat then we should have a higher chance of surviving till morning."

"Wait," I replied as an errant thought crossed my mind, "doesn't that work best with skin on skin contact?"

"Yes," spoken with a glint in his eyes.


"Yes, it is the only way we will both survive."

"So like…naked…with you?"


"Okay, but if this doesn't work. I am going to fucking kick your ass," I grumbled.

He ignored my last comment and went about stripping. I mean, shit this guy is hot and it was starting to make me feel a little warm too.

He turned around and gave me that look.

"Okay, okay I am taking off my clothes," I said in reply to that look.

Slowly I started peeling off the clothing currently keeping me from dying from hypothermia. I internally rolled my eyes as a distinct clearing of the throat came from behind me.

As the cold started getting to me I stripped off faster and then climbed into the make shift bed on the floor. He was behind me.

Instantly I started to feel warmer, even being as far as I possibly could be away from him.

I felt a strong arm encircle my slender waist and tug me towards him.

I instantly felt even warmer, but maybe not from the heat.

I felt a blush rise in my cheeks as my traitorous nipples hardened.

I could feel him, all of him. Both of us being clad in nothing was doing shit all to calm the spark created by his stripping.

I could feel his calloused fingers as they danced along my abdomen, exciting me more.

I could feel his strong, muscular chest against my bare back and I started to feel it.

A burning heat down there.

And I squirmed. A wrong move apparently as he let out a strangled groan.

I almost asked if he was okay when I felt something hard pressing against my bum. I gasped as I figured out what exactly it was.

Fuck, it was his cock and I was so unbelievably turned on and if I had panties on they would be drenched by now.

I felt his hand descend lower down my body, igniting a trail of heat as it passed.

An involuntary reaction ensued.

My back arched slightly, pushing my bum more firmly against his cock and my lips closer to his.

My lips? Well he captured them in a soul searing kiss while turning me around.

After a lot of shuffling, we were face to face.

I looked into his eyes that had darkened with his lust and I offered my lips to him. Again he captured them and I was trapped in my lust for him.

My hands slithered up around his neck and into his hair. His messy, chaotic hair.

I pulled him closer, pulling myself up his body. Putting myself in position for what was to come.

He looked at me and I answered, slightly out of breath, "On the pill, clean, you?"

He nodded in answer to my question and then I was impaled.

On his magnificent cock.

I moaned and arched my back again. It felt so good but I wanted more, more friction, more him.

I pulled his lips to mine and began moving my hips with his. He released my lips to groan and I whispered for more against his jaw, licking and sucking as I went past.

My wish was granted. He flipped us so he was on top of me and gave me more.

He was faster, harder, stronger and I loved every single minute of it.

He was touching me all over and it was good. He played with me, my body, my reactions.

He teased my nipples, my clit and barely brushed my lips.

Oh fuck, I wanted him.

I couldn't get enough of this fine male specimen on top of me, in me, surrounding me.

Then he angled his hips upwards and I started seeing stars. That was when I knew he hit the right spot to make me scream for him.

He hit it over and over again and I started swearing my cute little ass off.

Fuck, it felt so good and I could feel it building.

I was toppling over the edge of oblivion and I screamed.

I screamed so much I could hear myself getting hoarse.

I could feel him smirking against my neck and then I clamped down on him.

He threw his head back and then looked at me directly in my eyes.

"Look at me," he commanded domineeringly and I obeyed.

I looked into his lust darkened eyes and electricity passed through me, along with the shockwaves of my screaming orgasm.

Our eyes were locked onto each others as we both enjoyed ecstasy.

Yes, shared ecstasy with him, with my long time unrequited love Edward Cullen.

Be careful what you wish for, right?

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