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Just an idea I'm playing around with, I was kinda stuck with my other stories and I needed a way to get the creativity flowin.

I honestly love Morganville Vampires, so I don't mean to offend anyone if I get anything wrong. I've only read up to the Feast of Fools so far.

I hate Edward too, most of the time anyway, so don't hate me if you don't like him in this story.

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Lose Yourself

Summary: Being Amelie's sister is not an easy task. Especially when she's the Founder of Morganville and has convinced everyone that you're dead 200 years ago. Never setting foot in Morganville, Bella is free to do as she pleases. After her boyfriend who was a Cold One (Edward) leaves her alone in the woods, she finally decides to go see her family.

Being a vampire, not a sparkly one that is, was amazing. Everything was clear and sharp, there were colors that a normal person wouldn't be able to see and night vision.

I hated the sun, even though I was old enough it didn't burn as much as it use too, but it was bright so I always had sunglasses with me somewhere. Garlic was just nasty, but it wasn't poisonous to me like mortals believe. Holy water was a no, it burned depending on how much was used but I didn't turn to ash. Stakes hurt, if it were to go into my heart I would be dead. I could pull it out, but after a week or two I would be a goner.

All of this ran through my head as I walked with my boyfriend, Edward Cullen, who was a Cold One, which meant he was a vampire with rock hard skin, changing eye color depending on mood, and he sparkles. He was a vegetarian, which meant he drank animal blood and not human blood (which was delish!), so he thought it was ok to date me. After all he thought I was human.

In the middle of the path not far away from the house I'm currently staying at, I was about to tell Edward the truth, but he started to speak before I could. It was the least I could do, after all he did save my life more than once…or he thought he did anyway.

"Bella, we're leaving." What?

"Ok, I can tell Charlie. How much time do I have?" I asked, Charlie was my human companion for the past few years, but if I had to I would leave him behind. "Wait, when you say we…you mean what exactly?"

"My family and I of course."

"But not me?" "Bella, I don't love you anymore." I saw a gleam in his eyes, as if he was begging me to not believe him. I stood silently staring at him, in return he continued to talk. "Your not good for me, you're just a human."

Wrong. Turning around I started to walk off, but a hand grabbed my arm. "What Eddie?" I asked growling. Stupid cold one, thinking he's better than me.

"Where were you going? I was still talking!" He hissed, oh this is definitely not the man I fell in love with.

Turning around I decided that I could yell at him. "Well I'm not going to stand here and be insulted! I'm not some human Eddie! If you were smart you would know that Mr. Mind-Reader!" Oh look at his face! I wish I had my camera.

He stood still for a second as his mind processed what I just said.

Shaking his hand off my arm, it fell to his side and he voiced the question I was waiting for him to ask me. "Then what are you?"

I blurred up to the bronze-haired 'vampire' and grabbed him neck. Golden eyes that were widened stared at me as I slammed the man into a tree. Mouth open, my fangs extended and my eyes became cat like. The love of my life once upon a time, now seemed like a wimp now that he was facing Death, or one of it's soldiers anyway. That's what we are after all, all vampires are Death's Agents. It's our job to kill things and so they could go to the god Hades. Hissing I decided that I made my point and quickly moved away, booking it back to my house I didn't look back at the Cold One who was behind me.

I just wanna fall and lose myself. Laughing so hard it hurts like hell. Forget about everything and runaway ~ Runaway - Avril Lavigne

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