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Lose Yourself

Summary: Being Amelie's sister is not an easy task. Especially when she's the Founder of Morganville and has convinced everyone that you're dead 200 years ago. Never setting foot in Morganville, Bella is free to do as she pleases. After her boyfriend who was a Cold One (Edward) leaves her alone in the woods, she finally decides to go see her family.


I was finally handed the blood that I demanded from the nurse, I even took my time drinking it. I was so tired of being alone and without a family, I was tired of being a bitch to everyone that I met. This girl just wanted to be loved and cared for, I figured that my sister was the best person to start with. Even if I heard that my father was here.

That man was abusive, physically and emotionally, even though we were royal and it happened behind closed doors, no one outside of the family knew of Bishop's cruelty to his children but everyone knew he was a harsh ruler. The penalty for peasants was death, the penalty for the rich was a fine and his children had to suffer a beating. Once he became a vampire and forced the same fate onto his children, it only became worse. The amount of blood on his hands increased within the second, even if it wasn't necessarily towards his kids, he was still as freighting maybe even more than when he was human.

I had heard my old man was still alive and that he recently came to Morganville looking for Amelie, but not for the same reasons that I did and I can only that I don't run into him, I'd rather avoid his wrath for as long as possible. As much as I love my sister, I would willingly throw her into his way to save my hide. It was something that I learned growing up under Bishop's care.

My relationship with Amelie is shaky and for that reason she banished me from this town. She couldn't be worrying about a possible betrayal, but Oliver posed the same threat as me just not as personal I guess. Oliver likes being in control, I remember he was the same way as a human when I first met him back when we traveled with our father. She was never the perfect sister, but she tried to be there for me and that's all that I could ever ask for.

Father had control over our lives ranging from when we would wake up and go to sleep, what we would eat in the morning, afternoon and night, who was around us and who we talked to. Bishop micromanaged us to an extreme that was worse than Peter the Great from Russia, who changed the clothing of his people and put a tax on beards. Bishop kept us apart, to possibly have a rivalry between sisters so that there was no possible way of us ganging back on him in an attempt to overthrow him, which we did within reason.

Amelie took the thrown once Bishop was gone, she was my older sister so she was the obvious choice to be the ruler but that didn't keep me from being jealous. My sister was fit for power, but her ways were similar to our father who was more influential on her than he was on me. Amelie would always be the favorite one, the prettier one and everyone listened to her. At least in some way I was loved her and she loved me in her own way. Amelie took care of me and protected me to an extent, of what she was capable of. We were morphed as children to act cold, it was the only way to stay strong so no one would hurt you. Love ones were a weakness, a reliability that causes emotions and actions to be altered and for that reason a good ruler should be cold and not love.

That is until I was banished, the reason I wasn't really sure about. Myrnin must have said some crazy thing to her, spun some delusion thoughts in a web of ongoing rumors. There were times which I loved him and then there was moments that I hated him. For example, the time he killed one of my lovers for simply stepping on Bobby, a pet spider of his. Life was never the same for the next few years after that because no man had the same effect Robert, my dead lover, had on me.

"Ms. Isabella," A vampire who wore the Founder's crest on a necklace and dressed in black spoke softly and timidly, I could see her lip quiver. "I'm here to escort you to Ms. Amelie."

I was feeling nice and didn't want to fight with this timid youngling, I could tell she was frightened enough from having to say my name. I wonder if this vampire was new to the afterlife because you never show fear to another predator like yourself, they will just take advantage of it.

"Very well." I followed the young girl to a black Audi and sat in the passengers seat. "Take me to your leader." Couldn't pass up a chance of saying that. We zoomed away from the blood bank and towards the center of town, zipping down the streets and between the cars which were on the roach, to where Amelie was located. Finally it was time to see my sister.

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