Po heard a purring noise in his ear as he woke. Which was very strange as the only creature in the palace to even remotely be able to purr was Tigress, and she was out on a mission. So though it was earlier then his normal wake up time, Po opened his eyes.

Laying on and around him were clouded leopards. The ones known as ladies of the shade to be precise. It took half a moment for Po to remember that he was defeated and knocked out not long after Crane and Viper fled the scene. Waking up like this was unexpected though.

He shifted a bit and tried to stand up. One of the ladies stirred and took Po by the arm, smiling playfully. Po knew this one to be one of the twins.

"Trying to go some where, Dragon Warrior?" she purred.

"Ummm, somewhere not here I guess. I mean, I'm not sure why I'm in here and why-" Po started when the second twin suddenly draped her arms over Po's shoulders.

"But we want you to stay." she said, nuzzling the side of Po's neck.

Po's eyes widen a bit at this action. Was it him or were they coming on to him? And why did that nuzzle feel so good?

"That's uhh, nice. But I should-"

"Keep it down!" a leopard complained.

"You keep it down!" Po snapped, though he wasn't sure why he was arguing with the random leopard.

The twins giggled and pressed themselves closer to Po. Po was not quite sure how to react to their nuzzling and purring.

"Errr.. ladies..." Po said before letting out a high yelp when he felt a a questing hand on his tail. "Who's hand is that exactly?"

"Mine." the twin with her arms draped over Po's shoulders giggled.

"Nice to know. Now could you remove it? Miss uh.."

"Ai. And my sister who's enjoying herself nuzzling you're chest is Bao." the leopard said.

"So soft." Bao crooned.

Po couldn't help but let out a satisfied groan as Bao started licking his collarbone. His eyes were even closing in reaction to the pleasure coursing through him. Thankfully, he snapped out of it fairly quickly and pulled himself away from the twins.

"Hey,down ladies! Getting a little too close for comfort here." Po said, backing up and nearing stepping on a sleeping leopard.

Ai grinned and leaned into Po's face.

"Oh come on. You can't pretend you're not attracted to us. Or that you didn't just enjoy that." she said.

"I can too pretend to-oooo, thats good."

Po's rant was cut off by Ai reaching out and scratching behind one of his ears. With Po distracted by his base instincts again, Ai leaned in to steal a kiss.

"Ai! Bao! Back away from the panda!" Su shouted suddenly, in the entrance of the large hut.

At the arrival of their leader, the twins and all the other leopards got to their feet.

"But Su, we were only-" Bao started to say.

Su cut her whining off by raising a hand to signal silence. Bao fell silent and lowered her head, as did Ai. Po looked at Su, bewildered.

"What's going on here exactly? This was pretty much one of the last places I expected to be when waking up. Much less the least likely situation after that." Po said.

"And i apologize for the twins behavior. They were getting ahead of themselves it seems." Su said.

"That's okay I guess... ahead of what exactly?" Po asked.

Su approached Po now. For a moment Po was afraid she was going to act like the twins did. Instead she stood before Po and spoke.

"To answer that question I must tell you a little bit about our village. We are mostly exclusively female here. It's traditional really. But once in awhile we do need new blood. Normally we go out to find a male or two. But this time, one came to us." Su explained.

Po tilted his head, at first confused at what Su meant. He had only seen the male guard before, but something told him that Su wasn't talking about him. The it dawned on him.

"Woah. Time out! Are you talking about me?" Po asked.

"You showed yourself to be strong. Even though you weren't strong enough to defeat all of us, I think any children resulting from you will be strong as well." Su said.

Now Po was really worried. He looked around for a exit, knowing he was going to try and fight his way out of here soon. For a moment he thought he saw Song among the other leopards, looking at him sadly. But he had no time to focus on that.

"No. No no no. Not happening. I rather just get back to the Jade Palace. I have dragon warrior stuff to do." Po said, trying to subtly move to the exit.

Umbrellas were drawn out and some of the leopards snarled. Okay, this might be hard to get out of.

"You don't get it. There will be no return to the Jade palace for you." Su said. "Instead, you will stay here. There will be a competition for who gets to have you. And then... well, I think Bao and Ai gave you an idea of what is to come."

Po had a good idea of what Su meant. He just hoped that either he got out of this himself or the furious five came to help him soon.