Important Information

"Blah" Speaking

::Blah:: comm. link

'Blah'bonded speech

'Blah' thinking

Astrosecond- 2.5 earth Seconds

Klik- 150 earth seconds/ 2.5 earth Minutes

Orn- 150 earth minutes/ 2.5 earth Hours

Joor- 60 earth hours/2.5 earth Days

Metacycle- 17.5 earth days/2.5 earth Weeks

Vorn- 10 earth weeks/2.5 earth months

Stellercycle-30 earth months/2.5 years

Breem-slang for a moment/minute.

Night Cycle: star down to star up

Day Cycle: Star up to star down

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When Megatron landed softly next to Starscream, dark grin spread across his face, Thundercracker knew the real fight was just beginning.

Both Starscream and Thundercracker gasped, flinching away from each other, the blue seeker making the mistake of letting go of his trine leader. Starscream instantly tore away from his lieutenant as though he had been burned; scrambling back the few steps that Thundercracker had led him, siding with Megatron. Snarling, the aerial lieutenant took a few steps back himself, putting his body between Megatron's fusion canon and the small group behind him.

Megatron's crooked grin turned into an ugly sneer. "Well, well, well. What have we here? A pair of traitorous seekers, and trying to take my aerial commander from me I see. Tsk, I thought you had more class Thundercracker."

Megatron smiled cruelly while Thundercracker hissed at his previous master, taking another step back. Fear shot through the blue seeker; the need to save Starscream and Skywarp as strong as the need to save Callie.

The titan leader took a step forward while Starscream's dull optics cast downwards, shame flooding the bond from the trine leader's side. The feelings of inadequacy rivalled the shame as Megatron spoke, his words cold and cutting. "You're all alone here Thundercracker. All alone with no one to help you. You're going to die here Thundercracker, die a slow, agonizing death by my servos for your traitorous actions."

Fighting against the urge to kneel, to submit as he had always done in the past, Thundercracker stood tall, wings held high, unafraid. "Rust in the Pit Megatron. I am not afraid of you."

The brave words were met with a sneer. "You will be, when I'm done with you. Just look what I did to your trine leader? He managed to hold on for eons, how long do you think you'll last?" Starscream flinched and lowered his wings while Megatron continued. "He used to fight against spilling his tears in front of me, still does. I wonder if you even possess the same strength or will you merely crumble from what I do to you?"

A thick grey servo made to grab at Thundercracker's thigh, high, aiming for his interface panel. The blue seeker snarled and took a step back, dodging the sloppy grab. Megatron smirked. "Run, run, run as fast as you can little seeker but you're all alone, and you'll never out run me."

Thundercracker managed to stifle a flinch, his processor racing with the implication of Megatron's words and what he did to Starscream and why the feelings of hatred, self-loathing and inadequacy hummed through the bond.

"He…he's not alone!"

Megatron, for just a moment, looked confused, shocked as Hound proved he was as strong as the other Autobots when the time called for it, just as brave as the others by stepping up and standing side by side with Thundercracker.

The small tracker may have trembled and fear may have coursed through him, but he stood with all the nobility of an elite warrior. Mirage, Hound was sure, was going to kill him if they survived this encounter.

Without a word, Skywarp stood and took his place at Thundercracker's other side. Just as brave, just as noble, not willing to back down to Megatron's oppression any more.

Surprised filled Starscream as Megatron cocked a metallic brow in amusement, two Decepticons and an Autobot standing together? For what? Why defend each other when they were all going to die horrible deaths?

Megatron was curious, to be honest, as to what could have possibly shake Thundercracker's faith in the Decepticon cause to the point of betrayal? What could have led him to the Autobots? The titan Decepticon looked past the odd wall of two Decepticon's and the single Autobot to where the foolish frontliner lay, his frame still, his rasping ventilations gurgling and cracking. Clearly not what had finally led Thundercracker astray; no the blue hued seeker was far too invested in protecting something.

A small, almost unnoticeable movement caught his red optic; a movement so tiny that had he not been looking, he would not have taken any notice. In fact, it would have been too far beneath his notice at any other time, yet that small, tiny movement grasped his attention and it belonged to a human, a human that huddled within the small knot of girls that hid behind the seekers and the tracker.

Humans! It was humans that had been the catalyst to Thundercracker joining the Autobot ranks. Small, defenceless, stupid humans. Self-destructive, squishy, genocidal humans.

Megatron couldn't help it, he honestly tried to fight it, tried to stop it and maintain the vision of the hardened, gladiator leader that he was. Yet he couldn't stop the cold laughter from bubbling straight from his core as the mere thought that humans had somehow managed to convince Thundercracker to not only turn his back on his faction, but his trine leader as well.

Starscream glanced with worried optics at his master and Thundercracker took a step back, urging the two mechs flanking him to do the same. Megatron was unhinged at the best of times but there was no telling what he would do in the face of such a betrayal.

The dark, cold laughter died off abruptly and Megatron's sharp red optics bore into the trio before him. Addressing Starscream, but still staring down Thundercracker, Megatron's sneering voice bit out like icy wind. "Tell me Starscream, how does it feel to know your own trine mate, your own lieutenant, left you for some humans?"

Thundercracker tensed his frame and kept his crimson optics hard and focused on Megatron. Starscream choose to not to answer his master's scathing words, optics still downcast and dull while rage and hatred swept through to Thundercracker from Starscream's side of the trine bonds.

But the hatred was directed towards Megatron, not him so Thundercracker pushed understanding and more love down the bond, watching his commander shutter from the corner of his optic. Megatron missed the tremble while he continued to stare down Thundercracker.

Taking a chance, Thundercracker opened a private line to Starscream, hoping to reach him ::Scree. Don't listen to him. He's lying. We'd never leave you.:: Crimson optics softened at his trine mate's words. :: We were coming for you. We'd never leave you. You're stronger than this, don't let him win!::

Hatred for Megatron warred with confusion and fear of the unknown, unsure if he was being led astray.

"Tell me Thundercracker, which of these pretty pets belong to you?" Megatron's cold, dark voice snapped the proud seeker's attention back to him, his blue frame stiffening just a little further.

"You won't get near them." Skywarp snarled, suddenly rushing back into the killing edge he had barely left, knowing how much it would hurt his sweet wings should anything happen to Callie.

Hound nodded in agreement, blaster clutched tightly in his dull black servo while he continued to try his comm., hoping that someone would hear his call for help.

Megatron's maniacal laughter broke from him again, high, mocking and cold. "And you really believe that you can stop me if I choose to?"

Skywarp snarled and Thundercracker could feel himself rushing back towards the killing edge. This was a foolish endeavour. Megatron could, and would kill them; his armor was thicker, his weapons more powerful, but Thundercracker had speed on his side. Maybe if they distracted the Decepticon, maybe Hound could get the others out alive.

'Sky, we need to get him away from the humans.'

'What about Starscream?'

Thundercracker paused, considering their options. There had to be a way for all of them to survive this. 'We distract Megatron enough for Hound to get the girls out. Then you go for Scree and get him out of here. Teleport him someplace safe, then come back for Sideswipe. In the meantime I'll keep Megatron busy.'

Skywarp hesitated, unsure, 'This is isn't a good plan. Too much can go wrong. What if…'

'No what if's Skywarp. Teleport behind Megatron and aim for his knees, cripple him if you can. I'll tell Hound to get out of here then take over the fight.'

'But...' Skywarp's fear was palatable, coming through even the cold hardness of the killing edge.

Thundercracker narrowed crimson optics on the mech that was once his leader, knowing Prime would take care of the girls should anything happen to him. He was also confident that if this worked, Ratchet would repair his body should he survive the attack.

More importantly, Thundercracker had unwavering confidence in Skywarp's abilities. 'On my count.'

The bond filled with worry and uncertainly for a moment, before drowning out to a cold void of nothing as Skywarp prepared himself, steeled himself. 'Three...'

This had to work. It was the only way they would get out of this alive. 'Two...'

Or he would die trying and if he did, at least he'd die a free mech, Skywarp would die a free mech. 'One...'

It was all he could hope for right then. 'GO!'

Skywarp disappeared in a flash of purple light, reappearing behind Megatron. The youngest of the seekers dropped to his knees, slashing through the back of Megaton's knee, ripping through cables and lines. Bright purple energon spewed out mixed with bright blue coolant, splashing on the ground.

The attack happened so fast that Megatron hadn't he time to dodge; the damaged knee gave out under his weight with a gasp. At the same moment, Thundercracker turned to Hound, grabbing the stunned Autobot by the shoulder and roughly pushing him towards the girls. "GET THEM OUT HOUND! WE'LL MEET UP WITH YOU LATER!" Thundercracker roared at him.

The tracker didn't hesitate, turning and running for the girls, hating that he'd have to leave Sideswipe behind in order to save them.

The blue seeker felt himself drop hard past the killing edge and he charged Megatron as the titan leader forced himself to stand, turning to attack Skywarp.

Starscream stood rigid, optics wide, shocked that his trine would do something so dumb as to attack Megatron. Yet Thundercracker did just that and as Megatron raised his servo to strike the purple seeker, his claws poised to rip though armor, Thundercracker's own claws ripped into a seam at Megatron's shoulder.

With a grunt, the blue seeker tore wires from Megatron's shoulder but the Decepticon leader was used to fighting multiple adversaries; one did not survive the pits of Kaon without that ability, and he grabbed Skywarp by the arm, throwing him bodily into his mate.

Thundercracker caught Skywarp as he was tossed sideways at him; the purple seeker slammed horizontally into the older seeker, and with a grunt, Thundercracker fell backwards, Skywarp sprawled across his chest.

Megatron used his moment of freedom to charge Hound; the Decepticon leader may not have understood why these humans were so important to Thundercracker, nor he did he care, but he would take this from the blue menace, before he ended his pitiful life.

The massive Decepticon caught Hound before he reached the humans, a massive servo wrapping tightly around a green upper arm, denting the metal. He dragged the tracker back two steps before burying his fist deep into green abdominal plates. The small tracker gasped, dropping his blaster, the air rushing from his vents as Megatron winded him; he dropped to his knees, grasping at his belly and trying to get his erratic venting under control. A cruel grin spread across the Decepticon's face as Megatron stepped behind Hound, wrapping his servos around the little 'bots head. He could easily tear it off, ending his miserable life.

Fear and panic coursed through Hound as Megatron's massive, cold servos gripped his helm, one good twist and that would be the end of him. One of the girls screamed his name and Hound said a silent prayer to Primus, to watch out for Mirage now that he no longer could.

Megatron's digits tensed on the trackers helm and everything suddenly played in slow motion; Skywarp was suddenly behind Megatron, two sets of pointed claws digging into the leader's shoulders. Burrowing and twisting to get to the struts beneath the thick armor, to the cables that would render the arms useless. It would do no good to pull out the thin wires and cables at the surface of his shoulders, he needed to dig his way down to the important ones, the ones that were buried deep and controlled motor function.

Megatron howled in rage and kicked the small tracker away from him, Hound gasping as he fell forward, grateful that he wasn't dead. Rolling himself, the green mech scooped his blaster, turning to fire at Megatron's massive chest. His shots scorched and burnt the wide grey chest, the smell of molten metal filling the air.

The titan roared; with laser fire to his front and Skywarp's claws to his shoulders, Megatron acted quickly. Reaching over his shoulder, he made a grab for Skywarp, clamping a wide servo around the seeker's thin throat.

Hissing like a wild cat, the seeker thrashed in Megatron's hold, but the ex-gladiator had the size and strength to hoist the seeker higher into the air, tossing him at Hound. The Autobot gasped and stopped his firing, a very real fear of hitting the teleporter at the forefront of Hound's processor.

Skywarp slammed into Hound and the pair went tumbling down like rag dolls.

The entire attack lasted mere astroseconds, though it seemed so much longer to the Decepticon seeker and the Autobot tracker. Megatron's chest plates were black and scorched, his shoulders leaking from the wounds inflicted by Skywarp, yet the Decepticon leader proved himself worthy of being a ruler by standing tall, bellowing in his triumph, fusion canon powering up; it had only been a matter of time before the slagger used it on one of them.

While Skywarp and Hound quickly detangled themselves, Thundercracker charged Thrust's weapon; the familiar feeling of the muzzle heating up brought a small measured of comfort to the blue seeker. Megatron met Thundercracker's gaze with a smirk; the blue seeker grinned back, weapon poised and ready to attack. His ex-leader slowly raised the fusion canon at his arm, and Thundercracker waited for its high ark to point at him.

Horror rose from his centre as Megatron pointed the fusion canon at a still unconscious Sideswipe and the small cluster of girls that huddled together. Fear knocked Thundercracker right from the killing edge; his crimson optics wide in shock, every strut frozen.

He risked a glance at Callie, his little blonde charge and felt his tanks twist; her blue eyes were wide in fear, her face as pale as a sheet at Megatron pointed the massive fusion canon at her.

"They have nothing to do with this." Thundercracker sneered, condescending, plating flared wide in a panic. "I didn't think you feared humans Megatron. How far you've fallen."

Starscream actually felt his jaw drop at that jibe, easily seeing that Thundercracker was trying to draw Megatron's attention from the humans to him. Mocking him until his fury broiled over, attacking the object of his displeasure.

Seeing through Thundercracker's attempt at deflecting his attention, Megatron grinned a bitter and cruel grin. "The question why do you care comes to mind Thundercracker. What is so special about these humans?"

Hound and Skywarp were on their pedes, flanking the blue seeker; Hound targeted his weapon at Megatron, but he was too terrified to use it. The teleporter's claws were dripping in his ex-leaders energon blood, poised and ready for attack, his shoulder cannons still locked in the Autobots base.

Thrust's weapon hummed with power on Thundercracker's shoulder, still pointing at Megatron. "What makes you think the humans mean anything to me? I just don't see the point in wasting the energy." the cold, callous voice was back, high and superior.

His own words ripped at him, made him feel ill, but Thundercracker needed Megatron to focus on him and not Callie. He, at least, had armor that had a chance of surviving an attack.

Head tilting to the side, Megatron focused on the mech that was once a lieutenant in his army. "You're pointing a weapon at me, you stand with the Autobots and left your trine leader alone on base. You expect me to believe that you joined the Autobots from the good of your spark? Don't patronize me Thundercracker, these humans have something to do with your disloyalty."

The fusion canon burned hot, still aiming at Callie and her cousins. "This is why you left our fold. This is why you stand with Autobots and Skywarp is just too stupid to do anything but follow you." The young teleporter hissed. "I can see it in your optics Thundercracker." Megatron intoned. "You are so good at hiding things, but when you fail, you crash and burn."

The blue seeker snarled but didn't dare respond or deny the claim; there was no point once Megatron caught wind of something. He needed a new tactic and quick, something to somehow draw Megatron's ire back to him.

"I wonder," Megatron's tone was suddenly pleasant, as though they were talking about the weather and not about to end the lives of five young girls. "Which one is yours Thundercracker?"

The seeker took in a sharp intake of air, weapon never wavering, his optics flicking to where Danny and Callie where trying to shove Liz, Mia and Aleyah behind them, not that it would help any if Megatron fired that fusion canon.

Danny froze at the Decepticon's rough, mocking words, her brown eyes snapping to Callie; the blonde swallowed hard, gripping at Mia's arm tightly, almost painfully. Mia grabbed her cousin's elbow and yanked her back, stepping in front of her as Danny slid in from the side, standing shoulder to shoulder in front of their blonde cousin, trying to protect her.

Thundercracker cursed at the movement, even if he would have done the same in their position, but their actions were a dead giveaway as to who was favored by the strong blue seeker. Megatron grinned down at the girls, his malicious smile showing flat, blunt denta. "Ah, the little blonde is it?"

"If you touch her…" the snarl from Thundercracker rumbled from his chest, the threat left unfinished as Megatron lowered his weapon.

"You'll what, exactly, Thundercracker? Attack me? Risking their pathetic lives, hardly. Maybe kill me?" his voice reached a mocking peak. "I highly doubt it. No, instead, I'm going to pull her limbs from her body and make you watch."

Callie took a sharp breath, stepping backwards while Thundercracker's wings and plating flared aggressively. Megatron just smiled at him, mocking him. "And you'll try to save her, no doubt. And I will stop you, hurt you," he shrugged. "And I'll enjoy it. Then I'll make you watch me pull her limbs from her body anyway."

Thundercracker snarled whilst murmuring low. "Be ready."

The 'bot stood at either side of him gave minute nods as Thundercracker watched Megatron, plotting, looking for a weakness that he could exploit so he could get the humans away. Even injured, the Decepticon leader stood tall, looking unharmed, unhindered.

The blue seeker knew he couldn't sacrifice himself as that would just bring Skywarp down with him. There had to be a way out; but all Thundercracker found himself doing was snarling like a helpless, angry cat at another that had taken its toy.

While Megatron and Thundercracker stared each other down, both waiting for the other to make the first move, Danny swallowed hard. Her mouth went dry as she watched the Decepticons wait each other out; her heart pounding in her chest, cold sweat dripping down her spine, she knew needed to get Callie out of here.

Glancing at Sideswipe, Danny felt dismay at having to leave the Autobot behind but she had to trust that the seekers would get him out of there. Taking a deep breath, Danny quietly murmured to her cousin, the current object of Megatron's homicidal thoughts. "When he's watching me, run."

Callie's head snapped to her cousin, blind panic on her face. "Don't." She hissed.

Danny shook her head, pony tail flipping back and forth. "It's you he's after, and I'm not going to let him take your limbs off! Just go! Don't worry about me, just run!" The car thief hissed at her cousin before taking a step away.

Horror rose from Callie's stomach as Danny slowly, quietly sidestepped away. Some might think she had a death wish, humming a soft tune to calm her nerves; but Danny simply knew the value of sacrifice. Knew there were things worth dying for, dying to protect, and her family was one of those things.

"Danny don't!" Callie hissed back, trying to break Liz's grip and get to her fool hardy cousin.

"Hey Megatron!" she yelled instead, ignoring her cousin. "Megatron!" she hollered again, but she was ignored by all the Cybertronians, not considered a threat or even an irritation.

"Go fuck yourself Megatron!" she snarled, ignoring the pounding of her heart.

That, if anything else, got everyone's attention. Hound stared in open shock, the words nononononono where being whispered on silent lips as he watched in horror. Skywarp and Thundercracker stared in a disturbing mix of awe and fear, tense, waiting for Megatron to attack. As unhinged as he was, he would never tolerate that.

Starscream had yet to move from his frozen spot on the ground, taking in the entire scene with a sense of dread and confusion.

Megatron simply turned to stare at her, confused at the thought that a simple organic creature had the audacity to utter such a vile thing to him. Danny glanced at her cousin, hoping the blonde would be long gone by now and not staring at her in a mix of rage and fear.

"What did you just say to me?"

The demand brought Danny back to Megatron and she realised just how much larger he was than the others, how he projected himself to be bigger than the others. How he was a far more dangerous creature to be toying with.

Most said Danny was too dumb to be afraid of anything but she simply knew that bad people would do bad things, whether you were afraid or not so it was best to play the part of crazy. So, Danny grinned back at him, taking careful steps back. "I didn't stutter. What I said was, Go. Fuck. Yourself. With a giant pink dildo, in fact. I'm sure given enough time I could have one made for you and have it UPS'ed."

The human paused and glanced up in thought. "So yeah. End thought. Go fuck yourself. Pink dildo."

Danny continued to back away from the titan leader as he turned partially to her, the fusion canon aiming more at the pair of seekers than her. "Care to change your tune flesh bag?"

The human grinned back. "Maybe you just didn't understand me. If you listen a little faster, I won't have to speak slower. But in case you missed it…" the girls hands were a flurry around her as she spoke. "Go fuck yourself."

Rage contorted Megatron's face, his wide grey armor flaring out in anger; his attack came fast, faster than his size would suggest, faster than Danny had been anticipating. Her plan had been to escape back the way they came, back through the wreckage of the garage and back out into the city. She knew LA like the back of her hand, and if she had the chance, she was sure she could escape.

The chance never came; Megatron was too fast, came at her too hard for any hope of escape. Thundercracker was right behind him, charging after him and Skywarp was teleporting, trying to cut him off while Hound went for the others, all of whom seemed to be frozen in place.

Danny gasped, turning to run, when she felt Megatron's thick digits brushing along her back, grasping at her brown leather jacket. Suddenly Mia was cutting Danny off. Quiet happy Mia, who everyone always watched, had somehow managed to get away from Callie and was cutting Danny off; her small hands shoving at her sister, pushing her to the ground.

The car thief slammed into the concrete, scrapping her knees and palms as Megatron's digits flew over her, grasping her sister around the middle, squeezing her like a toy. Mia's terrified shriek broke through the all other noise around Danny as Megatron straightened up.

With Mia clamped tightly in one digit, Megatron turned just as Skywarp teleported behind him, to face Thundercracker, and raising the girl up like a shield, the blue seeker skidding to a halt with a snarl.

Scrambling to her small feet, Danny snarled as she stood in front of Skywarp, her nasty cry of "Let her the fuck go! It's me you want!" went ignored by the Decepticon leader as he grinned at Thundercracker.

Giving Mia a small squeeze, putting pressure onto her unprotected hips, the small girl screamed as pain coursed through her, fear causing her to panic and pant. Thundercracker could hear Callie screaming out her cousin's name, the fear and emotional agony ringing in her high voice.

"Let her go." Thundercracker snarled, his borrowed weapon still humming hot at his arm.

Grinning coldly at the blue seeker, Megatron ignored the teleporter behind him along with the cursing human at his pede. "I told you Thundercracker, you will lose everything before I kill you for this betrayal."

The words were spoken in a gentle whisper and he squeezed Mia just a little harder; the pressure became unbearable for the human and she could feel her bones wanting to break and crack, the burning agony spreading down to her knees and up her spine.

Mia screamed out her agony, not even noticing the tears that streamed down her pretty face; her eyes going red, her cheeks puffy and her throat sore from the howling in agony. Megatron grinned again. "Music to my audios. Such soft creatures, aren't they Thundercracker?"

The deranged leader glanced over his shoulder and down to Danny. "I'll kill your little friend here before I kill you. And you'll watch her tumble down to Earth knowing this is your doing, and nothing you do from this point on will save her."

"You bastard! Let her go!" Danny sneered up at him; her brown eyes pinned on Mia's small body as she writhed in pain.

Megatron just smiled, enjoying the situation far too much. "Come Starscream. Let's take this little game of ours to the skies, hmm?"

Skywarp gasped, dropping his frame around the car thief as Megatron's thrusters powered on, dust, smoke and debris rushing with the flames as he took to the sky, Mia still held tight in his grasp.

Thundercracker looked on horrified at the Decepticon; torn between wanting to attack and worry for Mia's life.

Fighting her way from under Skywarp's frame as he protected her from the shooting flames, Danny stared up at the rising Decepticon with a shriek of rage, helpless to do anything else, angry, furious that she had basically gotten Mia killed.

Taking a shuttering vent, Starscream glanced to Megatron's climbing form then to Thundercracker, as the blue seeker plotted to now save Mia. Shaking his helm, Starscream activated his thrusters to follow his master into the sky; shock rippled down the bond from his trine mates, quickly followed by a want, a need from Thundercracker.

A gentle ping from his wing mate told Starscream that Thundercracker wanted to talk. The rising seeker snorted. Now he wants to talk.

::What?:: The trine leader snapped.

The want and need from Thundercracker spread through Starscream; it was staggering and he flailed slightly in the sky as he struggled to reach Megatron.

::Don't do this Scree. Don't do this, please. Don't let him kill Mia, help us.::

Starscream snorted over the comm. line. ::Mia? You bothered to learn its name?::

::Starscream, please. We need you. We need your help.::

::Funny how you always need me, but I never seem to need you.:: came the sneering reply from the aerial commander.

Fury swept through Thundercracker. ::You mean like those nights when Megatron beat you so badly you didn't remember we were on Earth? You mean those nights? The nights when you hid in our berth just to escape him!::

Starscream snarled again as want/need/please/save her still trilled down the trine bonds despite the fury being projected, and he shut down the comm. line with Thundercracker as he rose higher.

Thundercracker snarled and turned to Skywarp. "Starscream won't help us. We need to get her ourselves."

The purple teleporter nodded, determined, listening to his mate's words over the spark bond; a plan already formulating between the two of them. Power shifted to Thundercracker's thrusters as he turned to glare at Danny. "Stay out of trouble damn it!"

The car thief blinked up at him, helpless and unable to do defend her actions, uttering "Please save my sister."

The blue Decepticon snarled again, leaping into the air, tearing after Megatron and his seemingly never ending ascent. He couldn't shoot the titan leader from the sky, not with Mia's small body trapped in his fist.

Cold air whipped past him as Thundercracker flew hard and fast towards Megatron; crimson optics narrowing on the ex-gladiator, focused and intent on getting to Mia.

Megatron watched Thundercracker come head on at him; too much of a coward to fire at him, too soft to risk killing the human. The Decepticon laughed to himself, musing at just how far the seeker's had fallen; now was the time to show Thundercracker just how weak he was. Humiliate him, and the little teleporting fool who was too dumb to realise that standing against him was a death sentence.

Starscream floated behind him, optics dull and distant, dead. He wasn't broken, not yet; even fighting amongst themselves the seekers would feed off each other, draw strength from the trine bond. Slaughtering his wing mates should break that bond rather sufficiently.

"Starscream, catch." Megatron grinned to himself moments before he tossed the small human to the seeker.

Mia shrieked, her small body flailing as Megatron gave a small flick of his wrist and sent the girl cart wheeling across the sky; fear and terror shot through the human's body as the feeling of weightlessness made her stomach churn.

Startled, Starscream caught the human with both servos, her small body slamming into the dull blue plating, skidding across the rough metal. Panting and crying, green eyes sparkling from the fat tears streaming down the girls face.

As Megatron snarled, Mia forced herself onto her hands and knees, tipping her small face up to the dark grey plates of Starscream's face.

Skywarp suddenly teleported behind Megatron, but the titan leader was ready and waiting for the attack. Spinning his large frame, his fist aimed for the seekers soft abdomen, bending the metal. Thundercracker bellowed in rage, firing at Megatron's back with Thrust's weapon; winded, the purple seeker dropped from the sky, his thrusters misfiring as he dragged air in through his vents and mouth.

Snarling, Megatron fired back at the blue seeker, the blast from the fusion canon sending ripples of heat into the air. Dodging the blast, Thundercracker continued his relentless attack, never pausing as Skywarp teleported behind the Decepticon leader once again, claws digging into his leg, going for a thruster.

Floating along the currents of air above the battle, Starscream unemotionally watched his trine mates battle with Megatron, the human still in his palms, and he knew they would lose this fight.

The small human was a trembling ball against the metal of his servo, but swallowing hard, Mia gathered her courage and sat back, tipping her head back up. Green eyes looked up at the seeker who was focused on the battle below; Thundercracker screamed as Megatron crushed the elbow of his weapon mounted arm, the muzzle of Thrust's blaster twisting with it.

Mia flinched at the noise, not even wanting to know what poor Callie was going through. The wind made her curly hair dance and the human found the courage to speak. "M…my name is Mia."

Starscream's red optics flicked down at her, disgusted that she dared to speak to him before going back to the fight below. But Mia was not deterred. "You're Starscream. R…Right?"

He was disgusted by her; her tears, her soft, trembling body that would be destroyed with the wrong move. She wouldn't survive the fall now and couldn't even fly. A pathetic species, these humans were weak and backwards, they were fodder, nothing more.

Starscream went back to watching the fight; even with a broken arm, Thundercracker didn't give up, didn't stop his relentless attacks. Skywarp too was fighting for all he was worth, but it was a losing battle and Starscream could see this.

They would fail, and fall, and that would be the end of it.

"Starscream?" The small, hesitant voice pulled Starscream's optics to the pathetic creature in his servos. The human…Mia, its name is Mia…fought the hitching of her breath. "Th…Thundercracker didn't abandon you."

Red optics suddenly blazed with anger as who Starscream truly was, shone through his ruined mind. "What would you know about it?"

Mia squirmed in his servo, Skywarp's cry of pain ringing through the air. "He…Callie…she…" She gave a small whimper before her quiet voice shook. "Callie saved his life out there. She was helping him. Optimus was helping him. They were p…planning on coming back for you."

Starscream snarled and went back to watching his seekers loose the fight beneath them, determined to ignore the fleshling.

"Please Starscream, don't let them die." That brought Starscream's attention back to the human, his annoyance evident on his face.

Snarling, he snapped. "Would you shut up! I don't have time for your stupidity."

Yet Mia didn't relent. "They were going back for you. Don't let them die. Don't let me die."

A snort slipped from the once proud seeker. "So, it's not them you worry for. You just don't want to die."

Swallowing hard, Mia wished she had an ounce of Callie's sass or Danny's silver tongue, but she was the pretty one, always the distraction; never the one to calm a situation down, never really useful. "Of course I don't want to die Starscream. But neither do Thundercracker or Skywarp. They just want to take you home with the rest of us."

"Home!" the seeker snarled, more of the real him coming to the surface. "What is home for you?"

Mia flinched at his rough tone, fighting against the want to curl into a ball again. "Home is a…at the Ark, I guess."

Rolling red optics, Starscream sighed angrily. "And tell me girl, why would I join my enemies?"

Mia wrung her small hands, trying to be as small as possible under the seeker's scrutinizing gaze. Another agonizing scream ripped from one of Starscream's wing mates, but Mia couldn't be sure which. "They're not just fighting to get me back. They want you back too Starscream."

The seeker huffed in annoyance, trying to narrow the trine bonds and stop the want/please/trine/love/help that was coming from the other two. But no matter how hard he tried to push them out, they fought just as hard to keep inside his processor.

"Starscream, please, help them." Her desperate plea fell on deaf audios.

The battle below continued, unrelenting and hard, the two seekers taking far more damage than Megatron. It wasn't until the massive, cruel Decepticon finally caught Skywarp by a wing did things take another turn for the worse. With a large grey servo wrapped around the purple wing, Megatron twisted as hard as he could.

Skywarp screeched in agony as his wing was torn right from his back and with the bonds wide open, every moment of his agony rippled down the spark bond to Thundercracker; metal separating and wires being torn out before Skywarp's side of the bond slammed shut.

Thundercracker howled in his shared pain, servo snapping to his undamaged wing, clinging on to it, even when only phantom pains rippled through his sensor net.

Dropping Skywarp's damaged wing, Megatron gripped the panting Decepticon by the throat whilst staring at Thundercracker in confusion. Blood red optics flashed in sudden understanding, optics sliding between the gasping seeker in his servos and the other that was forcing his frame to straighten.

"Bond mates?" Megatron snarled, rage ripping through him. "You're bond mates? Are you so stupid that you bound your life energy to this pathetic little creature!?"

Thundercracker opened a line to Starscream, hoping to convince his wing leader. ::Starscream. Please help us.::

The tri colored seeker just stared, Mia sobbing gently in his servos.

"Megatron." Thundercracker snarled, carefully watching his mate writhe in his servos, wanting to threaten, but at a loss as what to do.

The titan leader grinned, one servo sliding down the purple seeker's front, grasping the teleporter's heel, crushing the thruster in his massive grip.

Skywarp thrashed, crying out, pain flaring out as the thruster died in Megatron's servo. Suddenly, Megatron released Skywarp and for a split second, the bond mates echoed each other's fear and worry. Terror flashed through the younger seeker's optics astroseconds before gravity dragged him towards the ground. Flailing helplessly in the air, he fell to the earth like a stone, a single thruster unable to sustain flight.

"TC!" Was cried both out loud and along the bond as Skywarp plummeted. Thundercracker moved to catch him when a spike of fear/dodge/move! flooded the trine bonds from Starscream.

The trine leader watched in wide opticed shock as Megatron slammed bodily into the smaller frame of the seeker; the pair tumbled in the air as the titan Decepticon did the same to Thundercracker and crushed a single thruster, pulling the blue seeker close, pressing them chest to chest.

Struggling against the ex-gladiator, Thundercracker was helpless with a single crushed thruster and broken arm; even whole, the blue seeker would have had problems breaking the tight hold of the large abusive mech.

Breathing hard and heavy into Thundercracker's audio, Megatron leaned in close, his hot, puffing vents ghosting disgustingly across damaged, grey facial plating. "I'm going to kill your humans, starting with that one." He taunted as he pointed to Mia. "Then I'm going to kill your little human and her family. Then I'm going to drag your sorry aft back to the Nemesis with Skywarp, and I am going to do horrible things to you Thundercracker."

Megatron's ruby optics sparkled in sickening glee at the thought. "I am going to make you hurt. Make you beg for it to stop. I'm going to make Skywarp watch and I'm going to make Starscream watch. You're going to die screaming Thundercracker."

The blue seeker struggled harder, groaning and panting with the effort. Megatron grinned back at him, the back of his digits petting Thundercracker's cheek in a mockery of gentleness. "Shh, shhh now little seeker." His voice was deranged and broken as he spoke to the seeker. "Don't you want to know how this ends?"

::Please Starscream...::

"I'm going to rip your fucking spark out!" The seeker spat as Megatron began squeezing, denting Thundercracker's vents.

Snorting, Megatron leaned closer to the blue seekers audio. "I'm going to kill you Thundercracker. That's what's going to happen. Then I'm going to have the pleasure of watching Skywarp fade away to nothing."

Thundercracker roared, rage coursing through him but Megatron only laughed. "Maybe I'll play with the little seeker, see what all the fuss is about."

"If you fucking touch him..." the treat was cut off by another hard squeeze from the larger Decepticon.

"And all the while, Starscream will watch and do nothing."

Pleading over the comm. lines, Thundercracker didn't stop trying, ::Scree please...::

Megatron's voice dropped an octave. "He's mine now. He won't help you any more little seeker. And it was you who pushed him to me."

Thundercracker jammed his optics shut, guilt coinciding with the pain, knowing that Megatron was at least, partially right about that, but the blue seeker knew how to reach to his trine mate.

Love/Sorry/Sorry/Sorry/Please help/Sorry! Thrummed down the trine bond and Thundercracker tried again, ::Starscream, I'm sorry. Be mad at me but don't let this happen.::

"Do me a favor," Megatron's words were cold. "And remember what the girl sounds like when she goes splat." And he let go.

Panic swept through Thundercracker as he fell, unable to stay airborne. Sending all power to the single working thruster, the blue seeker controlled his long, flailing fall, slamming into the ground rather hard on his pedes instead of crashing face first into the ground.

Hound already had Skywarp sitting up, closing lines and trying to keep the purple seeker from passing out from the damage; Sideswipe was still unconscious, nearly completely dead to the world. Danny had made her way back to the cluster of girls, her brown eyes full of guilt and fear as she watched the deranged Decepticon and seeker floating in the air with her little sister.

Callie ran to Thundercracker in a panic, her wide blue eyes pleading with her seeker guard to do something and it nearly killed him that he was helpless, grounded.

"Callie." He whined softly, knowing the day was lost and they were all going to die. "Run, get out of here."

The blonde's head shook no, gathering her waning courage, pressing her hands to his blue knee strut, her small voice began to gather strength. "Bad things are going to happen. Running isn't going to stop that."

Frowning, nearly whimpering, Thundercracker brushed his digits along the top of Callie's head affectionately; his optics pinned on the sky above.

Fear/Please/Sorry! Pulsed gently down the trine bonds again, and Thundercracker tried yet again. ::Please Starscream, don't let this happen.::

Megatron floated higher to the tri colored seeker, barking an order to fly higher with the human. Mia curled into a tight ball, her small hands clinging to the cracks and seams in the seeker's servos; they were curled around her like a protective bubble.

::Don't let Megatron win.::

Starscream tried to ignore his trine mate, flying higher.

::Don't kill Mia.::

Higher and higher they went while Thundercracker and Skywarp stared helpless from the ground.

::She had nothing to do with this.::

Higher still.

::You're better than this Scree. No matter what he tells you, you're better than this.::

Starscream's vents hitched, yet higher he went.

::Don't let him drag you down to his level.::

High in the sky, high enough that humans could have gone sky diving safely, Megatron ordered the halt. Mia shuttered, curling tighter into her small ball, the thick stench of fear rolling off her. It was so icy cold at that height, her skin began to redden and goose bumps prickled her thin skin.

::You're better than this. You always were Starscream. You've just forgotten.::

Megatron grinned down at the damaged seekers, proud at what he had done.

::We love you Scree, and we would never have left you with him.::

"This is over now. You belong to me now." Megatron said softly, still staring down at the broken 'bots he had left in his wake.

Starscream looked up, startled at his leader's cruel words, the rage returning, the protectiveness returning to his spark; unconsciously pulling Mia closer to his body, optics narrowing.

::I'm sorry Starscream. I am so sorry, for everything. I know we should have told you we were going to bond.:: The true root of Starscream's pain. ::And I'm sorry Scree but I swear that if you stand with us today, join us, we will never leave you again. We love you, please just come home with us.::

Emotion swamped Starscream, causing some of the rage and anger at his trine mates to loosen from his spark, the want to save Mia, the want to save him, filtering in through the trine bonds.

Megatron's wide servo wrapped around Starscream's wrist, forcing him to tip his servo; Mia screamed as she tumbled from Starscream's dull blue servo and into the grey one of the Decepticon leader.

"You belong to me again Starscream." The titan mocked as he watched Mia scramble away from the base of his palm, her back against his curled digits.

Black rage pushed out the soft feeling for his trine mates, his hatred for Megatron coming back tenfold and his null ray's heated up with his anger. Old memories of past hurt and abuse flooded to the surface, only serving to enrage the Decepticon flyer even more.

"And once I kill your trine, you will realise how right I am." Megatron laughed softly, flattening his servo, laughing harder when Mia squealed and dug her small fingers into the seams of his digit.

Hatred spread throughout Starscream's spark, fists clenching, null rays powering high, humming softy.

::Please Starscream.:: Came Thundercracker's pleading voice over the comm. lines, adding more fuel to the fire, another voice in Starscream's head.

Megatron began to tip his servo, the small human clinging for her life with the very tips of her fingers.

"You are mine Starscream and the sooner you realise this, the sooner you'll be happy. Perhaps I shall even allow you to help me destroy your trine. Break the bond once and for all."

Continuing to tip his servo, Mia cried softly, clinging to the digit as tightly as she could, her small hands slipping from her sweat of fear.

Whether it was the humans gentle crying, Thundercracker's pleading words or Megatron's cruel ones, Starscream couldn't be sure but something cracked inside, something deep inside that made the seeker's spark grow cold. He plummeted down past the killing edge in the span of a spark beat, riding it so keenly, it would seem like madness.

Megatron laughed as Mia's terrified scream ripped from her small body, so high pitched that it cracked and broke. The seeker watched the steady movement of his leader's servo, crimson optics brightening in rage and hate.

Everything slowed down for the seeker, time meant nothing to him as he watched Mia's grip slip on Megatron's digit; she shrieked, panic flaring through her, her bright green eyes wide in fear. She was going to die, she knew it, unless a miracle happened, she was dead.

Her small body floundered as Mia slid across Megatron's digits and into open air. Screaming again, her green eyes pleaded with Starscream to save her as she plummeted to the earth far below. Starscream could see her small body kicking out at open air, but there was nothing to grab onto.

Horror/fear/please!please!please! Filled the bond from both Skywarp and Thundercracker as they watched the small girl's body came screaming back to earth.

Starscream levelled his null ray at the back of Megatron's helm, pain ripping through his injured side, but he ignored it, letting the numbness creep in, take over. The seeker grinned, sneering at his leader. "Trine always comes first."

Megatron turned to snarl at his second in command, turned to put him back in his place, and was completely caught off guard when the bright purple light of Starscream's null ray burst from the muzzle of his weapon.

The titan leader roared in agony. The attack wouldn't kill him but it would knock him from the sky for a time. Megatron's thrusters cut out as he grabbed his face, the soft silicon melting from the heat of the attack. Then the titan fell from the sky, just as readily as Mia.

Starscream didn't think, he just reacted, followed his instincts, did what his trine begged him to do as he let his upper body fall, swan diving after the falling girl, ignoring his falling master in favor of the human. Hope and amazement trilled down the trine bond moments before pride came from his trine mates.

Starscream ignored it all as he dove for the girl; thrusters powering high and hard, he went after Mia. Her curled hair floated around her head, her arms reaching out for him, hoping and begging that he'd make it.

Pushing his thrusters harder, faster, until they hit one hundred percent capacity; agony ripped through the seeker's frame as the rusted patch ripped off in a rush of wind. His tank ruptured and energon poured from the wound while the rushing wind made his optics burn, optical fluid leaking.

He would do this for his trine, for Skywarp and Thundercracker. He would save the human femme who called herself Mia, bring pride back to the trine; remember what the meaning of trine meant.

He ignored all the physical pain, he was so close. Stretching out his arms, his digits brushed her flailing body before wrapping his servos around her, pulling the girl tight to his chest plates. Flipping right side up, Starscream put as much power into his thrusters as he could, not slowing down nearly enough to save the girls life.

Grunting and snarling with the effort, the wound in his side ripped wider and Starscream red lined his thrusters; after burners working harder, extra energon flooding the chamber in an effort to slow down his descent, blue and purple flames flaring wide from his thrusters.

The extra effort paid off as Starscream slowed; his vision swam with the effort, his body numb from the pain, part with the loss of energon, part exhaustion. Energon streamed from the wound, the damage to his tanks far too great for his auto repair to close.

Slowing further, the seeker held the girl closer to his undamaged chest, cupping her small body with both of his servos, ensuring that the hard, biting winds didn't gust her from his hold. Just as Starscream fell past the top of the first tall skyscraper, the pathetic little humans watching in awe from the windows, he finally caught himself and stopped his hard decent.

Shock rippled through his systems from the fact he had managed to do it, pride from his trine and himself mingled together and below him he could hear not only Thundercracker and Skywarp cheering for him, but the humans small, high pitched voices as well as Hound's.

Hovering, a shaky smile crossed the air commanders mouth, still somewhat shocked that he had done it; not only had he managed to save the human but had shot Megatron in the face as well. A sick sort of glee burned hot through his systems, a dark laugh bubbling up from his chest.

Squashing the laughter, Starscream eased one servo away from Mia's small, trembling form so he could clamp it to his side. The other remained curled around her, leaving a gap near the top of his servo so he could look down at her.

When she tipped her small face towards his, her face was red, her eyes puffy and blood shot, but as relief spread through her small body a sloppy smile spread across her face. Pearly white teeth gleamed in the sun, which suddenly seemed so much more beautiful, and a soft pretty laugh rang from her.

Starscream grinned stupidly back at her, giddy that he had done it, excitement dancing through his frame.

Panting, Mia pressed her small head to Starscream's cockpit with a small laugh and sigh. "Thank you Starscream. Thank you."

Gaining control of his bursting pride in himself, Starscream gave her a small, hesitant grin back and a nod.

"Can we get down now? I think I'm done playing in the sky for now." Mia said, her grin spread across her face, but her small body still trembled.

Snorting at her, Starscream quirked a brow as he ignored his drained systems, the warnings that flashed in his HUD and slowly cutting power to his thrusters, Starscream began to lower himself to the ground in a controlled landing. One servo was still clamped to his side, energon spilling over his digits. "I don't think you were really playing," His sneering, mocking tone coming back. "It was more of a fall…"

Pain ripped suddenly through Starscream's systems, alarms and warnings blazing red in his HUD, screaming at him that he had been hit from behind. His once red and white wings burned and broke, shearing off from the explosion. A scream ripped from Starscream's throat and he could smell his own burning metal while his paint bubbled and wires melted.

Mia screamed and he clamped his other servo around her as the force of the explosion threw Starscream away from where his trine stood watching in horror, sending him tumbling through the air and towards the ground, still so far below.

Faster and faster Starscream fell horizontally, the ground coming up at him in a sickening rush. Knowing there was nothing more he could do, the seeker curled his damaged frame around the fragile human femme that was screaming in his servos.

Slamming shoulder first into the concrete, far from where his trine stood, their fear and anxiety slamming from the others in his trine, Starscream's shoulder caved in as he skidded across the ground before coming to a painful stop, lying in a ball of agony. The nubs from where his wings once stood out proud and true, twitched and bled.

The arm he had landed on was a twisted mess beneath him and the wound at his side, ripped open even further, sending trails of agony through his body. His forearm had snapped in half, the now lifeless servo still wrapped around Mia in a desperate attempt to keep her safe.

With vision swirling, blacking out, Starscream forced the digits of his one good servo to open, terrified what he may find clenched in his hold. Mia peered back at him, a lump on her forehead from where her delicate head slammed into the metal of his servo. Blood tricked down from her forehead and lip while her one arm hung lamely at her side, looking as though it was dislocated.

Working his jaw, Starscream tried to ask if she was okay, but only static came out as his vision swam. Green eyes blinked back at him, wide and blank, and somewhere in the back of Starscream's processor he knew she was in shock.

Her pale face was even more chalky white, the blood on her face looking almost crimson in comparison. He could feel her tiny body shaking, and she managed to mutter cold. Mia blinked a few times, the blankness dissipating as she tried to focus on what was happening around her.

Starscream tried to speak again, managing only a weak whine and chirr, his systems trying to reboot his vocalizer.

Something heavy landed close to where Starscream lay, barely hanging on to consciousness. Fear throbbed with the pain, shooting down the trine bonds and Mia looked up at what was behind the damaged seeker, panic and terror written over her small face and in her green eyes.

Starscream tried, tried so hard to stay awake, but as the blackness came in, Megatron's cold voice rang above him. "You'll pay for that Starscream." Then his processor shut down for a forced reboot.


Optimus Prime watched in a mix of horror and disbelief as Starscream fell from the sky after his incredible dive for Mia. The Prime watched the seeker's rapid decent to Earth, his spark doing a terrible dance behind his chest plates; he thought of Starscream's trine who had tried so hard to save him, of the humans who had come to love the seekers.

Optimus thought of how much it was going to hurt when Starscream hit the ground and how Megatron would get to him first. When the seeker hit the ground, the Prime could feel the slight tremors of the impact and winced.

Stunned, all Optimus could do was watch Megatron's slow decent to Earth, one servo clamped over half of his damaged face. Making a dark, gurgling noise in the back of his throat, Optimus quickly gathered his thoughts. They were still looking for the others, but Starscream needed help first.

::We got comms back on line!:: Blaster's strained voice suddenly crackled over the Autobot comm. lines, sounding as stressed as Optimus felt.

The lines became a noise of activity as Hound and Mirage made contact simultaneously, reporting their locations and status. Silently, Optimus took in all the information, his processor running hot and fast as he figured out which groups to send where, where they would be the most useful.

Spinning to face his sub commanders, Optimus issued orders. "Prowl, take your team and locate Hound. The seekers are with him, comm. Hound and ensure the seekers stay with him and the humans."

Prowl nodded, already contacting the tracker to issue the order. Optimus then turned to Jazz. "Jazz, take your team, find Mirage and Ironhide. Skyfire will need medical aid."

"Right sir." Jazz gave a crisp salute, no joking while in the field. He nodded to his team before running in the direction of their mechs.

Sunstreaker twitched and nearly writhed in worry next to Prowl, waiting for word on his twin. "What does Hound say about Sides?" Came his harsh, angry demand.

Glancing at his adoptive youngling, Prowl nodded. "He's damaged, but alive."

"I could have told you that!" Sunstreaker snarled; voice hard and angry while he worried.

Prowl ignored the frontliner's snapping tone. "Sunstreaker, lead the rest of the unit to Hound's location. I'll catch up in a moment." The golden mech hesitated, icy blue optics leery and worried. "Go. I'll be there in a moment."

Sighing, Sunstreaker nodded, before roughly saying. "Let's move mechs." Before he turned and made his way to Hound and his twin.

Once Sunstreaker was out of audial shot, the mechs and humans that were part of Prowl's unit moving quickly, it was Lennox who asked the question. "Where are you going Optimus?"

The Prime looked down to his human comrade. "To find Starscream and Mia. They will need help and we simply don't have the numbers to split our groups any smaller."

"You can't go alone Optimus." Prowl's agitated tone snapped out, intending to say more.

Optimus cut him off. "It is not ideal Prowl, but we don't have a choice right now." He glanced down at Lennox. "And I thank you for your concern Will, but Starscream will not have the strength to fight Megatron off this time."

Will and Prowl shared a worried look, intending on arguing when Optimus cut them off before they started. "And I understand both of your concerns but now we all must do what is necessary. Now you two need to get going, Sunstreaker, although capable, is still too young to handle this on his own and will be distraught with his twin so hurt."

Prowl and Lennox shared another worried look before the human sighed, nodded and ran after the gold mech. Prowl held his Prime's optics a beat longer, saying. "Be safe Optimus." Before he turned and followed the human.

Optimus nodded, muttering "You too Prowl." Before the Prime turned and ran for where Starscream went down, it really wasn't that far, praying he made it in time.


Horrified and helpless, Thundercracker felt anguish race through his systems as he stared off in the direction that Starscream went down with Mia. Callie was by his knee, frozen in a state of terror and behind the seeker, one of the girls, Liz he thought, was sobbing.

Danny was standing, numb and blank, beside her blonde cousin, knowing that if Mia was dead, it would be her fault.

Shaking, Thundercracker could barely hear Hound telling them to stay put, that help was finally on the way. Skywarp crawled to his mate, collapsing in the blue seeker's hold, clinging to him, shaking; quietly crying when Starscream didn't respond to the gentle prodding along the trine bond.

All Thundercracker could do was hope someone made it in time to save his trine leader.


A kick to the back of his helm brought Starscream back to the world of the living, his vision blurring and spinning, Mia's small trembling body in his servo. Starscream knew who was behind him, knew what would happen to him the moment he turned to glance at his attacker.

Opening his single working servo, Starscream ignored the agony and his spinning processor, as he eased Mia to the ground. His voice was rough and weak, scratchier than normal as he whispered. "Run. Get out of here. I'll keep him amused."

Megatron could hear that Starscream was speaking, but not what he was saying and snarling, he gave Starscream another hard kick. The seeker jerked and grunted, still hunched over the human. "Run. Go." He muttered, energon leaking from the corner of his mouth.

Mia stared up at Starscream, terrified at what was about to happen, having no choice but to run. As the seeker turned to look up at the Decepticon leader, Mia ran, limping, for the cover of a building. The fact that she was not dead was not lost on the girl; tears streamed down her face as she left Starscream, but not going far, she hid in an ally.

She wouldn't abandon Starscream completely, she thought as she knelt at the mouth of the ally, watching, not when he struggled to save her.

Starscream turned, leaning hard on his one good elbow, looking up into Megatron's angry face, half of it melted and dripping, the bare protoform black and burnt beneath. It was a horrifying sight even before one stared into those angry, bright red baleful optics, full of rage and hate.

"Master, wait…" whatever Starscream was going to say was lost when the larger Decepticon snarled, wrapping a servo around the seekers delicate throat, lifting him up.

"You will pay for this Starscream." Megatron snarled, energon flicking against the seeker's face. "You will die screaming right along with your slagging trine!"

"M…master, wait!" Starscream's pleading fell on deaf audio's as the war lord dug his digits deep into the seeker's side, using the wound that was already there to scrape along the cracked tank.

The seeker choked back a cry of pain and Megatron laughed, pressing digits hard into the crack, causing the metal to bend and pop. Starscream swallowed the scream that worked up from his vocalizer and Megatron's thumb stroked the seeker's throat gently, almost like a lover; it could have been confusing had the grip at Starscream's throat not been so hard.

"You better pray you die before we get back to the Nemesis, because if you don't, I swear you'll wish you had." Megatron hissed.

Starscream hissed, the sound gravelly; he knew he wouldn't die before then. He was too strong willed to die now and black rage gave the seeker the much needed boost. "What? Too pathetic and weak to do it yourself? Going to make Soundwave do it when we get back!"

Red optics widened at the seeker's words, and with a snarl, Megatron ripped his servo from the seeker's abdomen. Covered in Starscream's blood energon, the larger Decepticon buried his tightly closed fist into the middle of Starscream's abdomen.

Coughing and gasping for air, Starscream fought back the cry of agony and laughed instead. "Getting weak in your old age master?" The seeker spat, sarcastically. "I have to admit that throwing me up on hooks was rather clever, but I'm left wondering if that was even your idea."

If Starscream kept Megatron entertained long enough, maybe Mia and his trine would get away. Megaton slammed his fist into his cockpit the second time, the glass shattering on impact. In a daze, Starscream wondered how it had survived the fall.

"Insignificant little glitch!" Megatron snarled; half his mouth drooping and spitting energon and oral lubricant. "I'm going to make sure you make it back to the Nemesis and have Hook repair you, just to watch you scream in pain before you die. "

Starscream laughed bitterly, hate and rage aimed at Megatron. "Then do it, master!"

Snarling, Megatron raised his fist to smash the seeker's handsome face; to break his nose and flatten the high cheek structure. The Decepticon leader would enjoy it to, watching the seeker's good looks being smashed to nothing by his fist. He'd break the seeker again, would enjoy it all the more. Mia was still watching, terrified in the ally. Megatron would capture her too and he would make her watch her savoir crumble at his massive servo.

Yes, Megatron thought to himself, he'd enjoy that. Enjoy the sense of helplessness, hopelessness.

Fist poised and ready to destroy the seeker, Megatron laughed darkly when a large servo wrapped around the titan's wrist and tore him from the seeker.

Tossing the Decepticon away from the flier, Optimus Prime snarled as he put his body between Megatron and Starscream. Had the situation been different, it would have been almost comical; both the seeker and the Decepticon leader were staring at the Prime in a mix of surprise and confusion.

Recovering slightly quicker than his master, Starscream laughed darkly, drawing the attention of both leaders. Red optics flickering white in pain and distress, Starscream's croaky, shaky voice floated to the Prime. "I take it Thundercracker wasn't lying then?"

Turning his attention back to Megatron as the warrior slowly got to his pedes, Optimus's helm shook no. "Thundercracker was quite concerned about you and had been hoping to find you outside the battle field." Optimus held Megatron's optics, refusing to back down. "But such as it is, this will do."

Starscream sighed dramatically, allowing his frame to fall back down. "Fine. Whatever, I surrender then. Go at him."

Megatron snarled, fists clenching. "The seeker is mine Optimus," Starscream looked back up, suddenly nervous that the Prime would leave him. "Take your human and leave."

Mia squeaked from her spot in the ally, her head shaking no, blood still running down her forehead and face. Optimus kept his cool gaze on the Decepticon leader, body loose and ready for a fight. "Starscream has surrendered. He comes with me." No questions asked, cut and dry, as far as Optimus was concerned.

Relief spread throughout both Mia and Starscream while rage coursed through Megatron. "Starscream belongs to me! He is mine to do what I wish to!"

Optimus was like an immovable object when on the battle field; cold, solid and hard. "Starscream has made his decision Megatron. He leaves with me."

With his rage still rampant, and despite his injuries, the massive Decepticon charged the Autobot. Blue optics narrowed coldly on the large grey warrior, dropping back into a defensive pose; pushing a leg out behind him, knees bent and arms up.

Bellowing in rage, Megatron raised the same fist that had crushed Starscream's chest with, to strike the Prime's face, but the Decepticon leader was damaged, his optics flickering as they tried to focus. If Optimus ever had a chance to end the war, it was now. However, despite the damage to his face and shoulders, Megatron was still a warrior to be contended with, and a hit from the titan fist would do damage.

As the grey fist tried to slam into the Prime's face, Optimus dodged it, dropping down low before spinning around and behind Megatron. Slamming his own cobalt blue fist into the side of Megatron's face, shattering the more undamaged optic, Optimus sent the Decepticon spilling to the ground. Snarling, Megatron turned to face the Prime, glaring up at him, his single working optic peering up at him from his ruined face.

A cool calm over took Optimus; the Prime hated killing, detested it really but he understood the need for it. The death of a single mech could bring peace to his people, releasing them from their never ending war. Curling his fists, the calmness beat out the guilt and Optimus's even steps brought him to Megatron.

Weapon snapping from sub space, Optimus slammed his pede onto the arm that held the fusion canon and levelling his own weapon at Megatron's helm, the Prime met the titan's glare with his own. "This ends today Megatron." Optimus said softly; so much death, destruction, hurt had brought them to this point and Optimus would end this today, would do it to protect his Autobots, to protect the few Decepticons who asked for it.

Power pooled at the tip of the Prime's heavy gun, ready to use it, ready to end the war.

"Do it Prime, if you really think you can." Megatron sneered, his voice mocking.

Optimus's digit twitched on the trigger, preparing to pull it, when a cold, unemotional voice called out.

"Desist." Soundwave called out, standing tall and unharmed, his canon pointing at Starscream and Mia.

Optimus pulled his digit away from the trigger, resting it along the side of his gun with a frown. Megatron laughed darkly from the ground. "It seems today is not my day to die Prime. Maybe next time then?"

A soft noise, almost a growl came from the Prime as he glowered at the communications commander. "Megatron for the girl and Starscream."

Soundwave nodded, canon sill pointing at the injured flier and the girl. "Affirmative."

Megatron laughed again as Optimus took a step to the side, slowly side stepping to Starscream while Soundwave did the same, making his way to Megatron.

"Letting me live for that traitorous little slime bucket Prime? He's hardly worth the effort. Should have let Soundwave kill him and be done with it." Megatron derided. "No matter, there are plenty of other Decepticons to play the whipping boy for me. Take the damaged flier, he's useless anyway."

From his peripheral vision, Optimus could see Starscream flinch, but the angry snarl covered it well enough. Finally the Autobot leader came to a standstill in front of Starscream, weapon still pointed at Megatron.

Soundwave did the same for this master, moving slowly as he wrapped an arm around the grey mech's waist and heaved him to his pedes. Soundwave ordered the retreat as he powered his thrusters, taking to the sky, dragging his master with him; the mocking laughter still falling from Megatron's lips.

"Have fun with him Prime, try not to break him. I want that pleasure once you've put him back together."

Optimus glared, weapon still levelled at the Decepticon and the communications specialist, refusing to dignify the contemptuous words with a response.

The Prime and the damaged seeker watched as Soundwave hauled Megatron higher into the sky and away from Los Angeles. Only when they could no longer see them, did Optimus turn to look at Starscream. The seeker had managed to sit up, his undamaged servo clamped to his side, trying to stop the leak from his tank.

Mia slowly came from the ally, terrified and crying, but steady on her small feet.

Tucking his weapon back into subspace, Optimus knelt beside Starscream. The seeker watched him with wary, exhausted optics and Optimus moved slowly, servos up to show he meant no harm.

Mia now stood on Starscream's other side, her small, shaking body pressing into the seeker's hip, terrified for her saviours wellbeing.

Voice soft and gentle, Optimus ensured to catch the seeker's dull red optics. "Starscream, I need to see the damage done to your tank."

The bright blue servo gently lay atop the dull one that tried to cover the damage; a thumb running gently along Starscream's in what the Prime hoped was comfort.

Growling softly, the seeker allowed the Autobot to remove his servo, his red optics nearly screaming with worry and distrust. Optimus ignored the seeker's grumbling and carefully peered into the hole at Starscream's side with a wince; even with his minimal knowledge of battle field repair, Optimus knew this was bad.

The crack in his tank was long and thick, the energon leaking in a slow but steady flow. Glancing at the Decepticon, catching the seeker's optics, Optimus brought a small vial of nanites from subspace. "This is only a patch, but it will ensure you don't bleed dry before we make it back to the Ark. It will…"

Starscream snorted and lay back, stretching out as much as he could to give Optimus full access to his wound. "I know how nanites work Prime!" came the sneer from the seeker. "I am more than aware of their limitations and their capabilities. Just do it."

"It's also going to hurt Starscream."

Another snort came from the seeker. "Just do it and take me to my trine." His vision was already swimming.

Optimus nodded, turning his attention to Mia. "Step back Mia, he may thrash and hurt you."

The human bit her lower lip, worried as she took a step back and away from the seeker.

"Are you ready?" Optimus asked, giving the nanites a quick shake, activating them.

A snarl was his answer, Starscream's frame hot and taunt beneath him. Moving as gently as he could, Optimus poured the nanites along the crack in the tank, and waited for the reaction.

Mia screamed in terror as Starscream started thrashing; burning agony spreading along his tank and through his body as the nanites knitted the edges of the crack together. The seeker managed to swallow another scream, but not the whimper as his frame shook and trembled.

Optimus couldn't do it, couldn't sit by and watch the flier writhe in agony while the nanites did their work so the Prime hauled the seeker up and against his chest, circling his arms around the red and white trembling body.

Vision swimming and blacking, Starscream didn't care who held him as the nanites burned, getting hotter and hotter, reaching their peak of effectiveness. The seeker clung to the Prime and a static whine broke from the flier as he buried his face into the wide chest plates, mouth working in a silent scream of agony.

The pain and burning finally ebbed away, leaving Starscream panting weakly and clinging to the Prime. Optimus kept his servos where they were, arms wrapped around the seeker in a tight hold.

Starscream could hear the Prime say something, but the words were lost as the seeker's systems worked hard to reset themselves. He could feel the Autobot leader laying him back down, could feel the gentle servos probing at the leaking lines in his arm and broken wings. Through the haze, he was aware that Optimus was closing off the lines to his injured limbs.

When his audios finally reset, Starscream could hear Optimus's gentle rumbling voice calling to Mia, telling her to come here. Fighting against his frame's want to shut down, to rest and recover, Starscream watched the Prime pick the girl up gently and place her on a wide red shoulder.

Turning his attention back to the seeker, Starscream forced his optics to focus as Optimus slid one arm under his knees and the other around his shoulders. Moving with more gentleness than Starscream was used to, Optimus lifted him up and against his chest, his frame warm and some distant thought broke through Starscream's haze, his EM field soft and fuzzy against the Prime's own field; warm and soft.

Audio pressing into the Prime's chest, listening to the gentle rumble of his engine, Starscream fought to stay conscious, to stay awake as the Prime carried him to only Primus knew where. The scenery became a blur, mere flashes of blue sky and broken buildings; heat from fires licked across the seeker's damaged plating, but it was ignored.

Blackness was creeping in from the sides of his vision again, but Starscream forced himself to function, to focus. He could hear the muffled voices of others suddenly, panicky and angry. They were close, his processor told him, but they sounded so far away. Like someone had shoved cotton in his audios, everything was muffled.

He was suddenly being shifted, passed off to someone else. His helm lolled to the side, the strength to hold it up leaving him rapidly. The nanites had taken more out of him than he was willing to admit to.

When Thundercracker's worried crimson optics looked down on him, Starscream felt relief spread through his systems. His blue counterpart was trying to say something to him, but none of it made it to the trine leader. Even the trine bond felt thick and fuzzy, like the feelings were being forced to wade through a swamp to get to him.

Another set of servos was touching him, petting his helm and cheeks and Skywarp's worried optics hovered overhead with Thundercracker's. Blackness crept in, and Starscream stopped fighting it. So long as he was with his trine, he'd be fine.

Blackness finally won out and Starscream's processor finally shut down.


Thundercracker sighed as he sat back in his chair, repaired and well, watching his commander lay unmoving on the Autobot medical berth.

Skywarp, just as well, had his helm laid against Starscream's berth, his servos tucked under his chin as he watched his commander. Sideswipe was sitting backwards on a high back chair, his own healthy red arms slung over the back, his helm resting on his forearms.

The two self-proclaimed prank kings were talking in low, hushed voices, worried that the trine leader wouldn't wake.

Ratchet had done all he could and repaired Starscream, the commander was as good as new, yet he had not woken from stasis for the past week and a half. The medic suspected it was due the traumatic experiences of those few days, and all Starscream needed was time for his processor to digest what had happened.

It made waiting agony for the worried seekers, and they had spent the last few days sitting in the med bay, hoping Starscream would just wake up. Ratchet had been surprisingly patient with them, letting the two come and go as they pleased, ensuring that at least one of them was in the med bay at all times, there to comfort their trine leader when he woke.

As the days dragged on, even Ratchet grew concerned, worried that maybe Starscream wouldn't wake up, that maybe the damage was just too much for this processor to handle.

Thundercracker didn't believe it; Starscream was made of tougher stuff and he'd wake. The blue seeker didn't doubt that for a moment, but the wait might kill him.

Leaning back with his pedes up on the empty berth that once held Skyfire, the shuttle being released days ago, Thundercracker sighed. He and Skywarp had proven themselves to the Prime, had proven themselves worthy. Had fought for, and alongside, Autobots for a common goal, and had come out on top for once.

They had won the day, brought pride and honor back to his trine, had rescued Callie and her foolish family. Optimus had been proud of the two seekers, had thanked them for their help; and although they were not fully trusted yet, they were free to roam the base, their weapons returned to them, with strict orders to behave.

Red Alert had thrown a fit, nearly sent himself into stasis, but Prowl had agreed with the Prime. The blue and purple seekers had proven themselves worthy, the first embers of trust flaring alive.

It was almost a perfect ending; they were so close, if only Starscream would wake up.

Callie shifted on Thundercracker's lap, a book in her own as she looked up to watch the other three mechs in the room. Just as the blue seeker hadn't left the med bay, Callie hadn't left Thundercracker; offering the support she could, hoping that the trine leader would wake as well.

Mia would stop by, battered and bruised, she would limp to the med bay every day to see if her savour had woken, wanting to thank him properly. Danny would always be with her, a silent guard by her sister's side, her regret easily read in the car thief's brown eyes.

It had been her foolish words that had nearly gotten her sister killed, and the girl seemed to be fighting with herself in order to forgive herself for her actions. She would, in time, Thundercracker was sure, and he left Callie to fret over her cousin while he worried about Starscream.

L.A had been left burning and broken, their secret now officially out for the world to see. The battles all over the city and been too widely seen, too widely videotaped to be covered up. The American government was left scrambling, releasing statements of peace and the need to be allies to its people. Thundercracker didn't care what they did, so long as his trine and humans were safe.

Glancing up at her blue protector, Callie heaved a sigh. "There's gotta be something you can do for him TC. He's been out for over a week."

Red optics flickering down to his human charge, Thundercracker shifted unhappily in his seat, wings flicking. "I've been pondering the same thing. But I'm at a loss of what to do."

Callie frowned up at him, her forehead crinkling in worry. Sitting up, Skywarp looked back at his bond mate, red optics tired. "What if we take him flying TC? It's always helped in the past."

Frowning, Thundercracker thought on his mate's words as Ratchet and Prime came back into the med bay, checking up on the seekers. "It could work." Came the Decepticon's slow words.

"What could work?" Ratchet's sharp question drew everyone's attention.

Hesitating for a moment, Thundercracker worked his jaw as he considered his words. "Taking Starscream into the air. Feeling the wind might help reboot his processor. He is a flyer and it's always helped in the past."

The two Autobots shared a look, Optimus's brow pulling in worry. "Ratchet, do you think it could help?"

The medic's optics dimmed in thought, well aware that everyone's attention was solely on him. "I suppose it could. But his frame will not be able to handle top speeds, that wound to his side is still delicate and could easily tear."

The medic's blue optics narrowed on Thundercracker, the seeker taking Ratchet's words as permission to fly. Gently setting Callie down, Thundercracker scrambled to his pedes. "We'll only hover with him." Came the rushed promise.

Ratchet nodded, moving to where Starscream lay still and unmoving, carefully removing the leads and wires that kept track of his systems.

Gently scooping his trine leader up, cradling the mech against his chest, Thundercracker nodded his thanks to the medic, before telling Skywarp to follow. Days prior, Prime had shown both seekers where the Ariel bots hatch was in the Ark, informing the seekers that they were welcome to use it should they need to fly.

Nodding to the Prime, and with Skywarp hot on his heels, Thundercracker had to stop himself from running to the hatch. Callie yelled out her good luck wishes as the pair disappeared from the medbay.

They reached the hatch in record time, nearly running, pride meaning nothing to them in their haste to get their trine leader into the air. The pair stepped out onto the top of the Ark, and into the cold desert night; the stars twinkling above them, the moon waxy and full.

Thundercracker activated his thrusters, Starscream's limp body pressed into his chest, legs hanging over one arm.

Taking to the inky black sky, Thundercracker cinched his hold a little tighter around his wing leader, ensuring he wouldn't be dropped and with Skywarp right behind him, the pair rocketing into the sky.

Higher and higher they went, joy flickering through Thundercracker's systems and tumbling down the bond to both his trine mates the higher he went. This would work, it had to. Cold wind sliced around the seekers heated frames, higher and higher the seeker lieutenant went.

Framed by the fat moon, Thundercracker finally stopped, hovering high in the sky, face tipped down to Starscream's. Skywarp reached them a moment later, hovering with his bond mate, looking down at their trine leader, squashing him between their two airborne frames.

Cool wind blew over them, and Skywarp reached out to gently touch Starscream's dark face plates, petting and caressing. "Please Star. Please wake up."

Starscream didn't even twitch at the purple seeker's desperate plea and tears gathered at Skywarp's optics in fat drops. "Please Star."

Pushing love down the bonds to both trine members, Thundercracker's own voice joined Skywarp's, thick with emotion. "Please Starscream."

It felt like it was forever, the cool wind blowing over the three heated frames; icy wind gently caressing the white wings at Starscream's back. The wings twitched and shuttered, flicking at his back. A cobalt servo, bright and healthy clenched at Thundercracker's plating, curling into it tightly to cling to his trine mate.

Hope flared through Thundercracker. "Come on Scree. You can do it, wake up."

Skywarp whined, chirring in distress as he watched Starscream's face scrunch. "Some on Star. Come on."

Wind gusted around them, the large moon bright behind them and crimson optics finally blinked online, only to shut off right away.

It was Thundercracker's turn to chirr, distress flicking through him. "Come one Starscream. Wake up!"

His voice was rough and heavy. Starscream groaned and squirmed, uncomfortable in his trine mate's too tight hold. Crimson optics blinked on again, dim and confused.

"Thundercracker?" The seeker's voice was rough, confusion coloring his tone.

The blue seeker laughed a little, hesitant and almost scared, clutching his trine leader a little tighter. "It's me Scree. We've got you."

Blinking up at his trine mate, Starscream's optics brightening as more awareness came back. "Where are we?"

Skywarp laughed, high and happy, throwing his arms around his bond mate, crushing Starscream between them. Pressing his face into the top of Starscream's dark helm, laughing and nuzzling, Skywarp shot joy and elation down the trine bonds. Starscream hissed, tightening his grip on Thundercracker as the three of them rocked in the air.

The blue seeker poured more energon and power into his thrusters, the weight of two other seeker frame's leaning into his own was putting stress onto his own frame, and he couldn't keep them airborne. Skywarp wasn't helping as he clung to his mate and nuzzled his trine leader, causing Starscream to squawk at the youngest member of their trine. Skywarp's thrusters still only working at minimal capacity, was not nearly enough to support them.

Thundercracker slowly began to cut power to his thrusters, controlling their slow drop back down to the Ark. Skywarp was silently crying, clinging to his bonded, but moved a servo to clench at his wing leader. Gentle pedes touched the smooth metal of the Ark's roof and cutting his engines, Thundercracker landed softly; dragging Skywarp down to his knees, the blue seeker slowly knelt, never loosening his grip on his trine leader.

Skywarp sobbed softly into Starscream's helm, petting any plating he could reach with a trembling black servo, mumbling incoherently that he was glad Starscream woke up, grateful even. Thundercracker held his trine leader, his own black servo petting at the proud white wings, whole and healthy.

"We were so worried." Skywarp muttered above him.

The wing leader sighed and allowed his trine to hold him, touch him for a while before it all became too much. Starscream could only remember bits and pieces of what happened in LA. He wanted his answers. "All right you two. Off, you're smothering me."

Moving back, Skywarp wiped the tears from his face with the back of his servo. "Sorry Scree, we've just been worried."

Starscream pulled himself up, wincing at the sensitive new plating at his side; sitting flat on his aft he flicked his wings, resetting them comfortably at his back. Thundercracker and Skywarp rearranged themselves on either side of his frame, their gentle servos touching at his heated plating, petting and offering comfort.

"What do you remember?" Thundercracker asked; voice low and rough.

Focusing on the full moon in the sky, Starscream thought for a moment, letting the memories come back in a rush. "The battle..." red optics narrowed. "The girl!"

"Mia." Thundercracker supplied softly. "She's shaken and a little banged up, but will be okay." Starscream nodded as Thundercracker continued. "You should be proud. You saved her Scree."

Skywarp went back to petting his commander's wings, just glad to have him back.

Grunting at his sub commanders words, Starscream looked up at the night sky. "Tell me we are not actually at the Ark, are we?"

Thundercracker hesitated and nodded. "Prime has offered us a place amongst his mechs. We'll be safe here."

The memory of warm servos on his damaged, hurting and hot plating floated to the forefront of the trine leader's processor. Snarling more because of the memory, Starscream shook his helm, voice angry and hard, although not necessarily at his trine mates. "You mean your humans will be safe here."

Thundercracker and Skywarp shared a worried glance, shifting. "We will be safe here too Starscream." The blue seeker's voice was soft against his audio. "Skywarp told me what happened aboard the Nemesis, what Megatron did."

The trine leader flinched, the memory of the hooks and the Hole, pushing the warm feeling of Optimus's gentle servos on his body from his processor. He remained silent and continued to listen to his trine mate's soft words. "We shouldn't have to put up with that slag any more. You shouldn't have to deal with his slag anymore. We can stay here. Make a real difference."

Starscream frowned, glancing up at Thundercracker, catching his hopeful red optics. "You really want to stay here?"

There was no hesitation. "Yes."

Skywarp nodded behind the trine leader, dark helm bobbing up and down. "Me too. Some of the Autobots are okay, once you get to know them."

The wing leader looked from one trine mate to the other, their gazes open and hopeful. "You are sure we won't be betrayed?"

Thundercracker shrugged while Skywarp took to nuzzling his trine leader again. "I think that Prime is true to his words. He wants peace Starscream, and we need a way out. This benefits both of us."

Starscream held his trine mate's optics, looking for any hint of a lie; any hint that Thundercracker had been reprogrammed but the crimson optics that looked down at him were truthful, the bond open and true, and it felt like Thundercracker. Heaving a sigh, Starscream settled back against Skywarp, optics pinned on his blue trine mate. The purple seeker chirred softly, hugging his trine leader, and while Starscream allowed it, he narrowed red optics on Thundercracker. "And you two want to stay?" A nod from the pair of them, and Starscream continued. "So, how did this happen." A cobalt servo waving in front of him, indicating the three of them and the fact they were sitting on top of the Ark.

Thundercracker sighed, glancing down. "It's a long story." His black servo finding Starscream's to hold, to squeeze.

"We have all night." Starscream's clipped voice came, the order unspoken.

Thundercracker offered a rare smile to his trine mate, glad to have him back. Squeezing the servo again, the blue seeker told his commander as such.

Rolling crimson optics, Starscream huffed. "Stop being so dramatic and tell me what happened."

Skywarp laughed gently into Starscream's dark helm and Thundercracker smirked, never loosening his hold on Starscream's servo.

"All right. Calm down, don't blow a fuse, Ratchet will shoot me if you do." Chuckling, the blue seeker started the story. "It all started, when I was shot down in Nebraska..."


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