Summary: HP/Naruto Peter wasn't a traitor, and on Halloween was babysitting Harry with his wife while the Potters were attending a funeral. After the defeat of Voldermort, Kakashi found Harry and mistook Peter and Ann as his dead parents. Harry was taken to Konoha…..

It was Halloween. The Potters had left to attend the funeral of the late Minister, and had left their son with close family friends, Peter and Ann Pettigrew. "Isn't he cute?" cooed Ann as a giggling Harry stared at her with his big adoring green eyes.

"That he is. Aren't you Harry-kins? Huh? Huh?" Young Harry gave a shriek of delight as Peter chucked him under his chin. The couple smiled at each other through sad eyes, knowing that they could never have children. They had tried, but Ann simply could not get pregnant. It was times like these playing with little Harry that made them want to laugh and cry at the same time. That was one of the reasons why they had volunteered to watch the Potter heir; they wanted a night alone with the baby. But it was not to be.

As the young couple played with the greed eyed baby, a violent shudder shook the house to its very foundations. An alarmed Harry began to cry; and he did not cry often. Ann seized the frightened Harry, and began to rock him while exchanging a panicked glance with her husband. The only reason the house would tremble like that would be that the wards had fallen. A trembling Ann listened to her pale husbands whisper. "Ann take Harry and go! Floo to Hogwarts and warn Dumbledore!"

While Ann was running for the fireplace, the front door burst open with a flash of purple light. A startled Ann tripped and skidded but managed to avoid crushing Harry. She got to her feet, but stood frozen as a chilling laugh filled the room. "Well, well, well. What have we here? Young Peter and his wife." A low chuckle followed as a hooded man stalked through the broken door. But this was no ordinary man. This was Lord Voldermort himself. Though Peter was nowhere as skilled as his three pranking friends, he was still a marauder, the best of the best. Flipping the couch over with a wave of his wand, Peter created a temporary barricade between his wife and the advancing dark lord.

"Go Ann! Go! Don't stand there!" The sound of her husband's voice caused her frozen legs to burst into action. Sprinting the last few yards to the fireplace with Harry in arm, she was just reaching for the floo powder when a flash of green light ended her life. Her lifeless body fell to the ground next to the raven haired baby who was crying at the top of his lungs.

Voldermort gave an evil smirk as he observed his handy work. "And what will you do now Peter?" Voldermort sneered at his enraged opponent, and was shocked by the ferocity of his adversary's attack. The berserk Peter sent spell after spell, casting faster then he had in his life. He had already lost his wife. He would take down Voldermort and join his wife in the after life. But even rage can only do so much as Voldermort demonstrated when he killed Peter.

"And then there was one." Sneering contemptuously at his deceased foe, he moved towards the other room. Casually waving his wand, the makeshift barricade exploded into dust. Strutting over to the fireplace he toed the body of Ann Pettigrew disdainfully. Bending over, he picked up the crying baby. As soon as Harry saw the inhuman eyes of the dark lord, he ceased crying.

"So, you are the one with the power equal to mine? You are the one that will one day kill, Lord Voldermort? I think not." Placing the staring baby on the floor, he leveled his wand at the infant. As he prepared to cast the killing curse, a chill ran down his spine. The unnaturally quite baby stared, seemingly defiantly up at him. Shivering, Voldermort took aim. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" As the power rushed toward the raven haired baby, it seemed to slow down. Voldermort could only star in horror as his spelled slowed down to a crawl, and then stop before the green eyed baby's forehead. The power of the spell began to cut into Harry's forehead, but the immobilized spell began to move again. It was not moving towards its intended victim.

The dark lord did not even have time to cry out as his body was engulfed in a flash of green light. Like so many victims before him, Voldermort felt the pain of having one's soul removed forcefully. But it was not over. There were still pieces of his soul anchoring him to the living realm. As the seventh piece of his soul was sent cascading from his mortal body, he swore vengeance against the green eyed child. As the dark lord died, his magical energy was released all in one go. All of Britain felt the power, even the muggles. The power being released from the dead body was not all scattered to the winds so to speak. Some of it was absorbed into the wound of Harry's forehead, rendering the child unconscious.

The muggles outside Godric's Hallow panicked, as suddenly a huge wreaked mansion had appeared out of thin air. Some stood at a distance gaping in shock, while others ran about in panic. Nobody noticed the slight breeze as a man appeared over them in the branches of an ancient oak tree. This man's name was Kakashi Hatake.

He was by muggle standard what they called a ninja. But by his people, he was called a Shinobi. Not just any Shinobi, but black ops, an ANBU. The recently promoted Kakashi had just completed an S class mission, and his journey home had been interrupted when he felt the tremendous chakra release, and the increasing of an already huge chakra source. The first release of chakra could have only been done through death, for surely no one could release that much chakra without releasing his own life force. And true to his prediction, once released the chakra began to fade.

What made him stop to investigate was the second chakra source, one more powerful then even his! As he examined the smoldering ruins of the mansion from the safety of the tree branch, Kakashi decided to get a closer look. Disappearing in a whirl of wind and leaves, he reappeared at the scene of destruction. Picking his way carefully among the debris, he came upon the body of a young man, a bit older then he was. He was no doubt dead, the chakra in his body long gone.

As he picked his way through the remains of the living room, he picked up the sound of heartbeat with his enhanced hearing. Hurrying over to the source of life, he stopped dead at the sight before him. A woman laid next to an unmoving baby, perhaps its mother, and a little away from the baby was the body of a man. Even though it was a dead body, it still raised the hairs on the back of Kakashi's neck. There was no doubt where the tremendous release of life force had come from; even dead, the chakra still leaked from the body. As he turned his attuned sensed towards the surviving child, Kakashi received a second shock.

The large source of chakra was coming from the baby! Picking up the still child, he examined the strange wound on the unconscious child's forehead. From there, chakra poured out like a leaky faucet. That meant that there was a foreign power source in the child. Suddenly, large green eyes opened and stared up at the one eyed man. Instead of crying as most babies would do when picked up by strangers, our young hero gave a giggle and a smile at the ninja. Even a hardened killer like Kakashi could not help but smile as the young child began to squirm and squeal.

But his delight soon turned to sorrow as he cast a glance at the child dead parents. "What am I going to do with you?" pondered the black clad shinobi as baby Harry reached for his leaf head band. "Ah, ah, no touching." Kakash pulled his head back slightly causing the curious baby to give a cute pout. "What to do?" questioned Kakashi out loud as he set the baby on the ground and let him wander a bit. He stared sightlessly at Harry as the baby crawled over and tried to wake the late Ann Pettigrew.

Giving up, Harry crawled back over to Kakashi and exclaimed, "Up! Up!" Smiling through the black mask covering his mouth, Kakashi brought the happy baby onto his lap as he came to a decision. Standing up, he walked back to where the nursery would have been. There, Kakashi picked up a surviving stuffed phoenix. "Nana!" exclaimed a gleeful Harry.

"Nana huh?" A silver eyebrow shot up. "Well, I've come to a decision." Kakashi moved back to the remains of the living room. "I will let you decide little one." He placed the aging toy onto the floor. Taking 11 paces, he pulled his kunai knife from his leg strap and dropped it point first towards the floor, where is quivered as the blade sunk into the soft earth. Walking exactly halfway between the two items, he looked down at the questioning eyes of the baby in his arms. "Now you will choose." Placing Harry on the floor, Kakashi took a step back. "Should you choose the toy, I will take you and leave you at the doorsteps of an orphanage, but if you choose the blade, I will take you back to Konoha where you undoubtedly will one day become a great shinobi."

Of course being barley one year old, Harry didn't understand a word the funny man was saying so he crawled toward the toy. But as he did, he stopped. There was that strange object he had never seen before. It seemed to call to him. Making up his young mind, Harry turned about and crawled for the blade. Plucking the blade from the ground, he sucked on the handle. A chuckling Kakashi picked up the frowning Harry. "So you picked the path of a warrior eh? Well so be it." In a whirl of wind that stirred the ashes of the ruined house, he disappeared into the night.

The Potters returned to a ruined house with two dead friends in it. Their child was missing, and the dark lord was dead. As the wizarding world celebrated the death of Voldermort, The Potters franticly searched for their lost son. Little did they know that they would not be seeing their son for 13 long years.

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