Chapter Six!

A Bad Case of Wrackspurts.

Even after their little encounter, Draco regarded Luna no differently then before. But, then again, he was always with someone else. It was a little frustrating for Luna, but she didn't know why she should care. Maybe it was because she liked to bring out the good side in people.

Luna ran into him once, by accident of course. He looked like he was going to help her up for a second, but Luna wasn't sure. She softly heard Pansy yelling from somewhere for Draco, and he rushed off, leaving her on the floor.

Some other times, she was getting tormented by people from her own house, they called her names and hexed her. Draco walked on by, but he mentioned something about a fight between some other girls whom Luna didn't know. They ran off, giggling and chattering away. She wasn't sure if he was lying or not, Luna wasn't one for gossip so she never found out.

Despite trying to tell Harry, and Ginny, that Draco wasn't really that bad, they didn't believe her. Fate pushed them further, when he came along and started to pick on a couple of 3rd years for no reason.

It would be hard to prove, but maybe just to herself she could. Luna set a goal for herself, to try and find out what he was really like. She could tell he was changing, ever so slightly. But when she did bring it up to anyone else, they wouldn't listen. Not that she had many people to talk to in the first place.

As for the rumour, it actually seemed to die down. Most people wouldn't look at Luna again, which was fine with her. She noticed that almost no one came up to her and asked her if she was 'Up for one'. She didn't know how exactly it did, but even she heard about a different rumour, one that must of replaced it.

Though, it wouldn't of been the only thing. She asked Ginny, but when she told people their opinions didn't change. So she wondered why people were regarding her the same. When she asked the trio, they didn't know either. She never wanted to ask in the first place, so she didn't ask anyone else.

A few weeks past since the forest now, and Luna did find out who started the rumour. Michael told his friends a lied version of the story, claiming Luna 'Couldn't get enough of him.' But he made them swear not to tell anyone. Of course, they did tell others, then it spread through the school, getting more and more ridiculous.

After some help from Ginny, nosing around a little, she got all of this information. Though Luna didn't want to approach it like that, Ginny insisted.

She hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Neville, through the time she was back at Hogwarts. It was around a month until she found him, not that she was really looking, but she did want to talk to him.

After going to all her classes for the day, on Friday, Luna wondered down to the forbidden forest. She left her bag at her dorm, and carried raw meat in her hands. She didn't skip though, in case she dropped the meat.

After walking into it, and past a couple of trees, she saw Neville also wondering around. Luna tapped him on the shoulder when he was turned around, he jumped then yelled out before realising it was Luna.

"Hello Neville.""Luna.." Neville said, still slightly shocked as he put his hand over his chest. Luna smiled at him and began to walk, him falling into step with her. "How come you're here Luna?"

"Seeing the Thestrals," Luna gestured to the meat, "It's why I have the raw meat."


"You can see them.. Right Neville? I think I remember you telling me that, but I'm afraid I've got a rather bad case of Wrackspurts." Luna said with a sigh.

"Yes, I can see them.. Wrackspurts?"

"They're little things that fly in your ears and make your brain go fuzzy."

"I remember reading about them.." He told her shyly.

"You read that edition?" Luna asked him, smiling again.

"Yes, I did actually," He laughed softly, "How could I not?" Neville looked at her, then back at the ground trying to hide his growing pink face.

Luna' s cheeks flushed bright pink, but it wasn't too noticeable. It actually made her look prettier. She looked down at her shoes for a while, she was wearing bright pink converse with a plaid design. They were new, she got them over the holidays, but they didn't look so new now. If ever she came to the forest, she came in these shoes.

"You know Luna, I didn't believe the rumour that was spread about you before. I've gotten a few spread about me though too. Not like that, but still.."

"Thankyou Neville, I appreciate it. Oh look, a Thestral." Luna started to talk quietly at the end, she didn't want to scare it off.

She threw the meat out, and it slowly came over to it. It bent it's head and started to nibble on the meat. Luna smiled to herself and looked at Neville, who looked slightly uncomfortable.

Draco done it to embarrass Pansy, not to help Luna. That's what he told himself anyway.

After the break up, Pansy had gone furious, and slept with a numerous amount of people to get back at him. Not that it worked, she ended up looking like a slut.

After a while, Pansy agreed to Draco that they would stay friends, though she did try to advance on him a couple of times. By now Draco was used to it, before they were going out she would try to pick him up all the time.

Draco noticed her change in eating, and she started to get a little fatter. He decided to tell a couple of Slytherin's, after the run in with Luna in the forbidden forest. Though, Draco didn't exactly say she was fat, he just hinted at her extra weight. Knowing what this would do, soon the whole school thought Pansy had fallen pregnant. He couldn't recall what she had done to piss him off that much, but it might of seemed worse because of stress.

Soon people started to talk about Pansy's rumour, but Luna was still getting attention. Draco didn't know why it bothered him but it did, also, he hated some of the other Ravenclaw's more then he did Luna, so he found out the truth and got everyone to believe it. Not that they ever would talk about Luna again.

Draco guessed he liked the way it felt being with her, being with something so pure. When everything else around him was dark, or disgusting, Luna was there, clean and fresh.

Draco felt the way she reacted when he touched her, he thought she would. Even though Draco could basically have whoever he wanted, he simply didn't just want any plain old fuck.

Right now though, Draco stare at the cabinet in the Room of Requirement.

"Damn Cabinet." He muttered to himself.

After spending hours here, trying to fix it, he gave up for today. Draco was getting tired and he couldn't be bothered doing anything to help it anymore. He would try again tomorrow.

Draco got up and started to walk to the door, when he realised he left it unlocked. He shook his head in stupidity, but then he realised he didn't throw the sheet back over the Cabinet either. Draco groaned then slowly sauntered back over to the Cabinet, he gave it one last look before throwing the sheet over it.

"Making your bed, Draco?" A dreamy voice asked him, though the person was no where to be found.

Draco turned around, horrified, but he tried to keep his face expression blank. It didn't work.

"Calm down, I was only 'kidding'." Luna said as she stepped around a pile of couch's. She laughed softly then brushed a hair out of her face.

"Why are you in here?" Draco asked, he had calmed down now and realised she hadn't been here for long. In fact, she probably just came in.

"You should probably lock the door next time." Luna commented.

"I know that." He snapped back.

"Funny how you didn't think of it though.."

Did she just insult me?

Before Draco had time to react, she answered his question. "I decided to come here, because I just wanted some time alone. I mean, I get that often, but I found here to be.. Well curious. I also didn't want the constant danger of the forbidden forest for a little while."

Draco nodded, looking around the room a little.

"So how come you're here, Draco?"

"Same reason as you I guess." Draco answered, now purposely avoiding her eyes. Luckily she didn't seem to pick up on it.

Luna walked over to the door and locked it.

"What are you doing?"

"Well it doesn't look like your going to move, and I don't really want anyone else in here disturbing me while I read." Luna said, pulling out a book. It was a muggle one, Alice In Wonderland, she wanted to read it after the time in the forest so she got her dad to owl it to her.

Draco sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He didn't have anything else to do in this room, since he was done for the day and he couldn't do anything in front of Luna.

A soft yellow couch appeared before them, and Luna sat on it, beginning to read. Without realising it, Luna hummed softly as she did.

Draco thought that he might as well take a small look around the room, for he might find something of use.

He passed high mountains of things, packed up on one another. He found a couple of couch's, some tables, books and he even found this weird tiara. Thinking about giving it to someone later on, he went out to touch it, but it suddenly vanished.

Draco frowned and realised that other things were too, he saw Luna looked over at him, an unreadable expression on her face.

Suddenly the whole room changed properly, to a bedroom of some sort. It looked like a fancy hotel, but none that Draco had ever been to. It was abstract, something Luna would like that he wouldn't. Suddenly he smirked to himself, realising what she must have been thinking.

"Thinking about me in bed, Lovegood?"

Luna managed to keep her face intact, and reply calmly, "No, I-I just feel a little dizzy." She set her book down and put a hand to her head, she then laid on the bed. Somehow managing a position that looked anything but inviting.

She looked rather flushed, and Draco wondered if she was alright.

Luna in fact, was alright. She was fine. Luna had been thinking about Draco in bed, when it appeared. She remembered at the last moment that the room would change to suit her needs, and quickly thought of an excuse. She was still embarrassed slightly at it though, finding it hard to contain her pink cheeks.

Draco walked slowly over to her, a look of concern that he tried to hide was on his face.

"Are you alright?"

Luna nodded, she shifted slightly so she was half sitting, half lying down. Draco stood there awkwardly for a little while, then Luna patted some space next to her. Draco hesitantly climbed on the bed next to her.

Luna was still flushed, her face was bright pink.

"Are you sure your alright?" He asked her quietly while reaching out his arm to touch her forehead gently. It seemed to only make her blush more. Draco frowned, unsure what was wrong with her.

Draco decided to stay quiet after that, and soon the colour came back to Luna's face. She tended to look more embarrassed or nervous then sick though.

"Were you thinking about me in bed?" He asked jokingly.

"What? No." She said, her eyes darting slightly.

He tilted his head, the slightest bit. He realised that she actually had thought about him like that and gave her a look of disbelief.

She sat up, "I didn't-"

Draco put his finger out, as if to silence her. "You can't lie to me Luna."

Luna sighed and sunk her body a little. "Fine. I guess.. I did.. A little.." Luna whispered.

"How late is it?"

For a second Luna was taken back by the sudden question, "A-after curfew by now, I think.."


"Why-?" This time he pressed his finger to her lip.

"Shh.." He whispered in her ear, after leaning towards her. Draco nibbled on her earlobe for a little bit, before moving down to her neck, pressing his lips softly against it a couple of times. He darted his tongue out, and licked his way down her neck, Luna gasping lightly in response.

Draco moved his hand across her arm, then to her shirt. He quickly untied her tie, then started to undo the buttons on her shirt. As he did this, he grazed his teeth across Luna's neck, sinking them down into her skin gently.

Luna's breathing started to increase, she felt each one of his movements like it was a single thing happening to her. She didn't seem to notice when the room changed from what she wanted, to what he wanted. Which wasn't much different, it just had a different colour scheme. Black and Green mostly.

As he was starting to pull her shirt over her head, she stopped him by putting her hands on his chest and pushing firmly. She tried to just give him a nudge, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Draco.. I'm .. I don't think I'm ready for.. This."

Draco wasn't planning to take it all the way, he was planning on her having just a sample. That way she would want to come back for more. He couldn't help but smirk at the thought, he would wait until she was begging for it.

He looked up at her, and he nodded. With most people, they would of asked for reassurance. But not Luna, she could tell that he wouldn't just by looking at him.

Draco finally lifted her shirt over her head, and tossed it away onto the floor, making the slightest of sounds. She now had her dark blue bra exposed to him.

His hands moved behind her back, and she lifted it slightly. He then unhooked her bra in one shift motion, and threw it away. She blushed a little while his eyes skimmed over her chest. He let out a very faint moan, that showed he liked what he saw.

Even though Luna didn't have the biggest breasts in her house, or year, they we're still pretty much perfect. They were perky, and we're larger then they seemed when covered up by her baggy clothes.

Draco put a hand on each breast, and started to knead them both with his hands. Luna let out a couple of small soft moans as he did. She felt excitement and desire begin to pool wetly between her legs.

While his hands we're busy, he started to lick down her chest. Slowly, and teasing, he licked down between her breasts.

"Mhmm.. Ooh!" She gasped when his tongue started to feel across one of them. He took his hand away from it and let his tongue replace it. Draco make small circles with his tongue over her nipple and she started to moan a little louder.

Draco parted his lips slightly and started to suck on her nipple, taking it into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it as he sucked. He rubbed on her nipple, sliding his thumb and finger between it. Luna put her hand in his hair and pushed him down towards her more, gasping and moaning constantly.

He lifted his head up, earning an unhappy sigh from Luna, before starting to suck on the other nipple. His hand moved to her now wet breast and began rubbing roughly.

After a couple of minutes he took his mouth away again, and his hand. Draco sat up, smirking at the sight of Luna. She nibbled gently on her lip.

"See you around, Luna." Draco said, with a wink at the end as he got up and made his way out of the room.

Luna couldn't find any words to say to him, she sat up, detached from the pleasure she was just getting. She felt like she wanted more, but she didn't want to rush things or go to far with him.

Eventually Luna put her clothes back on, and picked up her book and made her way out of the room also, skipping quietly back to her dorms with a small smile plastered onto her lips.