The story takes place in Forks, Washington a few weeks after Isabella Swan has left and returned home to live with her mother and step-father in Florida. Edward at the mean time is heartbroken, due to her departure. Although all seems to fail for Edward, who else seems to show up and change things up? Jacob Black. The one and only handsome werewolf, that he himself has some interesting and dumbfounded news to share with the heartbroken vampire. Will things begin to flare up between the boys, or will they forever hate one another? Find out in the In-progress Twilight adapted JacobXEdward fan fiction, written by: TyRaWr27

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. They are all created by the wonderful Stephenie Meyer, the author of The Twilight Saga. This is my own twist of the story.

It was a dark and rainy morning in Forks, Washington. The woods were silent except for the soft dripping of rain droplets descending from the large Washington sequoias above. A paler than usual, Edward Cullen, stopped only steps from the treaty line and crouched down to his knees with the sudden hint of an intruding smell. The smell was of musk and dirt. The smell was of the very thing Edward despised: Jacob Black.

Edward had a hard time seeing the rustic brown wolf make its way across the rugged tribal land. He knew the wolf had to have something to do with ruining the one thing that made him happy. The most important thing in Edward's life was, after all, Isabella Swan.

Edward wanted to know why Bella had left. Bella was a stubborn girl, different than any other girl at Forks High School. So why did she feel like she needed to leave?

Carlisle simply said she didn't want to end up like her mother Renee, and stay in Forks all her life. Rosalie's notion was somewhere along the lines of Bella wanting a family in the future, in which Edward could not provide for her. These allegations pained Edward, but at the same time Edward stayed in high spirits. He wanted Bella to be happy, and if this choice brought her happiness, he would have to deal with the loss of his love.

The wolf slowly made its way over to the treaty line, and stopped only feet from the line, as Edward did. He growled slightly, motioning for Edward to turn around, so the wolf could phase. Edward sneered and turned around.

A few seconds later, Jacob was dressed.

"What are you doing patrolling the line, mutt?" Edward growled.

"Hey Edward…" Jake smiled shyly and hesitated.

Edward, caught off guard, stared at the wolf for a second, studying him. He was not sure what to think of the boy.

Edward nodded and took a step towards the line. "What are you doing here?"

"I didn't know it was against the treaty for me to be near the line. I thought I just couldn't cross it?" Jacob questioned, smiling.

Edward looked away from the goofy grin the boy had on his face. "It's not, but I…" Edward turned away, as if to run off but stood still looking off in the other direction.

"What's wrong Edward?" Jake sympathized.

"Its you…your acting weird today. Like you have something you're hiding."

Jacob's face flushed with red as he too turned away. "No I am fine; I just hoped I would find you out here today."

"Why?" Growled the vampire, "So you can tell me how I messed things up with Bella, and how it's my entire fault she left Forks?" Edward sunk to his knees in agony.

This pained him so much. Having to see Jacob Black, and not have his Bella there beside him, to keep the two boys from quarrelling about something. Edward had no feeling at that precise moment, until a warm hand touched his shoulder. Edward leaped to his feet and knocked Jacob to his feet holding the boy down with his foot.

"Don't you dare try to comfort me mutt! You were the one that caused this. You're the reason she ran away!" Edward groaned with frustration.

Jake pushed Edward's foot from his bared chest and jumped up. "I had nothing to do with this Edward. She chose this on her own. At least she will be happy where she's at, and not drug down by the dreary life of the infamous Cullen Family!"

Edward looked down at the boy's feet, and suddenly realized he had crossed the line. "Get off our property dog, or you'll find out whose fault it truly was in the next 5 seconds!"

Jake looked down and then back up, staring blankly into Edward's eyes. "You didn't love her. I know what your hiding Cullen. She was just your crutch. I'm the only one who can truly see you for who you are."

Edward's face seemed to turn even paler than what it had ever been. The wolf stared at him, calling him out on the one thing that Edward never wished would surface.

"You know nothing, mutt." Edward looked down defeated.

"How could I not know?" Jacob beamed. "I myself have been keeping a secret all these years. The secret that is most important to any wolf…"

"And what's that!" Edward interrupted.

"You…" Jake whispered.

Everything seemed to stop at once. Edward froze. Jacob froze. The world around the boys froze. Edward knew what was up, and he had a feeling it was the reason Bella had left.

The tension between the two boys weakened. Jacob had fully turned from the vampire afraid of what was to come.

"What do you mean… me?" Edward's question came out as a whisper, almost harsh.

"I…Edward…I've imprinted…" Jacob embarrassed, flushed with red.

"Good for you mutt. What's it got to do with me?"

Jacob turned to look at the pale, forever seventeen year old boy. Edward's bronze hair, drenched with rain, dripped down his serene face. His marble abs shown through his wet, blue shirt. His hair. His face. His body. His confused lips. Jacob knew he had to tell the man what had happened. It wasn't his fault, it was fate. If this is what was meant to be, then Edward had to deal with it.

"Edward…it's you." Jacob whispered, almost defeated. "I don't know how or why, but I did. It was close to over a year ago, when Bella moved here, shortly after my first few phases. After you came back from Italy…I…Edward, I'm sorry." Jacob turned away, close to tears.

Edwards's fists clenched and unclenched in confusion. He was dumbfounded. How could this wolf imprint on him? Most especially, how could Jacob Black imprint on the one and only Edward Cullen? The two boys hated each other.

Jacob sulked with his back turned to the vampire, repeating "I'm sorry," over and over.

"Jacob…" Edward's voice almost a whisper. "I have to go…"

Jacob turned to see the golden eyes of his imprint staring blankly at him.

"Please, Edward…let me explain."

Edward's hand came up abruptly to cut the wolf off.

"No, Jacob…" Edward turned away.

Taking one last look at the wolf, he disappeared amongst the trees, leaving Jacob alone in the wet, Washington wilderness.

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