'Ello, mates! It's Marine the Raccoon's turn! 'ere we go!

Marine the Raccoon quietly slept along the beach, snoring away. "WAAHAAAA!" Jar Jar exclaimed, shooting out of the water and zooming around on Marine's waterbike. "WEEHEEHEEHEE! Ah, the sea-sa so fun! I-sa missie de old oceans on Planet Naboo-boo!"

Darkrai floated along the shore and shouted, "JAR JAR! GET OVER HERE BEFORE YOU BREAK THAT BIKE!"

"Okie-dokie! WEEHEEEEEE!" With that, he sped over and rode the bike along the shore, crashing into a rock and was sent flying. "Ow-si WOW-SI!"

"Ugh. I wonder what his old job was?" Darkrai said, taking out a laptop and looking something up. "Probably a court jester or- What the- SENATOR? ! They actually made this guy SENATOR?"

"Mm-hm! I-sa votie for Chancellor Palpy Walpy every TIME! …Until he turns all evee-wevee. Hehe."

"Well, that, I can't really blame on you. He manipulated all of you."

"Uh, yeah, uh… manipulatuh."

"Rrrright… Okay, time to scare Marine. She's afraid of ghosts, so… she shouldn't be too hard. Alright, let's do this." With that, he gave Marine a nightmare.

Inside her nightmare, Marine awoke to find herself on some island. "Huh? Where am I?" She looked around and recognized it as her home. "I'm back at Southern Island! But 'ow?"

"Hey, Marine!" She looked over and saw some koala child.

"Oi, Tabby! 'ow'd I get here?"

"Get here? Marine, you've been here your whole life."

"What? No I 'aven't! I've been adventuring the universe!"

"Uh… no you haven't. You could never build your ship, and you're out of Material."

"But I went on a bunch of cool adventures! I 'elped save the universe from a crazy space clown, then helped fight a giant demon, then fought a drongo with a SQUID FACE! !"

"Hehe. You and your imagination. Well, I didn't see you go anywhere, so you must've been dreaming."

"NO!" she exclaimed, running over to the shore. "I couldn't have been here all along! I CAN'T be here! I'm goin' troppo 'ere! I HAVE to get out! And I will! !" With that, she dove in the water and started swimming away. All of a sudden, the area became foggy, and she was surrounded by ghosts, the same ones from before.



"Joooiiinnn uuuuus."


"JOOIIINNN UUUS!" In the center was Brianna Anderson's ghost.

Marine gulped. "Well, at least it can't get any worse, eh?"

Just then, Elijah Frantic and Numbuh 58 paddled by on a boat. "Hey, Marine! After the battle, I met Gwen, and we started going out!"


"NOOOO!" Marine screamed, waking up and gasping for air.

"Ooooooooo!" Jar Jar moaned, wearing a white sheet.

"AAHHH!" Marine screamed, then punched Jar Jar with her energy ball, sending him flying.

"AIEEEEEEE!" He landed on the ground. "Ow! She-sa punchy-punchy hard!"

"What the 'eck? ! Crazy alien!" She then noticed her crashed ship and gasped. "AHHH! My precious baby! Look what's become of you!"

"Awww." Jar Jar replied. "I jus' wanna go see da spooky ghosties."

"Jar Jar, I am a spooky ghostie, and you hardly make this scary. …At least, not the way I want."

"AH! G-G-G-GHOOOST!" With that, Marine ran away.

"Er… okay. Next up is…" He checked his list. "Scarlet Vargas. Ahem, let's go, Jar."

"I-sa wowwie, WEEEEE!" he exclaimed, speeding away in Darkrai's car over the sea.


Next up is Scarlet. Later!