Hello~ This is a new story written by me, CloudyDays12 and lightning587. This Chapter-the Prologue- and the next chapter will be written by me~ Hope ya like it, because we worked hard on it.

Title: Noir et Blanc
Summary: 8 Test tube babies from our Earth gets sent to a parallel world called 'KHR Earth' as assassins, but as the 8 test tube babies grow up, rebelling feelings start to form... Read as the KHR members meet these human-made assassins and also read how they react... AU-ish. Sucky Summary :'(
Genre: Humor and Friendship with a side of Sci-Fi and maybe Angst...

There are other worlds other than the 'Earth' or 'Reality' we know. Byakuran may call it 'Parallel Worlds' or 'Alternate Universe' and he would be correct.

There are also people other than Byakuran or Yuni who can take a look inside parallel worlds. One of them is the Owner and Creator of the Noir Organization. No one knows his true identity, but one thing for sure-His last name is Noir.

The Noir Organization. One of the greatest Organization that leads the world, that sells all the things you need, and funds for Charity regularly. Yet, behind their amazing reputation, they are a dark Organization that lives up to its name of 'Noir'. They assassinate people who are in their way without so much as a blink, and they also sell weapon to anyone, as long as they pay. But worst of all are their Scientists. They will mutate animals, or even attempt to make Frankenstein the Second.

One day, they succeeded in creating 8 test tube babies. They all had: One unique special skill that could surpass even pros, an acting skill that could put even big-name Hollywood actors to shame, good looks, (lol) and terrifying assassination skills. However, since they have these skills, the Organization turned them into one of their top assassins, for the KHR world and called them the 'Noir Guardians'. But since they didn't know how test tube babies actually live and such, they assigned them to a caretaker. And if that wasn't enough, they planted a microchip in their mind to monitor their movements and to give them assassination missions.

When the youngest of the babies turned 10, the Noir Guardians were given the greatest mission of their lives.

The mission? Assassination of Vongola Decimo.

Unfortunately for the Organization, one by one, the microchips are breaking or malfunctioning. The teens aren't 100% controlled anymore, and are even starting to have rebelling feelings. This is creating havoc among the scientists. Half of them wants to kill them in fear of the Noir Guardians killing them first, and the other half doesn't want to because they're still clinging on to the hope that the Noir Guardians still might 'cooperate' with them.

They created hundreds of test tube babies after the Noir Guardians were sent to the KHR world with the same 'recipe', and they were all sent to their different parallel worlds, (For an example, like One Piece World, Narnia World…) but they are fine. In fact, they are perfect. So why were the Noir Guardians the only ones who are 'malfunctioning'?

Well, my dear reader, it's because…

Since the Noir Guardians were the first batch of test tube babies, they had some flaws…

I can't tell you the details, because once you get to read about them, you'll figure it out, I'm sure… :)

But the real question is…What will happen to the Noir Guardians? What will they do? What will the Vongola do?

Keep on reading this story until the end if you want to find out…

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