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The Stalkerish Clouds

"Hey are you sure this is the right way?" Velia asked, bored.

"Yeah." Gokudera replied.

"Are you sure you're sure?"

"Yes! I am!"

" Are you su-"

"Yes I'm sure damnit!"

"Well, while you keep going that way, I'll be walking along this path that leeds to where we're supposed to fight." Velia said walking in the complete opposite direction.

"Wha- Oi! Come back here!"

" Ahaha~! I have a lot of good memories up here!" Yamamoto said, standing on the Namimori's roof.

" Eh? Like what?" Mai asks.

" I almost died here!"

"…That's a good memory?"

"Yep, cause Tsuna saved me!"

"I see… Well why don't we get started?"

"Ah, sure!"

And with that, Mai brought up her machete and Yamamoto unsheathed his sword.

"Shigure Soen Ryu, 1st offensive stance, Shajiku no Ame!" Yamamoto says as he charges forward and thrusts.

Mai blocks the thrust with her machete and tries to hit Yamamoto with her machete. Yamamoto jumps back to avoid the hit but was kicked back by Mai's foot. As Yamamoto got up, Mai charges at him with her machete but Yamamoto shrouded himself in rain flames.

"Sakamaku no Ame."

Mai not knowing where Yamamoto is anymore, said, "Uggh… where is he?"

Meanwhile Yamamoto was behind a crate drinking some milk, "Ah that's refreshing!"

"Aha!" She cuts the crate in half, revealing Yamamoto.

"Uwa! Yabe!" He says as he blocks her next attack with his sword. He then retreats and shrouds himself in rain flames again.

"Not again…" Mai says. She looks around and sees Yamamoto and tries to slash him, only for her weapon to go through some rain flames.

"Ninth offensive stance, Utsushi no Ame!" Yamamoto says and slashes her from behind.

Mai uses her storm flames to try and block the attack but the slash slightly gets through. Yamamoto continues to attack with another slash.

"Samidare!" During the next slash, he switches the blade to his other hand and tries to hit Mai again.

Mai blocks it with her machete, and tries to stab Yamamoto with it.

"3rd defensive stance, Gofuu Juu." He states making Mai's machete barely miss. Mai continues to attack but to no avail. She covers her machete in more flames to try and make it unavoidable and manages to hit Yamamoto.

"8th offensive stance, Shinotsuku Ame!" He says as he performs said move. Mai uses her storm flames to make a barrier around her but every time Yamamoto slashed, he barely hit her.

"Scontro di Rondine!" He says as he charges at Mai, but she simply sidestepped. What Yamamoto didn't expect is to see Hibari in the line of fire.

"Oi Hibari! Watch out!"

"Hn…What are you herbivores doing? Do you require discipline?" Hibari says as he swats Yamamoto away with his tonfas.

"Um…no we'll be leaving now, come on Yamamoto." Mai tugged the back of Yamamoto's shirt, her face slightly paling as she recalled her last fight with Hibari.

"Ah...ok!" Yamamoto laughed as Mai half-dragged him at her top speed, leaving sand flying in their wake.

"Herbivores." Hibari simply said, standing on HIS roof of HIS school. When he saw them fighting he was hoping to go and beat them up for a good fight and stop them from creating havoc in Namimori. It's a win-win.

"So, why do you have a skull on your arm?" Velia said, noticing his box weapon.

"It's the thing that's going to kick your ass."

"That thing doesn't have a foot."

"Shut up! I just want to go back to Juudaime! That stupid Turftop can't do anything to protect the Juudaime!"

"Ok then whatever…Hmm…" Velia said looking at the sky.

"What now?"

"…I wonder what Reborn's eating, I mean he's a hitman baby so his diet should've changed after becoming an arcobaleno…"

"Stop thinking useless thoughts and fight." Gokudera says as he fired a blast of storm flames at Velia.

"Great, a skull that breaths fire…am I playing Mario again and fighting Undead Bowser again?" Velia asks as she easily dodges the attack.

"Urusai!" GOkudera shouts as he fires tons of Sun-flame covered bullets at her.

"Great, now Bowser has a machine gun." She made a shield come out of her hilt and blocks all the shots. She then changes the shield into a spear and lunges. Sadly she's not good with a spear and misses a lot.

"Oi…are you really a Noir Guardian?"

She then makes the tip of the spear explode in a burst of lightning flames…right next to Gokudera. Gokudera is blasted back and falls to the ground.

"That answer your question?"

Gokudera, instead of replying, he stood up and shot a rain/storm flame covered blast at Velia. She tries to block it again but the Rain's attribute factor got through her shield. She flinched and Gokudera shot a Flame Thunder during that time. Her shield blocked most of the impact though.

"Heh, not bad." Velia said as she shaped a rocket launcher out of lightning flames.

"FIRE!" She shouted as she shot a rocket made out of lightning flames at Gokudera.

Gokuder made bone loops to block the projectile but the explosion radius hit him and sent him back to the ground. Velia was going to fire again but she failed to notice the tiny dynamites above her head. It exploded and she fell to the ground.


"I threw those before the rocket hit me."

"Eh I'm tired… I'm going back."

"What? But we just started!"

"So, just count it as your victory for today."

"Che, fine whatever." And they went back to Reborn.

What they didn't notice was a figure covered in shadows, in the perfect position to watch the whole fight.

Hmmph, I thought you could put up a better fight, Velia. The figure then retreated back to somewhere only it knows.

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