The Bet..

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Raven was trying to think she had noticed the way Beast Boy looked at her lately..and it made her nervous screw nervous it scared her. Not because the feeling wasn't mutual but because she felt deep down it was. But that didn't mean she had to like that fact. She had tried mentally berating herself with all of his flaws.. nothing if anything it made things worse. It was then an Idea popped in her head a sure fire way to solve this problem..

before she brought it up she spoke to Cyborg sitting down handing tools while he was working on the car. "So if he succeeds I'll hold up my end..but your his best friend what do you think the odds of him even coming close?"

"Come on Rae this bet practically borders on cruel..he can't talk for one month..a full thirty days, and if he succeeds you let him take you out on one date..but if he fails he has to eat a whole course of Star's home cooking..and ask for seconds?" shaking his head he laughs "but funny I bet twenty bucks he doesn't make the week before he's scarfing florblag or whatever that crud was last time."

after discussing the arrangement with some of the other titans a rather impressive betting pool was going on currently only two of all of the titan network had put money down that Beast Boy would succeed at roughly 30:1 odds the one week mark had enough betters that Cyborg had to break it into hour marks surprisingly Raven put her money down in the close but no cigar category of twenty seven days.

When Raven talked him into the bet..she presented it in a slightly deceitful light..not exactly lying..except for the reason for the bet.."you see Beast Boy, I've noticed the way you've looked at me lately.."

looking embarrassed "was it that obvious..?"

"sort of.. but I want to make sure that it's not some little crush..that your feelings are if you fail you'll have to be punished..but if you succeed you will definitely impress me enough to give you one chance one date." holding up her finger to emphasize she was meaning just one. "so do you think it is worth it?"

wiggling his eyebrows suggestively "better make reservations for our date Rae..cause I've got this in the bag!"

end chapter one (next chapter the bet starts)