The Bet5

Between the healing and iodine Beast Boy was really drained energy wise.. so much so he ended up falling asleep on the couch.. Which is how Raven found out how badly this bet was wearing on him..

She had come down to get a snack after debating on Wisdom's riddle for a couple of hours holding an apple in one hand biting into it, she noticed the TV was still on, using her powers to pick up the remote and turned the TV off

"Why do they always forget to turn the TV off before they go to bed?.."

When she noticed Beast Boy sleeping on his side.. bending down she touched his shoulder to wake him up and tell him to go to bed.. unfortunately instead she got a peak into his dream on accident..

Raven saw herself in a black sequined gown across from a candle lit table was Beast Boy in an obviously well off restaurant dressed in a sport coat and tie? that's when she noticed that Beast Boy was missing a mouth..where it was supposed to be was just more green skin on his face even without a mouth Raven could tell he was torn emotionally .. blinking as she arrived back in the common room after she broke contact with him.. a wave of guilt and shock washing over her, and not only about invading his privacy.. but the fact she had done this to him..

backing out of the room she had to think of some way to make this up to him, he had gone through so much for her and what had she given in return.. Even if he did manage the rest of the month.. She couldn't think of anything she could do to make up for this.. making her way back to her sanctum she began pacing trying to think of some way to do so.. cursing the late hour she would have to wait until Beast Boy got up in the morning..

Beast Boy yawned grunting at being stiff in the neck and shoulders, looking around blinking a bit disoriented for a moment.. this definitely wasn't like him beating Robin up for the morning.. heck the automatic coffee pot hadn't even gone off yet..

what was it four? Five? It was still dark out he didn't even see a pink line on the horizon yet.. blinking in confusion at the weird string of dreams he had been having the last few nights.. but he supposed it would all be worth it once he had this over with..

unless he screwed up and blew his date with Rae.. what would they talk about other than tower stuff? And Beast Boy knew awkward situations he tended to ramble make stupid random jokes.. which usually pissed Raven off.. Not a good scenario no matter how he looked at it..

maybe he'd hit the library.. he never checked out books really but they rented movies both cheaper and longer than the video place did.. they just didn't have as big a selection but you had to have a card to do so, he was pretty sure he remembered where he had his card.. maybe he'd look at some books, Raven liked books..they could talk about that! "Beast Boy your a genius" he thought to himself.. as he made his way to his room sliding the door open making his way to the pile of junk and debris that beneath was his desk and computer..

Within Nevermore

Timid was pacing back and forth within Knowledge's realm which looked essentially like a huge library..

"I asked you to buy me time until Raven could get over this little crush on Beast Boy not slowly drive him insane! I don't want him completely chased off I just want things back as their supposed to be!"

Knowledge looked at the drab grey cloaked emotion adjusting her spectacles slamming the pen she was using hard on a makeshift desk a vein popping on her forehead..

"For one I didn't pose this idea simply for you I was also being harassed constantly by Happy, Love and Desire to do something about this.. But because of you and her own stubbornness getting Raven to do anything new is a battle of wills So I thought and thought on how to buy myself time until I could make an argument even Raven couldn't stubbornly refuse out of hand.. and what do I get for my efforts?! "

backing up a bit Knowledge probably had the best temper of all the aspects.. but when it was getting to the braking point she was also one of the scariest because she didn't have emotionally charged out lashes her actions were cold and calculating.. and borderline malicious What's worse she knew precisely the worst possible way to get back at any of them for getting out of line.. and Timid's big toe had just graced that line.. instinctively she looked down looking apologetic.. and meek,

Knowledge standing up now from her desk her face stern..

"I've already got a plan organized to try to smooth this development over.. I never claimed to be all knowing, and I certainly never placed it in my wildest fantasies that Beast Boy would take a simple thing Raven said to make the idea more appealing and hit the ground running..Now go back to your little maze and leave me the hell alone! Or I'll tell Rage who was the one who tried to manipulate her into getting worked up this afternoon.."

Smirking smugly as Timid ran away panicking.. "Now back to the plan where was I?"

Back within the Tower Raven fully intended on using Beast Boy's tendency to sleep in to put the groundwork out for her plan unawares.. First step taking a page out of Cyborg's play book and using blackmail to have Robin and Cyborg do the dirty work.. Namely making preparations.. Next she would start on probably the most distasteful part of this endeavor, namely being dragged by Star to one of those hideous boutiques she liked so much.. usually she wouldn't be this drastic.. but she supposed his efforts earned a few sacrifices on her part..

looking at the vase of mangled roses..she sighs privately to herself.. okay Big sacrifices on her part.. perhaps though she was dreading the idea she would Tolerate just once being dragged to that damned beauty shop Star had been trying to drag her to for months.. Though she would of course make it seem a coincidence maybe suggest lunch in the general area.. someplace close enough that Star would see it.. and she would grudgingly agree just to get Star off her back about it.. yes that should work.. rather nicely Star would get her bonding time.. something admittedly she had been neglecting a bit this month.. and She'd look her best for this evening.. metaphorically killing two birds with one stone..

Beast Boy had grabbed himself some fruit for breakfast.. he thought for sure there had been an apple left but guessed he was wrong as he grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl pealing it and tossing the peal in the bin over his shoulder.. it had taken him forever to find that stupid card.. Maybe the others were right and his room was over do for a bit of spring cleaning..

But that could wait for later.. maybe if things went well and this one chance turned as he hoped into a real relationship.. Then obviously because of Raven's privacy concerns They would need someplace to go to do couple things..away from the others, and Even as her Boyfriend being invited into her room would be unlikely in the best of his plausible scenarios.. and even he admitted setting the mood in a place that looked like the aftermath of a tornado would be pretty difficult.. But Beast Boy wasn't one to put the cart before the horse.. he was perfectly happy to procrastinate until After he earned that date and then worry about it.. and not until that time..

going out toward the common room to the elevator so he could make his way to town he's stopped short by Robin and Cyborg stepping inside next to him sharing Identical smirks

"well guess we get this done early huh Rob?"

"Looks like it Cy but just as well get this unpleasant business over with as soon as possible.."

Blinking in confusion a cold chill running down Beast Boy's back wondering what was going on.. What had he done this time he knew he hadn't paid them back yet He was still waiting for this bet to be over so he could gloat when he got his payback.. the question being should he run or hide once these doors opened.. gulping vocally as Cyborg put his hand on his shoulder eliminating both options..

"Guess Rae's surprise is blown..look how nervous he is Rob.."

"Just as well I assumed he'd figure it out eventually.. sometimes she doesn't give you enough credit Beast boy, so Just pretend okay, Raven's gone through a lot of work for this..and I know you'd hate to disappoint her..Right?"

Surprise? What surprise? He thought to himself blinking in confusion just nodding in agreement in response to Robin's tone..doing as he always did when he had no idea what to do Just follow Robin's lead, as he's guided through the garage to the T-car.. still not sure what was going on..

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