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A Strange Visit
Written by Seiryuu-san

Part 1

In an rundown warehouse, somewhere in London, three vampires were going about ridding it of ghouls. One, a man, wore a black dress suit and a long red coat. On his head a wide red brim hat, this covered his shoulder length black hair. On his handsome face, yellow/orange-tinted glass hid his crimson eyes. The Hellsing symbol on each of his white gloves. This is Alucard. His two companions were his bride Seras Victoria and his daughter Miya. Seras has strawberry blond hair and a blue uniform with a Hellsing patch on the left side of her top. While Miya has long black hair and wears the same uniform as her mother but in deep red. Finding no more ghouls, the vampire family went in different directions, looking for the host vampire.
In what use to be an office stood a desk and chair with its back to the door. As she walked in, Miya notices a light dripping sound which she ignored it, thinking it came from elsewhere in the building. Walking towards the old office chair, Miya prepared herself, turned the chair and raised her gun: the 16mm Medusa. Sitting in the chair was the host vampire…dead. His head cut off and placed in its lap. The light dripping Miya heard was blood falling to the floor. It was then she noticed the blade was sticking out of its chest and recognized immediately. Miya turned to run but found her way was blocked. In front of her stood a man who was as tall as her father. He wore the garb of a priest and had blond, spiky hair. On his left check there was a long scar. It was Father Alexander Anderson also known as the Paladin. Since her childhood, Miya's parents have told her about him and of his regenerating abilities. She growled at him.

"Loovely night for vampire hoontin'," the Scotsman said as he pulled out more of his blessed blades. Miya stared at him and smiled wildly.

"Aye!" she mocked levelling her gun and fired three shots. The bullets hit Anderson in three areas of his head and he went down. Blood oozed from his wounds. Knowing the Paladin would revive soon, Miya took that moment to leave.

In a different part of the warehouse, Alucard heard the shots and frowned. Three shots, he thought, it shouldn't have taken that many to kill a FREAK vampire. He shook his head and left to find Seras. When the couple found their daughter, she was in the middle of a battle. Recognizing his daughter's opponent, Alucard understood the reason for Miya's shots. Seras was about to go help when Alucard stopped her.

"She'll be alright, Seras. Let her have some fun." he told his wife. As they watched, Alucard noticed that Anderson was doing a lot of the attacking while his daughter skipped out of the way.

'Miya, what are you doing?' he asked in her mind.

'I'm playing with him, father. Would you like to join me?' Miya asked sweetly as she dodged another attack from Anderson.

'Thank you for the offer Love, but no. My Master isn't a patient woman, so wrap it up.'

'Yes father.' Miya replied sadly. Watching the Paladin, she could tell that he was getting tired, for he was starting to slow down. She smiled.

"Whit are ye smilin' at, ya filth?" Anderson asked glaring at the vampiress. When she didn't answer him, Anderson grew angry and charged her. As the Paladin drew closer, Miya punched him in the face breaking the tall man's nose. Then she kicked him hard in between the legs. Anderson went down. Miya bent down and lifted the Paladin's face forcing him to look at her. She smiled at the hatred in his eyes.

"Call me filth again, Paladin, and next time I'll rip them off and force feed them to you instead of just a kick." Miya told the agonizing man. Then she leaned in and licked the blood from his face. This act revived new strength in Anderson and he threw one last blade at the draculina. It hit Miya in the shoulder. She cried out in pain and fell back.

"MIYA!" Seras cried out. She started to run towards the girl but stopped when she noticed Alucard was already by their daughter's side. Anderson laughed weakly while Miya struggle to pull the object out. She growled at her carelessness and humiliation. Finally she managed to pull the blade out, blood flowing out of the wound, and was about to impale it into Anderson's head when a hand grabbed her wrist. Turning around Miya came face to face with her father.

"That's enough Miya," he said. Then looked down at Anderson and smiled wildly. "I'll spare you the joy of death today, but the next time we meet, I won't stop her." Alucard told the Paladin. Anderson cursed Alucard and his family, but they simply ignored him and left.

Millions of light years from Earth, on a planet called Metebelis Three, also known as the famous blue planet, stood a tall blue box awaiting the return of its master. It didn't have to wait long, for in the distant two figures were quickly approaching. One of the figures was a tall male with a mess of curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. The outfit he wore consisted of a white chemise open at the neck, a striped necktie and a sweater covered in a diamond pattern of three shades of brown. The coat on his back came to his calves and was burgundy in colour. Stuffed in one of its pockets was an old hat. His pants were dark brown and wore men's knee height boots, which were black. A long multi-coloured scarf hung around his neck, the ends flung over his left shoulder so he wouldn't trip over them as he ran. His companion was a female with long brown hair and blue eyes. She was also tall. She wore a brief garment made of animal skins and a fighting-knife was on her hip. In her arms was a robot with the appearance of a dog.

"Come on Leela, hurry it up." the man called as he pulled out a key. Leela glared at him as she tried to get a better hold on the robot.

"Tell me Doctor, why didn't we leave K9 in the TARDIS?" she shouted at him, referring to the robot in her arms and the blue box coming into sight.

"And have him miss all the fun? Never." the Doctor told her. When they reached the TARDIS, he quickly unlocked the door and they went in just as some rocks and sticks were thrown at them.

A wheezing, groaning sound could be heard and the TARDIS dematerialized. Inside the impossibly large control room, Leela put K9 down and stretched out her sore arms. In the middle of the control room stood a six-sided console. In the middle of it, a column rose and fell indicating the TARDIS was in motion. Leela watched as the Doctor went about the console flipping switches and pushing buttons. When he was done, he found a chair and slumped down into it. While he sat there, the Doctor reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a crystal. It had six sides and was dark blue. As he toyed with it, Leela came to his side.

"Ooh, how lovely," she said admiring it. "What is it?" Silence was Leela's answer. She sighed and looked at the Doctor.

"Doctor?" she said giving his shoulder a little shack.


"What is it?"

"What is what?"

"That thing in your hands."

"This? It's a Metebelis Sapphire, of course," he said putting it back in his pocket. Still entranced by the sapphire Leela ask, "What will you do with it?"

"I plan to give it to a friend of mine." The Doctor said smiling. Leaning back in his chair, the Doctor pulled out his hat and places it on his face. "Be a good girl, Leela and let me know when the TARDIS stops." he told her and seemed to have fallen asleep. Leela stared at the Doctor and sighed.

Upon arriving at the Hellsing mansion, the vampire family went strait to Integra's office and reported the destruction of the ghouls and the host vampire. When Integra acknowledge the report, Alucard and Seras went to their room for some alone time. Miya decided to go see Walter. The old retainer had become a second father to her. So when Miya found him in the kitchen, she greeted him with a little kiss on the cheek.

"Hello Walter-Papa. How are you this evening?"

"I'm a little tired." Walter said ignoring the nickname.

"Anything I can do to help?"

"No, I'll be fine. Thank you for the offer."

"Oh, okay." Miya said and left. She decided to go change. Just as she reached the staircase leading to the basement she heard a strange sound. Miya closed her eyes and concentrated. It was coming from the garage. When she entered she looked in the direction of the sound and saw the outline of what looked like a tall box. As the box became more solid, she could see the words "Police public call box" in white letters above the doors. Curious the vampiress walked to the door and tried to open it but found it to be locked. Putting her ear to the door, Miya could hear muffled voices inside.

"Doctor… Doctor we have stopped." Leela said as she shook the sleeping man. When the Doctor didn't move, she thought of something her mother did to her, as a child, when she didn't want to get up. Leela leaned over the Doctor, carefully reaching under his layers of clothing until her fingers felt skin, and then she started to tickle him. At first she thought her little trick wasn't working, but when the Doctor started to laugh she smiled and continued until he fell off the chair. Removing his hat from his face the Doctor glared at the warrior.

"That is a cruel way of getting someone up." the Doctor told her as he got up off the floor. Still laughing, Leela got up too.

"I apologize, Doctor, but you wouldn't open you eyes no matter what I did," she said following him to the console.

"Well never mind that. Let's have a look at where we are." the Doctor said as he hit a switch. On the wall across from them the view screen appeared.

"Where are we, Doctor?" Leela asked looking at the screen.

"In a garage, by the looks of it," the Time Lord answered.

"What is… a garage?"

"A garage, Mistress, is a building for the storage of a motor vehicle or vehicles, Mistress." K9 said knowingly.

"According to the computer we're in London, Earth. The year is 2010." the Doctor said then frowned. "I didn't want London 2010, you silly thing, I wanted South Wales 1973," he told the TARDIS and threw up his arms as if to say 'I give up'. Leela gave the man a questioning look. Outside Miya realized they were coming out and hid in the shadows.

The door opened and out stepped a woman dressed in animal skin with a knife at her hip. As Miya watched the woman slowly approaching Sir Integra's car then she suddenly pulled out her weapon. Miya was about to leap out of hiding when a man step out and stopped his companion.

"I wouldn't do that, Leela." Miya heard the man tell his companion.

"Why? Would it awaken and attack me?" Leela asked. He sighed. Miya silently giggled.

"No it wouldn't." Miya could see the woman was disappointed. Then Leela noticed the windows and peered in.

"Doctor, look I can see the insides of the beast." Again the Doctor sighed. Miya had to go deeper into the shadows she was laughing so hard. When she finally calmed down, Miya continued watching the strangers. The Doctor grabbed Leela by the wrist as he explained.

"It's not a beast, Leela; it's what people call an automobile. It takes them to places they want to visit. Those clear things are called windows," the Time Lord told her impatiently.

"I do not understand, K9 can you explain?" Leela said looking down at, what Miya could see was a robot. The vampiress guessed that Leela called it K9 because it resembled a metal dog. Not to mention the big 'K9' on its side. The robot made some noises then answered Leela.

"An automobile, Mistress, is a road…"

"Later, K9, later. Come on." interrupted the Doctor. From her hiding place, Miya saw him glancing at the car.

"I used to have one," he said thoughtfully. "Beautiful thing." Then he walked towards a door on the other side of the garage, unaware that he was being watched. The door the Time Lord found led them to a great hull. Curious, the Doctor led his companions further down the hull. As he looked about, the Time Lord noticed a grand staircase leading to the upper levels and another set leading down to the lower levels. While the Doctor continued to look about, Miya noticed that Leela kept an eye on their surroundings her fighting-knife in her hand.

"Come along Leela." the Doctor said lowering his voice and started walking up the grand staircase. "And Leela put your knife away." His companion started to follow him when she remembered the robot at her feet.

"Doctor, what about K9?" she called to him. Already at the second floor, the man leaned over the side of the banister and told the girl to be quiet. Just as he spoke those words, a tall woman appeared out of the darkness. "Look out Doctor!" Leela shouted pulling her knife and taking up a fighting stance as the woman places a gun against the Doctor's head.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" she asked coldly.

"Well I'm the Doctor. The other two are Leela and K9," he answered casually indicating his two companions. Integra moved closer to the banister to see a girl in a fighting stance and a metallic dog-like robot. "Put the knife away Leela, we're all friends here." said the Doctor with a big grin.
At that moment Walter came up from the basement and noticed K9 and Leela, looking up he saw a curly haired man, who gave him a toothy smile, and Integra. Looking back at Leela, he asked, "Who are you?" Still in her fighting stance but with her knife put away, Leela answered, "I am Leela. A warrior of the Sevateem."

"What would you like me to do with them, my Lady?" Walter asked Integra.

"Bring them to my office. I want them were I can see them." she said pushing the Doctor towards her office.

"Come along Leela." Said the Doctor casually as he was being led down the hall.

When everyone was gone Miya came out of hiding and walked to the abandoned robot. As she approached, K9 turned around. At the front of its 'nose' the barrel of a gun appeared. Miya stopped moving.
"Easy, I only want to bring you to where your friends are." Miya told the automaton.

Once in the office, Integra sat at her desk, pulled out a cigar, lit it and inhaled. Slowly letting the smoke out, she told the Doctor to sit down.

"A lovely lady such as yourself shouldn't be smoking." the Doctor commented smiling as he sat down, Leela sat on the floor beside him. Integra glared at him and the Time Lord lowered his eyes.

"I was simply commenting, no need for rude glares," he pouted as he pulled out an old bag from his pocket and popped a candy into his mouth. The Time Lord offered some to Leela, who gladly took a couple, and then he turned to Integra.

"Would you like a Jelly Baby?" the Doctor offered. She continued to glare at him. The Doctor shrugged his shoulders, popped another candy in his mouth and put the bag away. The director leaned back in her chair and inhaled some more of her cigar.

"Who did you say you were?" Integra asked exhaling.

"The Doctor and this is Leela," the Time Lord said. "And we left poor K9 alone down stairs." Just as he said this, a black hair girl fazed through the wall K9 in her arms. The Doctor smiled when he saw his robotic friend and got up to greet him. Leela however bounded to her feet in a fighting stands and pulled out her knife.

"Doctor, look out, she's a demon!" the warrior cried out and attacked.