Part 5

With difficulty, Miya pulled away from the Time Lord. I must control my instincts, she thought, forcing herself away. But the bloodlust swelled within her and she opened her mouth to bite him when she suddenly felt a sharp blade at her neck.
Crying out the vampiress turned to face her would-be attacker. The Sevateem warrior stood in front of her.

"I will not allow you to harm the Doctor." Leela said. Miya simply hissed at her and turned back to her prey. But before Miya could act out her intentions for the second time, she found herself thrown to the far side of the room.

"I told you… I will not allow you to harm the Doctor!" Leela said as she took a defensive stands in front of the sleeping man. Miya screamed with rage and charged the warrior. The noise of the two fighting awoke the Doctor. As he watched them, the Time Lord noticed that Leela was always between him and the vampiress. Focusing on Miya, he noticed her eyes were wild, her fangs longer and her fingers had turned into claws. The side affect of blood lost, he mused. Must find a way out of here and find Miya some blood before she kills her first human, he thought as he looked around the room.

While the Doctor searched for an exit, outside in the streets of London, Integra was starting to get annoyed with the metal dog. She had been following him for what seemed liked hours. She was about to demand that the dog explain himself, when Alucard and Seras appeared. They announced that they may have found the Doctor and his companions. Pleased with this news, Integra told them to show her. Seras picked up K9 and they were off.

They drew closer to their destination, a squat little office building in an industrial part of the city. As they approached two guards came out and tried to stop them, only to be knocked out by K9's laser beams. As they rushed through the doors the odour of blood was thick and palpable, crashing against them like waves in the sea.

Alucard and Seras recognised it as Miya's and they run off following its trail, leaving behind their master and the little metal dog. The trail led them down corridors, around corners and through walls. Until finally the trail brought them to a room. Behind the door, they could hear someone cursing and things breaking. Alucard pulled out his black gun, the 13mm Jackal while Seras' right arm turned into a long black tendril. They charged through the door and tackled the only person in the room.

The Master was so preoccupied with his experiments; he failed to notice a little red light, which was on the wall just to the left of the door. So when Alucard and Seras charging through, he didn't have time to grab his Tissue Compression Eliminator. And so he found himself on the ground with a tendril around his entire body and a gun in his face. It wasn't until he was over the shock of being captured, that the Master realised who his attackers were.

"Ah the famed Alucard and his bride, come to rescue the Doctor and his friends." the Master said with a smirk. Seras growled at him and tighten her grip on his body. Keeping his gun on the Master's face, Alucard told the Time Lord that he had two seconds to either tell where their daughter is or die. The Master's smirk deepens. "Kill me and you'll never find your daughter." He spat back. The No-Life-King was so annoyed that he clubbed the Master with the butt of his gun, rendering him unconscious. It was at that point that Integra and K9 finally caught up to the vampires.

"Come on! K9's sensors have found the Doctor. And according to him something is wrong." Integra told them. They were about to leave, when Seras inquired about the unconscious form of the Master.

"Leave him." was all Alucard said and was out the door. Once again the little group followed the tin dog. Soon they turned a corner and could hear yelling and banging. It was the Doctor and he sounded very despite to get out of his prison. K-9 quickly approached the door and blasted the lock off. Free at last the Doctor rushed out, telling them that he'd explain everything later.

"Right now Leela is in mortal combat with Miya, and we need to stop them." He exclaimed.

"What is it with that girl? That's twice that she's attack your companion." Integra said exasperated

"Believe me, dear lady. This time is different."

"How so?" Seras asked.

"She's lost lots of her blood and because of that she's gone..." the Doctor paused searching for the right word.

"I see." Said the strawberry blond vampire.

"In a word 'feral'." He said nodding. "They are fighting because Leela prevented Miya from feeding on me." Alucard growled and marched into the cell. Once inside, he could tell that Leela was on the verge of collapsing. So he approached them and tore them apart, shoving Leela towards the door while holding onto Miya. As his daughter screamed and flailed, Alucard tore open his sleeve and made a big gash in his wrist. The scent of blood calmed the raged vampiress enough for him to offer her his wrist. Miya took the offered blood and drank greedily. After a couple of minutes, Alucard heard a light sigh.

"Welcome back, Love." He said as Miya rested her head on his chest.

"It's good to be back." She replied softly.

Soon they were heading back to the lab to collect the Master only to discover that he and a column at the back of the lab had disappeared. Once again the Master had escaped.

The small group made their way back to the Hellsing manor. Between Miya, the Doctor, and Leela the full story was told and everyone finally knew what had happened. And so once again it was time for the Doctor and his companions to leave.

"Will I ever see you again, Doctor?" Miya asked as Leela and K9 went into the TARDIS.

"I don't know. The TARDIS is such a fickle old girl. I never know where she'll land next." He replied and started to go through the doors when an idea hit him. Facing Miya once again, he took her by the hand and asked her if she'd like to join him. Her face brightened at the idea of such an adventure but declined saying her place was at the manor with her family. The Doctor nodded, entered the TARDIS and with a wheezing, groaning sound the blue box disappeared.