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I should've known when I woke up that it would be a bad day.

For starters, I woke up to Benjamin doing that nervous tap on my door. Not that Get Out NOW, We Need To Move bang, but the Milady, If We're Late It Will Be Very Untraditional.

That tap really pisses me off. Especially when, by all rights, I should have still been sleeping.

"Whayawant?" I moaned, face stuck in my pillow.

"Milady, the meeting starts in half an hour. The Council has said it's important."

Yeah, I bet they have. Whatever, if it would get everybody off my back, I'd show. "Yeah, I'm coming." I called, slipping out of bed and grabbing my ensemble for the day- jeans and a t-shirt. Classy, I know.

The hot water of the shower, at least, was nice. It was probably the best part of my day. Now that's sad.

I stepped out when I was squeaky-clean and all that jazz, combing through the hair that had finally started to behave once I'd bloomed. Threw on my clothes and shoes, and exited my room to grumpily greet Benjamin.

Christophe was standing there too. He smiled at me, and I couldn't decide if it was his normal mocking, or something gentler. "Dru."

Oh crap… he was doing that thing where he went all gentle and his eyes smouldered, and he was all "Dru, fall for me!"

I really hate when he does that.

Gentler. It was definitely gentler.

Dammit, Dru! Focus! I hoped my cheeks weren't on fire. I could control that better now that I'd bloomed. "Morning." I grumbled.

Christophe kept his hand on my back during the walk to the Council room. It was sort of annoying, but also sort of… reassuring.

The only thing eventful about the meeting was that it was extremely uneventful. Important meeting my ass. The next time anyone says it's important, I'm ditching.

It got eventful after the meeting. Really freaking eventful.

Graves popped up at some point on the way back to my room- he'd gotten back a few weeks ago. And that instantly raised the tension in our merry group, and between the hate rolling in between him, Christophe, and Benjamin, I was about ready to strangle some poor soul.

"What's up, kiddo? Interesting meeting?" Graves piped up sarcastically. He knew the look on my face meant I was having a Crappy Morning.

I snorted. "Oh, yeah. Why don't you join us next time, Graves?"

Christophe's hand on my back stiffened. "Dru, that would be very untraditional-"

"Oh, shut it suckboy." Graves snapped. "It's called sarcasm."

Christophe glared. "Watch your mouth, mutt."

I made a furious sound. "Will both of you just shut up? It's way too early for this, and I'm sick of you two hating each other. I'm not asking you two to like each other, or even stop hating each other. Just don't do it openly, kay? I'm sick of it."

That's when things really went downhill.

Nat came running up to us, gun out of its shoulder holster. "Get her somewhere safe." She ordered. "We're under attack."

Chris, Graves, Ben and Nat immediately formed a circle around me. "I can fight!" I protested. "I'm bloomed, I don't need all this protection!"

I was ignored. They herded me up the stairs, and we very nearly got to my room.

That's when the suckers showed up.

There was so many of them. A few fell to their knees when they got too close to me, gasping and coughing up a thick black liquid. But most of them only changed colour slightly, not doing the whole 'Crap, this wasn't a good idea' bit before they die. This bunch was more resilient.

I was shoved against the wall and kept inside the little half-circle the group who had been arguing thirty seconds ago made around me. I reached into the pocket I'd sewn into the inside of my jacket and pulled out my gun, a capable .22, and pushed my way into their circle.

Each of them tried to push me back. I fought to stay where I was, and started firing shots at the suckers.

The next few moments are a blur.

The corridor was a mess of dark blood and gore. The Council was probably on their way, unless they got held up by another group of nosferat.

Nat gave a shrill scream from beside me. I whipped around just in time to see a group of suckers pick her up and start running. "Nat!" I cried. I sprinted after them. No way was I letting them get off with my only girlfriend.

What the hell? Why did they take her instead of going after me? But I knew that answer. They knew I'd follow, and they wanted to get me alone.

I knew it was a bad idea to follow them. But I was not letting them get away with Nat.

"Dru! Dru! DRU!" The desperate calls followed me down the hall, but I wasn't turning back.

I charged outside, and followed them into the woods. Nathalie had caught on that I was following, and was screaming at me to go back. Not a chance, Nat.

Branches slapped at my face, and the cold air of first snow stung my bare arms. It hurt like hell, but I kept on going. They were not taking Nat away from me.

I'm not sure where I lost them. I was in the trees good and deep by then, nothing but walls of leafless trees around me. "Nathalie!" I yelled. "Nathalie!"

Nothing but silence.

Well, damn Dru. You've done yourself in good this time.

I started sprinting again, screaming Nat's name. I couldn't hear any snapping of sticks to signify footsteps, and the only breathing around was my own. A ways away I could hear rushing water. It was my only heading, and I followed it.

Suddenly I was teetering on the edge of the world. Well, no, not really. Just a bit of a drop, but it led into a river that did not look very welcoming.

There. There they were, across the river. I could just hear their footsteps, and I felt their presence- a terrible, hateful state of being that rasped against the inside of my head.

I'd have to jump the river.

I didn't give myself time to think about what an incredibly stupid idea that was. Every second I stopped to think was a second they got farther away from me.

I backed up a fair bit. I'd have to get plenty of momentum if I wanted to jump across this.

I took a deep breath. One.



I ran, and I jumped.

And I fell about halfway through.

My momentum carried me a good distance, but the river was wide, and I could only make it so far. It was only thanks to my blooming that I'd made it as far as I had.

Oh shit. Shitshitshitshitshit.

I plummeted through the air and landed with a freezing splash in the rapidly moving river. The current sucked me under.

I gasped at the stingingly cold water, which was a mistake. Water filled my lungs, and I coughed violently- still underwater.

I struggled my way to the top. I fought to stay above, but was pulled back under before I could clear all the water from my lungs. I somehow managed to get a breath in before I was submerged again.

I managed to keep my mouth closed this time. The current swept me along like a leaf, and the frigid water couldn't have been far above freezing. It was painfully cold, and my limbs were already going numb, making it nearly impossible to get to the top.

Dammit Dru, keep going! But it was so hard to think…

Damn you Dru, SWIM! Dad's voice barked at me. Lord, I needed air. I gave it one last hurrah, and struggled with all the strength I could muster- which, really, wasn't very much.

I surfaced, and immediately started hacking up my lungs and trying to breathe at the same time. It didn't work that great, but it was better than being underwater.

"Dru! Dru!"

I know that voice. I thought shakily. That's… Shanks. Yeah, Shanks.

I knew Shanks saw me. I struggled to stay buoyant, so maybe there was a chance he could get me out. But it was just so hard, my whole body was painfully, freezingly numb, and I just didn't feel like fighting anymore.

"Dru!" Shanks yelled. He scrambled down the steep incline, and stretched out an arm to me. "Take my hand!"

I reached for it. Our fingertips touched, but I couldn't make my fingers grasp his.

I was swept under again, briefly. I popped up again, and Shanks took a careful step closer. If he fell in too, we were both screwed. He stretched out farther, and our hands brushed again.

He didn't wait a millisecond. He clamped his fingers around mine, and pulled me close enough he could get a grip on my arm. Put his back into it and hauled me out.

I huddled against him. So… cold… There was a part of me that was alarmed at how slow my thought process was, but I couldn't bring myself to care.

Shanks frantically rubbed my arms. "You've really done it this time, Dru-girl. Come on, we've gotta get you warmed up before this hypothermia gets any worse." He pulled me up and slung me over his shoulders. Started running, and I bounced up and down like a rubber ball.

"N-N-Nat?" I stuttered out.

"Fine." He answered. "Showed those suckers whose boss. C'mon Drusy-girl, keep talking to me."

But I really didn't want to. I wanted to be warm, and I wanted to go to sleep. So tired…

"Dru!" He barked. "Don't you dare pass out on me! C'mon, girl, talk!"

A part of me knew he was right. So I started saying something in a slow, sleepy voice. Maybe I was talking about the weather, or maybe I was talking about how I really, really wanted to go to sleep, so damn him for making me stay awake.

I'm not sure how long it was before we got back inside. The warmth stung just as badly as the cold, and I made a hurt little sound. "I got her!" Shanks cried. "I got her!" He took me off of his shoulders and held me bridal style. He had to be freezing. I'd soaked his shirt, and it was the beginning of winter out there.

I crowd of people swarmed us. There was a flurry of commotion, and I was handed off to several different people. I remember saying I'm fine, I'm fine in a breathy voice- or trying to, anyways. My tongue wouldn't work for me, and I couldn't make my teeth stop chattering.

I think I passed out for a couple minutes. I can recall a buzzing in my ears, and then everything just faded away, and I was left in a space where I really couldn't feel anything. Not even the cold.

The next thing I remember, I'd woken up in my bed, tucked under countless blankets, and left only in my t-shirt and underwear. Where'd my clothes go? I wondered briefly.

I could feel all the cold again. I whimpered. What I'd give to be warm…

"Dru. Hey, Dru. Look at me."

I made my eyes focus. Graves. That was Graves kneeling in front of me, rubbing my arms and legs in a panicked effort to warm me up. He saw I was looking at him, and sagged in relief. "I need you to stay awake, okay Dru? You can't go to sleep again. You've got to stay awake, okay? I need you to."

I coughed more in response, and was vaguely surprised I didn't choke up blood. "G-Gr-Graves."

"That's me." He said brightly. "The one and only."

"Here." A voice said. "I've got some hot water bottles, they'll do some good." Dibs stepped into my line of vision, and put the precious bottles on the blankets on top of me. Even with all the blankets in between, the warmth of the bottles still felt searing to me.

There was the sound of the door opening again. "Dru."

Christophe knelt in front of me, casually pushing Graves out of the way. "Dru, milna. Look at me, little bird."

I forced my eyes to focus again, this time on Christophe. "C-C-Chr-" I couldn't get my lips to shape the name.

His blue eyes softened. "I'm right here, kochana. In fact…" He gave me an appraising look, before crawling under the covers with me.

Graves rocked back. "Get out." He said flatly.

"Why?" Christophe shot back. "So my little bird can freeze to death? Swallow your jealousy, dog. This battle isn't worth it."

I had the feeling I should protest, but Christophe was always so warm. I put arms around him and wrapped my legs around his. His heat soaked through his clothes, saturating into me.

Christophe ran his hands all over my body. "Hush, my dear. I'll get you warm again."

Graves growled. "Back off, Gogol."

Christophe stiffened, then smirked slightly. Without responding, his hands gripped the bottom of my shirt and started pulling up.

"H-h-h-hey." I stammered. "S-s-stop it."

"You need the body heat. Don't argue, Dru. Not now."

He pulled my shirt up and over my head, and tossed the sopping wet garment onto the floor- just beside Graves.

That was too much for Graves. "Leave her the fuck alone." His tone thrummed with loup-garou dominance, and he could have possibly put some more damn you into his voice. If he really tried.

But Christophe wasn't done yet.

He quickly made a graceful movement, and then his shirt was on the floor, too. He put both his arms around my waist and pulled me right up to him.

"Hey." Graves stood up made a move towards Christophe.

"Stay calm, mongrel. Everyone knows you wish it was you in my place, but she prefers me better."

Graves growled again. "Get. Away. From. Her."

"St-stop it." I stuttered out. "Just qu-quit i-i-it."

Dibs was the smart one. He got up and walked out.

Then it hit me.

Christophe had just taken off my shirt. And his shirt. And he was freaking warm.

So I snuggled into him. His spicy apple pie scent filled my nose, and I tucked my nose into the indent in his collarbone.

Okay, so it probably wasn't the best thing to do with Graves right there. But Chris was warm, and I was fucking freezing.

The next thing I heard was Graves slamming the door on his way out.

I tried to turn around and look, but Christophe held me. "Let him go." He whispered. "Just let me think I'm the one you want."

What was I supposed to say to that? Especially when I was starting to think that he was the one I wanted, even if he was… well, infuriating.

So I just curled into him, and fell asleep in his arms.

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