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Against His Front Door

"Just stay a little longer" Rachel whined, dragging Quinn with her towards her house.

She spent the evening at the restaurant Quinn was working at, and it was a pretty busy day which only meant they didn't have the chance to even have a little chat. They just shared the stolen little kisses on the cheek that Quinn gave her every now and then when she passed beside her to give the orders to the cook. Well, at least it wasn't a waste of time, she used most of that time to look over her folders searching for the perfect song to sing at sectionals.

"Oh no, I'm not going in there" Quinn said with a laugh, shaking her head, her pink mane moving along gracefully.

"Oh, come on, it's been a week already!" Rachel told her, stopping in front of her driveway. She knew why Quinn didn't want to stay, both her dads cars were in the driveway which meant they were home. Even if she begged and dropped on her knees, there was a little chance Quinn was going to get inside of the house.

"Did they stop blushing every time they see you?" Quinn asked with an amused smile playing on her lips.

"Not my daddy" Rachel mumbled dropping her head.

Quinn nodded and let out a laugh. "Then it's still no"

Rachel rolled her eyes, it was hilarious that she found the whole situation amusing.

"I want to be with you a little more" Rachel said, wrapping her arms around Quinn's neck and burying her face in her girlfriend's chest. "We barely had time to talk today"

"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning so we can walk together to school, alright? You'd have all that time to drive me insane with one of your rants"


"Stop whining, geez! It's embarrassing to look at them. They hadn't gotten over the pink hair and the nose ring and then they found me knuckled deep inside of their baby girl"

Rachel groaned and buried her head deeper in her girlfriend's chest, feeling the vibrations of her laugh. "Stop laughing about it! That was the most embarrassing moment in my whole life!" Rachel said pulling away from her and starting to walk towards the front door.

Quinn laughed again, following her. It was hilarious the glare Rachel threw her over her shoulder, and the crimson color in her cheeks. It was more cute than hilarious, actually. "Mine too, baby, that's exactly why I don't want to go inside"

Rachel ascended the front stairs and turned around with a pout. "Are you picking me up first hour tomorrow then?"

"I promise" Quinn said, closing the distance between them. Rachel was slightly taller than her because she was standing at the top of the stairs. "And anyway, I'll call you tonight like every night, so you won't miss me too much"

Rachel's face lit up at that. "You said it"

Quinn nodded and smiled at her girlfriend getting on her toes, capturing Rachel lips with her own. Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's neck and bit down hard on her lower lip, earning a low moan. Quinn knew Rachel was playing dirty; because she knew this were the things that drove her insane, and she was sure Rachel's plan all along was making her stay, but there was no way she was facing the Berry men yet.

She put both her hands on Rachel's cheek and pulled away. "Don't do that"

Rachel smirked and took Quinn's hands away from her face, and took the collar of Quinn's jacket, pulling her up the top of the stairs. She wrapped her hands around Quinn's neck, bringing her lips down towards her own again. She liked the height difference between them because she always thought they probably looked good when they were kissing. She let her hands wander all around Quinn's body and made a whining sound when Quinn pulled away breathlessly. "Seriously, don't do that" She said in a low, husky voice.

Rachel smirked at the way her hazel eyes were darker than a minute ago. There was no way Quinn was leaving now, at least not without spending some quality time with her. She leaned forward and licked Quinn's lips, teasing her, enjoying the way Quinn buried her fingers into her hips.

"I'm not staying, Rachel" Quinn said, trying to sound firm which was proving to be difficult now that Rachel was biting and sucking at her pulse point.

"Don't be like this, Quinn. I just want to spend time with you. We'll be in my room and we'll be quiet." Rachel said, sneaking her hands under Quinn's shirt, cupping her breast through her bra, eliciting a low moan. Quinn closed her eyes tightly. Damn her stubborn girlfriend, and damn her body for being so weak for Rachel's touch. Quinn covered Rachel's hands with her own and opened her eyes. Rachel was smirking deviously at her and she narrowed her eyes. Rachel wanted to play, she would play then.

Without freeing Rachel's hands, she backed them until they were pressed against the front door, Rachel's back against it and her body pressed tightly against her girlfriend's. Now she was the one smirking.

"You shouldn't provoke me, Ms. Berry" Quinn said in a sultry voice, leaning down, their lips and tongue meeting. Rachel's knees buckled and she pulled her hands out of Quinn's shirt to tangle them in her pink hair.

Quinn pulled away after a moment, panting for air and started to leave hot, open-mouthed kisses down Rachel's throat.

"L-let's go inside" Rachel told her, still trying to catch her breath. "W-we'll be comfortable"

"With the open door policy? I don't think so." Quinn whispered on her skin, her hand lifting one of Rachel's legs to tangle it around her waist. "I'm sure they're going to be like hawks."

Rachel let out a loud moan, her head dropping back against the door with a dull thud when Quinn cupped her through the underwear.

"Shh" Quinn said with a laugh, pecking her on the lips. "They're inside."

Rachel didn't say anything, she rocked her hips towards Quinn's hand showing her how much she needed her. She opened her eyes finding shinny and evil hazel eyes. Quinn always won this games, she didn't know why she even tried. She took Quinn by the back of the neck, crushing their lips together. Quinn smiled into the kiss knowing Rachel was getting frustrated, and pulled Rachel's underwear aside giving her what she wanted. They both groaned when Quinn started to explore her folds.

"You're so wet" Quinn said pulling away from the kiss to rest her head on Rachel's shoulder. Rachel leaned hers back against the door and swallowed hard, closing her eyes.

"You're touching me, what do you expect?" Rachel said fisting her hands on Quinn's hair. Quinn felt a warm all over her body and smiled biting down lightly on Rachel's shoulder. Sometimes it amazed her how important Rachel made her feel; and how proud she felt knowing she was the one who had the privilege of putting her through this kind of arousal.

Rachel was squirming, and whimpering under Quinn, getting frustrated by the slow, lazy strokes Quinn was making against her clit. She needed more, a lot more before she had a spontaneous combustion. She pulled hard at Quinn's hair, making her hiss with pain, their eyes locking.

"Stop teasing!" Rachel hissed. "Do you think now's the right moment for you to-" She stopped with a gasp, her eyes rolling back in her head when Quinn entered her with two fingers.

"You're right, we're short of time"

Rachel heard the smirk in her voice, and when she opened her eyes she wasn't mistaken.

"I hate you"

"Liar" Quinn said, kissing her on the lips.

Rachel rolled her hips with the pace Quinn settle, trying to keep her moans to a minimum because she didn't need her dads to catch them again in the same position they were caught last week.

When Quinn pulled away to kiss down her jaw and neck, she took the opportunity to pop open Quinn's jeans and sneak her hand inside them and her underwear. Quinn's movement stopped and she released a moan, she muffled biting down hard at the spot Rachel's shoulder and neck met.

"Don't stop" Rachel whimpered out. It was getting dark and her dads were probably about to turn on the outdoor lights and then they'll be busted.

Quinn resumed pumping her fingers in and out and Rachel easily slid two of her fingers into Quinn, since she was already so wet. They settled in a slow, steady pace for a moment, while Quinn get used to the intrusion and Rachel knew she was ready when she started to bite and suck at her pulse point, driving her completely insane; she quickened their pace which became erratic and fast, while trying to bring Quinn even closer to her with the heel of her foot against her lower back.

"D-don't… don't stop" Rachel managed to breath out. "I'm so close"

"I can tell" Quinn said, kissing Rachel deeply to muffle her moans and whimpers that were starting to get louder. Their breathings grew quicker with each second and Quinn pulled away with a moan, coming undone when Rachel sweep her thumb against her clit. "Oh, fuck"

"Don't stop, Q" Rachel warned her, bringing their lips together once again.

Quinn kept her hand moving, her own body still shaking from her orgasm. She bit Rachel's lower lip hard and circled the girl's sensitive nub, bringing her over the edge, too. Luckily Rachel didn't make a sound, her mouth fell open and her eyes were closed tight. She was completely still for a moment until she let out a low moan and her whole body shook, Quinn's name falling from her lips accompanied by a desperate intake of breath.

Now that the lust was draining out of her body, Quinn started to feel the whole weight of Rachel's body against her tired one, and at that moment it felt really heavy but she needed to keep them standing because she felt Rachel's leg starting to give up, and the way she fisted tightly the hand on her hair like she was trying to find some sort of support.

"I got you, baby" Quinn said, peppering Rachel's face with kisses, pressing their bodies even more against the door.

Rachel put her hand out of Quinn slowly and wiped it on her skirt. Quinn did the same, chuckling when Rachel let out a little throaty sound. Carefully, she put Rachel's leg down, and straightened her skirt. Rachel released the pink hair and put her other hand up, intertwining her fingers at the back of Quinn's neck, starting to giggle.


"I can't believe we just had sex in public, against my front door, with my dads inside"

Quinn laughed along with her. "It was hot and you should know better than play with me"

"I wanted you to stay"

"I think it's enough with what we did" Quinn chuckled reaching down to button her jeans. "And I have to go before they caught me here"

"Coward" Rachel pouted.

"You want me alive, don't you?" Quinn said pecking her on the lips. "See you tomorrow"

Rachel pouted but released her, resigned to let her girlfriend go. Quinn was about to walk away when Rachel stopped her.



Rachel took her by the jacket's collar and put her down, kissing her on the lips. "I love you"

"I love you, too"

"Call me later?"

"I wouldn't dare not calling you" Quinn said, smiling softly and kissing her again before turning around to walk home.

Rachel waited until she was out of sight to enter the house. She turned on the outdoor lights and started to ascend the stairs, bouncing a little on her steps without being able to wipe the smile from her lips. She was almost at the top of the stairs when her daddy called her from the studio's door.


"Oh, hey daddy" She greeted him, biting her lip to try and hide her smile.

"Was Quinn with you?"

Rachel froze and swallowed hard before nodding. "Yeah?"

She had to stop herself for bursting out laughing when her daddy blushed.

"Why didn't she stay?"

"She had some errands to do. I'll be in my room, I already had dinner." She told him, practically running towards her room because she couldn't help but chuckle when she heard her daddy mumble a "thank God she left"; because yeah, it was probably for the best that Quinn didn't stay. Rachel was sure that he would have had a heart attack if he knew what had just happened against his front door.

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