Any characters you see you recognize are not Rose is my creation.

*Two years earlier*

Sean: Hey Tess!


Sean:I hear Ember has a performance tonight. Mind if I tag along?

Tess:Sean,I would love for you to but, you know how Vince gets when you are involved in something to do with Ember.

Sean:Yes I know but, I also know that Ember is my child as well and I should be able to see her perform at least once in her life.

Tess:Shh, not so loud she may hear us.

And hear them she did.

*1 Year Later *

Stagehand:Ember you are on in 10

Ember:OK, thanks.

"OK so Ember you wanna go over the set list or are you ok?,Ember? EMBER!"

"What?,oh yeah I am good to go on the setlist."

"Sure? You seem a little distracted tonight"

"Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking about my parents is all."

"Oh honey, I know you miss them,but just remember that they are now in a better place"

"Yeah, a better place"

"Yep,mom is happily married to Vince still and Sean is still my moms best friend whom she is secretly in love with and I am nothing but a blur in their memories,a simple ripple in the little game they have going between the three of them."

This is what I wanted to say to my manager Elyse,but I quickly remembered that I had originally told her that my parents were killed in a carwreck,and that is why she took me in and began to manage me.

"Ember you're on!"

I stepped up to the mic and it felt as though the lyrics just flew out of my mouth. It was if I was singing directly to my mother and I was singing I noticed a blonde woman in her late 20's early 30's walk into the did I know that that chance in counter would change mine and many other lives forever.