Chapter 4.

Ember sat in a chair in her mom's office as she had done so many times before starring at her visibly shaken mother,however,unlike before she noticed how her mom had started to adorned the walls of what was once just a cold dark office with photos of her lost child.

Tess sat with tears in her eyes trying to muster up the courage to talk to this sulky, yet beautiful teenage who at one point was her bright blue eyed jet black haired baby her blue eyes had darkened and her hair made that even more Tess opened her mouth and began to talk more or less.

Tess:Ember,baby I am so sorry you had to see that,but I just want you to know that Vince isn't my husband anymore and I..I.. I am sorry baby I really am,about everything you have no clue how sick I've been ever since you ran away and I just don't know where to start or what to start with..

ER: How about starting with why you chose not to tell me Sean was my dad?Or why you didn't leave Vince when he began to drink why you were never there when I needed you.

Tess:Ok the reason I didn't tell anyone other than Sean about him being your dad is because of what happened just now,because I knew abuse was to follow and I guess judging by my still tingling cheek I was the not leaving Vince thing goes the same way as well I was afraid he might hurt us seeing as how violent he always became when he was I'm not sure I follow on the not being there.

ER:Well let me see you never showed up at any of my recitals or choir concerts and you never came to anything school related was I to think?

Tess:*sigh* OK you have got me there I was a horrible mom in that aspect,but in my defense I do have everyone of them recorded.

Ember looked at her mom and rolled her eyes and bit her cheek to keep from grinning.

ER:Yes, I know that mother,but WHY? didn't you come?

Tess:To be honest it was because I felt out of place you know here I was your mother in a room full of the other moms all of which I could have been the mother of.I mean come on how would you have felt if you were a 50-something year old in a room full of women half your age with your first child while some of them were working on their 3rd or 4th babies.

ER: So you're saying that because of your own insecurities with your age you have made it to where I have felt inadequate my whole life?

Tess:Sounds that way huh?

ER:Um kinda.

Tess:Ok I understand that,but what I don't understand is the note you left when you left I mean why so harsh on me and why not Vince too? He hasn't always been the worlds best dad.

ER:Wait the note? I don't remember the note.

Tess: Oh well here it is.

Tess reached over to her drawer where she kept the info on Ember's disappering and handed it to her.

Ember read over the note and slowly remembered writing it.

It had said:

To my dearest mother,

I wish to inform you that today the day of my 15th birthday I Ember Rose shall leave and never return I also want you to know just how angry and hurt I am with you.I hate you and for as long as I live I shall never return to you no matter what so farewell and have a nice life you filthy tramp.

Ember stifled a laugh at her dramatic little self.

Tess: I am really sorry about whatever it is has made you hate me other than your dad and my not being there,but...

*BEEP* Embers phone began to ring.


Elyse:Where the hell are you?

ER: I'm at my moms club talking to her

Ember cringed at what had just come out of her mouth.

Elyse:Wait what..?

Ember quickly hung up and turned to Tess and said

"I am so gonna be dead in a few minutes.

If only Ember had been lying...


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