Ember Rose stood up to leave her moms office at the same time that Vince appeared at the door.

Vince: YOU! Your the reason my wife left me, your the reason my life is in shambles and your the reason that I started to drink in the first place!

Tess: Vincent you know that she didn't cause any of those things, it was my choice to leave, your choice to ruin your own life and you are the one who started to drink because of your issues not because of Ember.

Vince:How could you? Tess, how the hell could you with that wife stealing homewrecking jerk.

Tess:Damnit Vince, can you not see that I don't love you I love Sean? While you were off getting drunk off your ass he was here helping with the buisness and during the let's see THREE times I put you through rehab he was here for me and you are so very wrong if you think that Ember had anything to do with this.

ER: Okay you two please just stop.

Ember was nearly in tears at the sight of Tess and Vince fighting once again.

Vince:Okay I'll stop. I'll stop everything, begining with your LIFE!

Out of nowhere Vince pulled out and gun and before Tess could stop him he shot Ember point blank in the head.

Tess couldn't believe what she had just seen as her only child had just been murdered right before her own eyes. Or had she?


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