Authors Note: A short drabble for remuslives birthday. The prompts for this were blueberries, heartburn and shampoo. Happy Birthday Lana!


Remus loomed over his mate, his senses taking in the sweet blueberry scent of her shampoo and something that was uniquely her. He burned for her, his body craving her touch despite her advanced state of pregnancy.

Bringing his hands around her front, he slid hot palms up her waist to cup her heavy breasts, his erection pressing into her behind, leaving no question as to his intentions that evening.

His witch leaned back into his body, her bones melting submissively into his as she let out a moan.

"You feel this need too," he whispered hotly into the shell of her ear.

She shook her riot of curls, her body writhing against his, "No."

"No?" he asked, leaning away from her body to look down at her face.

Hermione opened brilliant honeyed eyes with a gasp, "Heartburn" she moaned.

The werewolf's palms slid back down to her waist; his plans for a hot shag were dashed with that one word. He let his out his own moan.

The woman gave him a concerned once over, "Cockburn," he deadpanned.

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